Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics and Prebiotics improve your digestive and immune systems. Probiotic means “for life”. These supplements replace or add to desirable bacteria in your digestive system. Bad bacteria can make us sick. Good bacteria can protect us from disease. Take a look at our Product Health Blogs about Probiotics. Supplementing with good bacteria improves your resistance to disease and infections. Rebuild your entire digestive tract. From your mouth down to your rectum. Kill offending fungus, yeast and parasites. Probiotics and Prebiotics reduce allergies and inflammation. The best probiotic supplements contain soil-based organisms (SBOs). They help restore and maintain your digestive system. Immunity and overall health. Before refrigeration, beneficial bacteria were used to ferment foods. This preserved the nutrients for long periods of time. Fermented foods are probiotic. Prebiotics are food for the continued growth of probiotics.

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