Tesla Gold Series Disc

Rechargable and Lightweight EMF Protection
Price: $299.00
  • Wrist-wear Personal EMF Protection has 3m Radius
  • Helps Maintain Alertness, Energy and Emotional Stability
  • Enables Restful Sleep and Reduces Fatigue

Rechargable and Lightweight EMF Protection


  • BluShield
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  • Protection from a wide range of equipment (general EMF protection including Wi-Fi)
  • Helps maintain alertness, energy and emotional stability
  • Enables restful sleep and reduces fatigue
  • Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs
  • Coverage 3m in every direction
  • Great for business trips, air travel and children
  • Water resistant case and strap
  • Can be worn as a pendant
  • Rechargeable battery.

Suitable for everyone. It cannot be turned off and runs constantly for up to 5 days until it needs recharging.

Children can wear this it to school – anyone can wear it for any activity. It’s water resistant (submersion in 30cm water for 30 min.) and shock resistant too (passed the drop test from 1.2m).

Comes with a magnetic charging cable that self-latches onto the charging points, when in close range of the magnetic USB cable.

Also comes with a rubber ring to hang the Disc around your neck, using a cord or chain of your choice.

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Natural Frequencies

This advanced EMF (electromagnetic field) protection technology utilizes a proprietary microprocessor to generate a multi-wave scalar output (torsion field), comprised of natural wide-spectrum , bio-compatible frequencies that your body uses to maintain physical health and emotional balance.

These natural wide-spectrum , bio-compatible frequencies mimic a global electromagnetic resonance phenomenon called Schumann resonances (SR) – named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952.

Wikipedia states:
The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Pulsing Waves – Natural Laws and Rhythms

Blushield technology works in harmony with all natural laws pertaining to your human system: day and night, activity and rest. Everything in nature moves in cycles.

Your body can build resistance to the constant input that some devices provide – Blushield technology does not burden your body with a constantly pulsing frequency. These devices use a pulse/pause cycle (3 seconds on, then 30 seconds off) – exactly as nature does – to maintain effective EMF protection for you.

With a pulse/pause cycle, these devices are in harmony with your natural rhythms and cycles – one of many integral design factors that make this technology so effective.

Coherent and Bio-compatible Frequencies

Your body absorbs and uses these frequencies. They are an intelligent field of coherent information (united, balanced, stable).

More organized frequencies harmonize in a positive way, helping you effectively counteract the negative psycho-physiological effects of EMF exposure.

Your body responds to Blushield coherent fields because they:

  • Are familiar to your cells – they mimic nature, but much more powerfully
  • Override all ambient EMF fields, including wireless radiation
  • Engineered to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Your body naturally responds to coherent fields and positive environmental influences instantly, but it takes more time to respond to negative frequencies or environmental influences.

Coherence in your life may present itself in many different shapes and forms.

Coherent Influences Incoherent Influences
Positive peopleNegative people
Good dietBad diet
Stable relationshipsUnstable relationships
Natural environmentCity environment
Blushield devicesEMFs, Wi-fi, phones

One year warranty covering factory defects or faults. This does not cover misuse, modification or neglect (dropping) which can be indicated by scratched surfaces. Blushield will decide whether to repair or replace the product, depending upon the fault.

  • Size 39mm across x 12mm thick
  • Weight 32g

Warranty does not cover water damage. Postage not included.

Directions for Use

First charge for 2-3 hours (until fully charged) with USB cord provided. The magnetic self-locating USB cable will align the charging points on back of the Disc and charging will begin, as indicated by a flashing red light on the back.

Full charge is indicated by the red light remaining on (not flashing). At this point it should be unplugged and used as required.

There is no on/off switch so the blue light will flash every half minute or so, indicating normal function.

Once the battery is fully charged you can expect up to 5 days use.

If there is no flashing blue light seen through the same hole as the charging light, the battery needs recharging.

This product meets all safety standards and can be safely used on a plane or any aircraft with confidence. All safety certifications have been laser engraved on the back of the disc.
The Disc passed a 1.2 m drop test, and a water resistant test in 30 cm of water for 30 minutes. However we do not recommend submersion in water for extended periods, nor to swim or shower with it.

Recommended Use

Helps maintain alertness, energy and emotional stability. Enables restful sleep and reduces fatigue.


Do not leave the battery dead for long periods of time as this affects its performance and life span.

Possible mild detoxification symptoms – not dangerous and may only last a few days. Drink plenty of pure water during this time. Once adjusted, your body will no longer detoxify with this technology.

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