Cellercise: The Ultimate Exercise DVD

Specific Exercises
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  • New video with David Hall - How To Get More From Your Cellerciser
  • Extended mini-trampoline training and health improvement exercises
  • Expand your options for rebounder routine

Specific Exercises


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Cellercise: The Ultimate Exercise DVDCellercise: The Ultimate Exercise DVD


Cellercise: The Ultimate Exercise DVD is a new and expanded video with David Hall, the inventor of Cellerciser, showing specific exercises for many health concerns and for increased effectiveness of using your rebounder.

Packed with nearly 2 hours of information, this DVD includes a new demonstration of balance and strength test that David Hall introduced in the early 90’s.

The DVD features a Personal Trainer section with a drop down menu that allows you access to over 20 techniques that David Hall has been teaching to trainers, medical and physical therapists for over 20 years.

Included are his techniques for: weight loss (the “Jamba” run), knee, hip, back, and shoulder issues. Digestion and Elimination technique. A natural facelift, tightening, toning and targeting. Resistance movements and Cellercising for muscle mass. Stress reduction and better sleep techniques. New exercise with lymphatic pump for increased lung capacity and increased oxygenation. Cellerciser works!

Cellercise: The Ultimate Exercise DVD

Cellercise: The Ultimate Exercise DVD

DVD, not a download.

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