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Safe Energy

Long-Lasting Energy Supply
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  • Steady Energy without Over-amping
  • Safe, Non-stimulating without the Buzz and Crash of Caffeine
  • Gives Mental Clarity Too

Long-Lasting Energy Supply


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Earth Friend Herb Co., Safe EnergyEarth Friend Herb Co., Safe Energy

Earth Friend Herb Co., Safe EnergySafe Energy: No Big Ups or Downs After

This tincture is a non-stimulating combination of adaptogenic herbs that can eliminate fatigue and give you a steady, long-lasting energy supply, without the buzz and crash of caffeine and caffeine-like products.

There is no plummeting blood sugar, and no after effects from this tincture. And it helps with mental clarity, so it’s great for any endeavor that needs mental sharpness like any long term endeavor or all-nighter.

The most important thing to understand about this tincture is that the effect is reasonably subtler than coffee or an energy drink. The energy is there waiting to be used, rather than the over-amped energy using you.

For long study periods, Safe-Energy is a student’s best friend, supplying highly concentrated specialized nutrients to optimize brain functions and increase mental acuity and memory as well.

Master Herbalist Elijah Free designed this tincture to use in the gym as an aid to train with. At the age of sixty-four, Elijah is an avid weight lifter and endurance runner, thanks to Safe Energy.

Safe Energy

All herbal ingredients are certified organically grown, or wildcrafted in ecologically clean environments. Grain alcohol tincture with distilled water and vegetable glycerine.

Rhodiola Root (Rhodiola rosea)
Cedar Berries (Juniperus monosperma)
Ashwaganda (Withania somnifera)
Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus)
Maca Root (Lepidium myelin)
Hawthorn Berries (Crataegus laevigata)
Fo Ti (Polygonum multiflorum)
Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale)
Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica)

Directions for Use

Take one half of one dropper three times daily between meals.
Take directly in mouth. Follow with water. Do not mix in water or any other liquid.

For Athletic Events and Intense Metal Focus (studying)
Extra doses of Safe Energy may be used in all athletic and sports endeavors.
Beforehand, take one to two whole droppers of Safe Energy. If the event goes on for over an hour, the same dose may be taken again for added energy.
When the event is over, Safe Energy may be taken as one whole dropper of the formula to aid the body in a rapid recovery.

Recommended Use

Steady energy supply without crashing afterwards.

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About Earth Friend Herb Co

Earth Friend Herb Co now celebrates its thirty-fifth anniversary in 2012 as a design and manufacturing company of the finest herbal products anywhere.

Scientific References: Herbs and Plants

Rhodiola Research Abstracts

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Astragalus Research Abstracts

Maca Research Abstracts

Fo-ti Research Abstracts

Ginger Research Abstracts

Gotu Kola Research Abstracts

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