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Yoni’s Bliss

Homeopathic Lubricating Gel
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  • Simple and Natural Lubrication for Sexual Activities
  • For Every Day Comfort and Vaginal Tissue Health
  • Awesome Lubrication Replacing Lost Natural Function

Homeopathic Lubricating Gel


  • Gel : 100ml/3.5oz
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Smooth Glide ~ Not Dry and Irritated

GaiaThera, Yoni's BlissLubrication so natural, it feels like your very own.

In Sanskrit, Yoni (pronounced yo-nee) means vagina, which followed by the word “bliss” should be self-explanatory. It’s soothing and non-sticky. The pH balanced, water-based formula is very different from oil-based or petroleum-based lubricants.

Does not promote bacterial growth.

Organic and sustainable, simple and natural.

Yoni’s Bliss for Every Day

If you experience dry irritation, you can use this lubricating gel for everyday comfort to keep your vagina healthier. You don’t need to be sexually active to benefit from using Yoni’s Bliss.

For Sex

Use to lubricate and to reduce dryness. You will experience more pleasure and less pain during and after sex.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I use Yoni’s Bliss?
As often as you like! Seriously … you can use Yoni’s Bliss each time you have sex if you like. If you are using it as a tissue tonic, use every day for a week and then try using it about twice a week. Then find your own rhythm. You may need to or want to use it either more or less often.

Is Yoni’s Bliss safe for vaginal, rectal, and oral use?
Absolutely. Yoni’s Bliss is perfectly safe for vaginal, rectal, and oral use. It is odorless, tasteless, and has no worrisome ingredients. Ingredients are organic and natural, and the preservatives are GRAS (generally regarded as safe by the FDA), so you can ingest them – even if you are vegan – with no worries.

Is it safe to use Yoni’s Bliss with condoms?
Yes, Yoni’s Bliss is safe to use with both latex and polyurethane condoms. It will not weaken or damage condoms in any way. In fact, using Yoni’s Bliss on both the inside and outside of a latex condom can help prevent breakage.

Will Yoni’s Bliss kill sperm?
No. Yoni’s Bliss has no contraceptive properties.

Can Yoni’s Bliss be used with sex toys?
Of course! Yoni’s Bliss is safe and effective for use with sex toys.

Does Yoni’s Bliss stain?
No. The simple, natural ingredients in Yoni’s Bliss will not mark or stain skin or fabric in any way.

Does Yoni’s Bliss stay good forever?
Nothing, not even great sex, lasts forever. Although any natural product loses its freshness over time, the lubricating, homeopathic qualities of Yoni’s Bliss should remain effective for at least 6 months under normal conditions. Just don’t store it where it can be exposed to excessive sunlight or heat.

How often can I use Yoni’s Bliss?
As often as you like!

What will Yoni’s Bliss feel like to my partner?
It should feel great! It will definitely feel non-sticky and natural. Yoni’s Bliss is odorless and tasteless too.

How many applications are in each pump bottle of Yoni’s Bliss?
Our clear 100 ml airless pump bottle lets you apply exactly the amount you want, exactly where you want it. Each generous bottle holds approximately 150 pumps of Yoni’s Bliss homeopathic lubricating gel.

I’m allergic to many substances. What are the chances that I’ll be allergic to Yoni’s Bliss?
Minimal to nonexistent. Yoni’s Bliss has no known allergenic ingredient. Its simple and natural, water-based formulation was carefully designed to be pH balanced and soothing. However, if you do find you have sensitivity, please stop use immediately.

Is Yoni’s Bliss safe for vaginal, rectal, and oral use?
Absolutely. Yoni’s Bliss is perfectly safe for vaginal, rectal, and oral use. It is odorless, tasteless, and has no worrisome ingredients. Ingredients are organic and/or food grade, so you can ingest them – even if you are vegan – with no worries.

How was Yoni’s Bliss tested?
Initially the product was tested by ourselves, and then by our family, friends, and clients. Facilitating fun sex, one person at a time!

Pure and Natural

Organic Aloe Vera
The base on which Yoni’s Bliss was created.

Derived from seaweed, carageenan gives the gel its body.

Citric Acid
Brings Yoni’s Bliss into alignment with the vagina’s natural pH balance.

Chamomile 6C
Homeopathic that’s soothing to irritated tissues.

Natrum Muriaticum 6C
The homeopathic element in Yoni’s Bliss, Natrum Muriaticum promotes water tissue balance and the energetic freedom of “letting go”.

Sodium Benzoate

Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate

Organic and sustainable, Water based, pH balanced, soothing and nonsticky.

Free of silicone, dimethicone, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, and glycerin.

Directions for Use

For everyday benefits, use once a day for a week. Then try reducing to 2 times per week. Use as much as you need or prefer, as often as you like.

To apply vaginally or anally, put one or two pumps on your finger and gently spread in and around vagina or anus. Use as much as you like.

To apply on a penis, sex toy or condom, put one or two pumps directly on the tip and gently spread it around. Use as much as you need or prefer, as often as you like.

Recommended Use

Natural homeopathic lubricating gel for the vagina.

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