Homeopathic Graphene Oxide 8c

Antidote to Graphene Oxide
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  • Homeopathic Antidote
  • Use After Injections Containing Graphene Oxide
  • Maintain Your Good Health

Antidote to Graphene Oxide


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Immune Support after Vaccine or InfectionImmune Support after Vaccine or Infection


Powerful Antidote to Graphene Oxide

Consider using Homeopathic Graphene Oxide as an antidote after an injection that may contain graphene oxide.

Directions for Use

This product is a homeopathic solution of graphene oxide in distilled water. Pour the content of the vial into a pint of distilled water, making sure you leave a small amount behind in the original vial. Refill the vial with distilled water, and succus multiple times. Take the pint, shake vigorously (succus) and drink the whole bottle. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish.

Recommended Use

Antidote after an injection that may contain graphene oxide.

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