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Doves of Venus (Copper)

Enhance Your Longevity and Vitality
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  • Enhance Your Vitality, Longevity and Youthfulness
  • Even Return Grey Hair to Normal Color
  • Pure alchemical copper m-state

Enhance Your Longevity and Vitality


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Doves of Venus ORMUS  is a copper elixir, that historically are said to be conducive of longevity and youthfulness. Many report that their grey hair is beginning to return to its normal color and that they basically feel “younger” and more vital.

  • Enhance your vitality, longevity and youthfulness
  • Even gray hair can return to normal color
  • Pure 99.999% copper processed by Fire Alchemy
  • White Powder of copper in a saline solution.

Ocean Alchemy, Enhance Your Longevity and Vitality Here is the recipe:

Take 99.999% pure copper ribbon and pound it out thin on an anvil until it begins to break apart. It is then ready to burn. Burn it in pure sodium metal until it stops reacting… 30 to 60 minutes, sometimes longer. Mist it down slowly to react the remaining, unreacted sodium. The more it sparks and flames, the more m-state you are losing.

Boil this in a lye menstruum made by adding 125 grams of NaOH crystals to each liter of distilled water. Let it boil for 4 to 6 hours, well covered, because the m-state escapes with the steam. This is similar to the vapors in the gold process condensing into a menstruum and forming a purple precipitate. The pH of this solution is 12.5.

Let it cool and settle, filter through a vacuum filter system, using a Buchner funnel and glass fiber filters of either 1 micron pass or .45 micron pass. The later is much slower. Our assays show no metals detected from either when the resulting liquid is precipitated.

Precipitate (titrate) it with a 6N HCL solution and voila, the White Powder of Copper, properly known as the Doves of Venus, emerges. Wash the excess salt out and it is ready to eat. Wash it too much and you lose its oils.

Pure M-state Copper in a salty brine solution.

Directions for Use

Suggested use as a dietary supplement: one teaspoon per day, per 150 lbs. body weight.

Recommended Use

Enhance your vitality, longevity and youthfulness. Even gray hair can return to normal color.

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