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Golden Tear

For Enlightenment and Spiritual Rejuvenation
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  • For Enlightenment and Spiritual Rejuvenation
  • Potent Preparation Made from Pure m-state Gold
  • Unique process extraction - not a fire burn

For Enlightenment and Spiritual Rejuvenation


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Golden Tear is ORMUS for enlightenment and spiritual rejuvenation.

A most potent preparation, made from pure (99.99%) gold, this clear elixir yields very pure ORMUS material.

The Golden Tear is made from pure (99.999%) gold. It is one of the most potent preparations known to us and is helpful in the persuits of enlightenment and spiritual rejuvenation. This clear elixir is made using acid chemistry (Khemystery) instead of the Sodium Burn Process yielding a much more pure Manna. The recommended amount for most users is five to fifteen drops as often as is desired.

The ORMUS/M-state content is 99.999% pure M-Gold. It is a clear, colorless elixir that is salty to the taste.

A potent preparation made from pure gold. M-state only, not metallic in a salty brine solution.

Directions for Use

Recommended dosage is 3 to 15 drops, on an empty stomach. Contains no alcohol, and is salty to taste.

Two ounce bottle will last for several months.

Recommended Use

For enlightenment and spiritual rejuvenation.

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