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White Dove

Pure ORMUS Minerals
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  • Helps Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming and Meditation
  • Supports Healing Work
  • Enhances All Other Alchemical ORMUS products

Pure ORMUS Minerals


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The White Dove ORMUS is prepared from an Alchemical combination of Methods and materials including Rhodium, Iridium and Gold. It is a product of fire alchemy. Users find it to be very energizing and conducive to creating a “space” within which One may make progress in such practices as astral projection, lucid dreaming, and intense meditations. It is recommended as an enhancement to all other preparations that we make.

This elixir has also been called M-3, although this is not the whole story. The M-3 solution, made by the Sodium Burn process from the Essene’s black sand, is the emen-ra (hidden light) in the process of making The White Dove, which involves another five process steps yielding an elixir with a unique energy signature and increased ORMUS gold content.

The ORMUS/M-state content is approximately 64% M-Rhodium, 19% M-Gold and 15% M-Iridium.

Monatomic Rhodium, Iridium and Gold.

Contains no alcohol, in a salty brine solution.

Directions for Use

Recommended dosage is one dropperful, once or twice per day.

Recommended Use

Supports astral projection, lucid dreaming, meditation and healing work. Very energizing and it enhances all other alchemical ORMUS products.

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These products are for spiritual advancement. Believed to help cell to cell communication, strengthen your immune system and help repair damaged DNA…

Scientific References: ORMUS