White Mulberries

Sweet Snack, Raw and Organic
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  • High in Protein, Fiber, Calcium, Iron and Antioxidants
  • Eat Alone or Add to Yogurt, Cereal, Soup, Salads, Baking
  • Used in Classic Desserts and Wine Making

Sweet Snack, Raw and Organic


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Tastes of Fig, Honey and Raisins

Naturally sweet (no added sugar), White Mulberries provide high levels of:

  • Protein and iron (for a fruit)
  • Antioxidants including Vitamin C
  • Fiber
  • Calcium.

Delicious, healthy snack by itself, or use in baking, smoothies, yogurt, granola, salads and soups.

White mulberry trees are small to medium in size, fast growing and reach up to 30-60 ft tall. The leaves of the tree are generally 5-15 cm long and intricately lobed. The mulberries grow about 1-2.5 cm and develop a light and sweet flavor when ripe.

Mulberries are harvested anytime between the summer months of July and August. Before the mulberries are ripe soft nets are placed underneath the tree. When the mulberries are ripe they fall off the tree under their own weight into the nets.

After the mulberries have been collected in the net the mulberries are left to dry in the sun. When they are perfectly balanced between chewy and sweet they are collected and sent to cleaning facilities. The mulberries are gently cleaned, graded, tested for quality and packed.

Directions for Use

Serving Size: 1/8 cup (28g)

Easy to add into baking, smoothies, yogurt, granola, salads and soups.

Recommended Use

Delicious and highly nutritious sweet snack with protein, antioxidants, fiber, calcium and iron.