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QuickSilver Scientific

Liposomal Ultra Vitamin

Most Easily Absorbed
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  • Most Easily Absorbed Forms of Vitamins
  • Protects Your Vision
  • Supports Your Nervous System

Most Easily Absorbed


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Unlike standard vitamin blends, QuickSilver Scientific uses the most easy to absorb, stable and metabolically active forms of all the basic vitamins, including:

  • Highly bioactive B vitamins
  • Vitamin D3 for maximum effect
  • Both forms of Vitamin K
  • Trimethylgycine to support methylation and liver detoxification
  • Vitamin C as sodium ascorbate (well tolerated for gastrointestinal sensitivity
  • Tocotrienols (vitamin E family) for unusually potent antioxidant activity
  • Broad antioxidant protection from 3 specialized carotenoids, especially safeguarding vision and eyes.

QuickSilver delivery systems use modern science to unleash the curative power of nature to nourish your cells – faster and more efficiently.

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon / 5 ml
Servings/container: 20

Supplement Facts
Daily Value
Vitamin A (14% as Beta-Carotene)
7890 IU
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride)
12.5 mg
Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin 5′-Phosphate)
7.5 mg
Vitamin B3 (as Niacin and Niacinamide)
10 mg
Vitamin B5 (as Calcium d-Pantothenate)
25 mg
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)
7.5 mg
Vitamin B7 (Biotin)
500 mcg
Vitamin B9 (as Folinic Acid)
500 mcg
Vitamin B12 (as Methyl Cobalamin)
500 mcg
Vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate)
120 mg
Vitamin D3
2500 IU
Vitamin E
34 mg
Vitamin K1
45 mcg
Vitamin K2
45 mcg
Betaine Anhydrous (Trimethylglycine)
25 mg
24 mg
3.4 mg
680 mg
850 mcg
** Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients:
Water, Glycerin, Ethanol, Vitamin E (as Tocofersolan and natural mixed tocopherols), Phospholipids (from purified sunflower lecithin), Milk Thistle Extract, EDTA (as preservative, Natural Citrus Oil, Natural Flavoring.

Directions for Use

Take on an empty stomach, at least 10 minutes before a meal.

Take 1 teaspoons daily – hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Repeat to desired dosage or as directed by your heath care professional.

Use within 30 days of opening.

Recommended Use

Broad spectrum antioxidants and vitamins in the most easily absorbable, stable and metabolically active forms.


If pregnant, consult physician before use.

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