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Happiness in a Bottle
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  • Instantly Raise Your Consciouness and Self Esteem
  • Reduce Stress, Feel Happier, Enjoy Life
  • Empower Personal Growth
  • Activate Your Body's Self-Healing

Happiness in a Bottle


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Happiness in a BottleHappiness in a Bottle

Spiritual and Mental Health Supplement

Open to Higher Consciousness and Superior Performance

Use The Gift for mental health, to empower personal growth and raising your consciousness. The Gift can simply “opens the door” – it does not force you through it.

High self esteem means self-acceptance and love, which helps to lower stress, generate success, and build healthy relationships. It opens the way for creativity and self-development. It armors us against negative messages, programming and subliminal suggestions. High self-esteem is also well correlated with good immune system functioning. The Gift can support a release from addictions too.

Surround yourself with a cocoon of love energy that supports you through everyday’s challenges.

The Gift is a unique formulation of naturally occurring minerals as a base carrier for the bio-equivalent of a strongly positive attitude. It is charged with energies that disperse immediately into your emotional body.

Unlock your Heart’s Potential ~ Reach your Full Potential

The information embedded in the mineral lattice of The Gift acts as an analogue of actual thought patterns. When ingested embedded information acts exactly as your own thoughts and beliefs. Compare it to how taking a homeopathic, which is mainly information derived from a substance.

The informational field is very stable and will last years.

The Gift Results Shown in Kinesiological Testing

The switch to a bulletproof level of esteem is immediately apparent in kinesiological testing of the type reported by Monti, MD, called self-referencing statements. We consistently observed very large increases in positivity as measured by the Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness. The same method was used as described in the book, ”

Power vs. Force

” by David Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. Our tests showed a notable absence of stress from negative thoughts. The result is that self-defeating tendencies and other self-limiting factors are diminished. People report feeling relieved, more peaceful and compassionate. Some can feel it correcting energy blocks or imbalances throughout their body. Sustained use can retrain the system permanently.

The Gift and Your Chakras

The Gift targets issues of the Fourth Chakra and supports your heart with the energy of unconditional love. Healing codes are embedded in the minerals that command compliance of your lower energy centers, to love without strings or conditions.

This formula also opens your bottom-most energy center, that is your connection with the energy of the physical universe. The effect of this component (called Gateway 4) is to thoroughly ground and stabilize you, in the new energy pattern. You can then walk on this world in a new way, and begin to discover the perspective of unconditional love.

Self-esteem or Self-hate?

Why would we sail our ship into an iceberg? Why would we drive our car off a cliff? The answer is within the concept of low self-esteem. There’s another word for low self-esteem: when it is low enough, it becomes self-hate.

Keep in mind that this comes from years of my (Farrell Brenner) actually testing people. From getting their exact level of self-esteem and seeing the effect of each and every different type of approach and how much it did or didn’t help them.

Negative self-esteem is called self-hate. If you hate somebody you’re going to do something to take them down, and if you hate yourself unconsciously or subconsciously, you’re going take yourself down. Most of us don’t hate ourselves, but do we really value ourselves? Do we really appreciate ourselves? On innumerable tests with clients, I found that on a self-esteem scale of twelve, most people tested at about level two or less!

Another researcher found that actual healing doesn’t occur unless that level reaches at least four. From that perspective, I had to double a person’s self-esteem before they could actually engage effectively in a therapeutic process for themselves. In other words, if we don’t like ourselves enough we’re not going to let ourselves attain that desired success, that healing, that good relationship, that good job. This issue is critical.

Generally people do not let themselves live lives that exceed their level of self esteem.

Psychological Reversal and Testing

Guilt, or shame, or fear can also cause us to do things that are against ourselves, against our well being. There’s a general word for doing something against ourselves in psychological literature. It’s called psychological reversal.

Even if a person is taking really good care of themselves, or is really gifted in many ways, such as looks, intelligence, education, money – they are not immune to psychological reversal. They may be defeating themselves in some area of their lives.

For example, people are driving their lives right off the cliff into divorce, into financial ruin, into unworthy jobs, into all manner of unhealthy or undesirable things including bad health, and autoimmune diseases. Many people actually die of this issue.

Tumor growth, chronic degenerative diseases and immune system over-reactions come from one of the four blockers: low self-esteem, guilt, shame or fear. The primary blockers can cause reversal of the life process and we drive our lives right off the cliff.

Think of all the wonderful famous people like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and other glorious examples of those who have so much going for them and yet engage in behaviors that dramatically undermine their careers.

This is called Psychological Reversal. Dr. Bruce Lipton, who was a teaching physiologist at Harvard University medical school, describes in his book The Biology of Belief, what basic cellular life process depends upon.

Everything that’s alive on this planet is based on a cell. In the case of a human being it means trillions of cells. A cell will either approach or withdraw from anything that shows up in its environment. If a cell doesn’t approach food, it doesn’t eat. If a cell doesn’t withdraw from things that want to eat it, then it’s in trouble. If it approaches a toxin, it’s going to self-destruct.

The life process requires us to approach what helps us to survive and to withdraw from what endangers us. Reversal is doing the exact opposite. Reversal shows up in kinesiological testing. It works in a manner similar to a lie detector. We use the exact same procedure in testing all our clients and test subjects, in testing for self esteem and other reversal factors.

Objectivity is critical. Otherwise the test is tainted. A baseline is set by testing a known true statement. Then the test or measurement is taken. With kinesiology, a person is supposed to test strong when they say something true and weak when they make a false statement.

Saying their own name they would normally test strong. Then we would test by having them say that they are someone else. They would then normally test weak. When three of these tests all check out, we start testing for self esteem.

Declare “I love and accept myself” and test for strength. If strong, they have passed level one. If weak, they test a zero on the self esteem scale I developed.

The goal is to raise your self esteem. The Gift came out of this research. It immediately raises the user’s self esteem one or two levels upon external application of one drop on the heart center.

People testing at 0 or 1 for self esteem are usually in psychological reversal. That manifests in the person’s life as the problem they are having. Often they are their own worst enemy.

When their self esteem is raised (we confirm this with testing) the subjects report feeling better, and in most cases their lives change in a significantly positive way.

steam distilled ozonated water, nano minerals (ormus), nano silver, seed extract (grapefruit seed and pulp), vegetable glycerine, marine mineral complex, five-dimensional charged master program respectfully embedded, magnetically entrained fluid vortex.

The Gift is continually enhanced and improved.

The Gift is a unique formulation of naturally occurring minerals as a base carrier for the bio-equivalent of a strongly positive attitude. It is charged with energies that disperse it immediately into the system of the user. Essentially, it is self-esteem in a bottle.

This product is Vegan and Gluten-Free.

Directions for Use

Shake before using to thoroughly disperse.

The typical amount used is 3 to 5 drops at a time, 2 to 4 times daily on the heart chakra. Excellent results have been reported by placing a drop or two on each of the energy centers. It is safe to use sublingually.

The Gift is the most resonant with the Heart Chakra. Some users will experience a sudden shift in consciousness that may be disorienting or pleasurable after the first use. This effect wears off as the system adjusts to enhanced levels of energy and consciousness. If you are no longer feeling the effect, please supplement with trace minerals – they are being used up in your healing process.

It is recommended after the first use to survey your reactions before operating heavy equipment. Make sure your feet are on the ground, as it were. Feeling really good about yourself can be an altered state of consciousness.

While the subjective experience is very individual, full positive effects can manifest without any noticeable subjective phenomena. Take a moment to notice any changes.

Create Your Intention Before Using The Gift

Making clear, well-defined statements, or other means of creating intent, takes you “through the door” to the destination that you have set. Intent by itself has limited ability to create change due primarily to the programming effects of early life experience. When intent is used in conjunction with The Gift, much more powerful results are seen.

Using The Gift without intent is like opening the door without going through it. I hope it is clear that I strongly recommend both together for good results. It is also very important to use it with regularity, three or four times a day, especially in the beginning. This helps to create a habit for the mind to go in the new direction.

The method I recommend for users of The Gift depends on making statements immediately after taking it. It is necessary that you work out the statements in advance and are comfortable that they actually say what you really mean. They work best when said out loud with a depth of feeling. The three types of statements we use are explained later: preparatory, purpose and protocol.

When making the statements, I recommend speaking them aloud and in private whenever possible. Though it is not necessary, it is a big help especially in the beginning.

When you make a statement and listen carefully to what you are saying and how you are saying it, you may notice any of the following.

  • Is the voice weak or strong?
  • Is the voice clear or cloudy?
  • Are you stammering or tripping over the words?
  • How does the statement feel in your body?
  • Does your throat constrict?
  • Does it feel good?

If you test yourself (kinesiologically or using a pendulum) or have someone else test you after making a statement, you are at the desired response when you test strong or get a “yes” response. If you test weak after saying it, more “oomph” or feeling is needed with more repetition. Keep repeating slowly, forcefully, until you get a positive response.

Even if you are an expert dowser or kinesiologist, noticing yourself as you make the statements can give you a window into your subconscious process. Most will notice that after a few repetitions, perhaps as many as seven, the statement will sound clear, strong and smooth. It will feel good, or at least not disturbing. It will seem more like a good idea, if you were conflicted about it. You will be able to make the statement without errors and probably without reading it.

PREPARATORY STATEMENTS are like getting the soil ready before planting the seeds. They are very essential for good results. They create an alignment of the unconscious with the conscious mind. In personal training sessions called “M-3 for Higher Consciousness,” extensive use is made of this type of statement to alleviate very deep resistances and get full cooperation of the unconscious. It is sufficient for our purpose here to at least make preparatory statements of choice and safety.

If my intent is to raise self-esteem, then my statement of choice can be, “I choose to have a high level of self esteem now.” My statement of safety can be,” It is completely safe for me to have a high level of self esteem now.”

STATEMENTS OF PURPOSE are declarations that what you want is already a reality. For example, the statement “I love and accept myself” is the correct version. Notice how it is different from the incorrect versions illustrated below.

First point is that there is no negative phrasing, such as, “I won’t judge myself.”

Second point is that it is not conditional upon anything such as, “If, when, after I stop smoking.”

Third point is that it is in the time frame of right now instead of the future. Not, “I will love myself.”

PROTOCOLS are statements of purpose that have been stacked into a hierarchy of increasing inclusiveness or degree. Following is an example of a protocol:

  1. “I love and accept myself.
  2. “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself.”
  3. “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself regardless of my faults and shortcomings.”
  4. “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself regardless of all my faults and shortcomings.”

This sequence shows four degrees of increasing self-esteem. It was taken from a twelve level Protocol for “Personal Self Esteem.” You may be interested to know that most people I have tested start out between zero and two on my twelve level scale for personal self-esteem. Being at a level less than level two, results in blockages to healing. Reaching level four seems to help quite a lot.

You can create your own protocols using the four steps as an example. Workshops will offer much more depth of information and training for all the components discussed in this Primer and include several other types of Protocols.

Step number one is to decide what you will work on first. You can start with the self-esteem statements or craft your own. If you compose your own, carefully word your intent and write it down before you take The Gift.

Let me describe how I do it…

Before I start, I decide what intent I will use The Gift to help me realize, or to make real. I attain clarity about my statements and write them out. Using the paper to stay on track, I focus on saying the statements rather than on the paper. That will be much more effective than reading them aloud from the paper. Especially if it is my first time using The Gift I will set some time aside for the exercise so I can notice how it has affected me.

After thoroughly shaking the bottle I will squeeze the dropper plunger several times to purge it and place three to five drops either on the energy center (chakra) or under my tongue. Then I repeat the statements with intensity.

I will go on to the next statement only after I have either measured or sensed that I am strong on it. Alternatively, I will say each statement as many as seven times and assume that has been sufficient.

After completing all the statements I will close my eyes for a minute or two to help the communication assimilate into my system. Although I will take The Gift three or four times throughout the day, I will do this full procedure only once. When I take it later in the day, I will only repeat the final statement of purpose. If I’m not getting the results, or it seems to me that I am having difficulty integrating the purpose, I can do the entire long version more than once a day depending on available time and motivation.

Good luck in your personal adventure of exploring higher consciousness with The Gift.

For best results store it in a cool dark place (not the fridge) and away from all radiation sources (cell phones, TV, microwaves, magnets, etc.).

The Gift does not diagnose or treat any medical condition. It simply liberates the potential of the user. It is a master key for wellness and happiness. When used with intention, extraordinary results are quickly apparent. Consequently, it can greatly augment therapy and spiritual practices. It can be combined with medical or other treatments without harm. If you are under medical care, you may wish to inform your doctor that you are taking a mineral complex.

Recommended Use

Instantly raise your consciousness and self esteem. Clear negative energy, reduce stress, feel happier and enjoy life. This is a new way of self-help.

For novices exploring ORMUS supplements.

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