Hair and Skin Restoration


by Life Enthusiast Staff

Hair and Skin Restoration

Word of mouth has finally reached us.

Media Publications

Eva was featured on Health and Beauty Television, a weekly 30 minute newsmagazine featuring some of the most respected and known Health and Beauty experts in the country. Aired June 8, 2003.

Watch a segment on-line.

Elevate Magazine: Natural Treatment for Hair and Skin

Two new products from Eva are Image of Eternity and NuBorn Hair. Image of Eternity is a herbal extract made with 100 per cent natural botanical herbs in an essential fatty acid. Made with no preservatives, colors or fragrances, Image of Eternity can be used safely around sensitive areas to lessen stretch marks, scars, burns, dry skin, acne and stitches.

NuBorn Hair is also a herbal extract. Made with 100 per cent all-natural botanical herbs in an essential apple cider base, NuBorn Hair unclogs scalp pores, allowing oxygen to get to the roots, and helps prevent hair loss. NuBorn Hair contains no preservatives, colors or fragrances and is applied directly on the scalp.

Village Market News: Eva Piantoni (just inside the door)

Eva markets a unique skin oil she calls "Image of Eternity," which is intended to speed the healing of scars and other skin problems ranging from acne to stretch marks and skin cancer. This product is her own creation and it's made from a secret recipe of herbs, oils and other natural ingredients. Market consumers have responded favorably to Eva's "Image of Eternity" and "food for the hair," (a product intended to promote hair growth) and their continued patronage makes it worthwhile for Eva to drive down two hours from her home near Coldwater every week to be at the Village Market. Eva positions her "Image of Eternity" as an alternative to cosmetic surgery and has received a favorable write-up from one of her many happy customers in a cosmetic surgery trade magazine.

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