Do you live in TOO sterile an environment?

SBO (soil-based organisms) Probiotics are the best, natural probiotics. Your body needs an abundance of SBO Probiotic cultures, they’re extremely aggressive against all disease-causing viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus &molds. From eating commercially grown food, our diets are deficient in SBO Probiotics. These microscopic probiotics are still present in soils that have not been commercially overused & tainted with pesticides.

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Zymitol is making a difference with more than just enzymes. Its broad-spanning formula contains MSM, fulvic acid, magnesium, and rutin. When combined, these ingredients promote the normalization of all functions within your body, including pain response.

Zymitol has taken monumental steps into the future with the process of bio-energy infusion. This process supports Zymitol with the infusion of specific, activated subatomic energies.

About Pain in America
The American Pain Foundation refers to pain as an American health epidemic. Although mainstream medical knowledge claims to relieve or ease pain, most victims of chronic pain are left untreated, under-treated, or improperly treated. Reports have shown that one in four Americans suffer from chronic pain, many of which have to take prescription medications to manage it. Despite widespread use of prescription medications, two out of three sufferers cannot perform routine tasks because of chronic pain; that amounts to approximately 13.6 million Americans affected by this growing problem. This tedious battle against pain robs so many of their quality of life, holding them back from careers and the activities they yearn to enjoy.

Why You Need Zymitol Supplementation

As we approach our late twenties, our body’s production of enzymes slows, and by the time we reach our forties, our body’s production of key antioxidants drastically reduces. The flavonoids and organic sulfur found in Zymitol are not even produced by your body.

The best external source for enzymes, antioxidants, flavonoids and organic sulfur are raw, living, unprocessed foods. Cooked food is virtually devoid of enzymes and may reduce the presence of antioxidants, flavonoids and sulfurs. Cooking also changes the molecular structure of food, making it difficult for your body to properly digest and eliminate. We know that complete digestion and proper elimination are critical in maintaining optimum health.

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When your circulatory system functions properly, cholesterol & blood pressure are reduced, and your blood flows free of life-threatening clots.

Naticor contains only the high potency protein digesting enzymes. All of the ingredients are powerful when used individually, and when combined, they work synergistically to combat the formation of fibrin throughout your body.

And, this systemic enzyme formulation has been dramatically advanced through the process of bio-energy infusion


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Natural Support for Your Thyroid

What if you could get an optimal level of iodine into your blood and tissues without mega dosing?

Your thyroid would have the necessary nutrients it needs to support its proper function without concern for having too much.

Nascent iodine, or detoxified atomic iodine, made to the specification introduced by Edgar Cayce, is non-toxic, highly absorbable, and effective.

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About Schizophrenia

by Martin Pytela

Schizophrenia is a severe and disabling brain disease, but not many people outside of those affected and their loved ones know much about it. It can be scary to hear a diagnosis of schizophrenia for you or someone close to you, so learning about its symptoms, treatment options, and other statistics will give you the information you need to move forward in your life.

There are both positive and negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia, which affect someone psychologically and emotionally. Some of these symptoms may include a person experiencing the following:
• Feeling of dissatisfaction with life
• Withdrawing from others and speaking very little
• Hallucinations or delusions

Medication has been used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia for over six decades, but these can also cause undesirable side affects. However, there is a nutritional alternative available that takes a natural approach to treating those with schizophrenia, which could help save lives and improve quality of life. If you or someone you know begins to exhibit symptoms, be sure to contact your doctor about treatment options.


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