if-not-nowIf you are in Oregon or in Colorado, or know people in the two states, please get involved: On November 4, two mandatory GMO food labeling ballot initiatives: Measure 92 in Oregon and Initiative 105 in Colorado will be decided.

It is no exaggeration to say that these two ballot initiatives will determine the fate of food in America.

Despite the fact that the Gene Giants (Monsanto Dupont, Dow, Syngenta, BASF, and Bayer), backed by the world’s largest junk food manufactures (Coca Cola, Pepsi, Kraft, General Mills, Kellogg’s), have spent over $30 million to mislead and confuse voters in these two states, latest indications are that voters in at least one state, Oregon, will vote for mandatory labeling, while voters in Colorado (where the Yes on GMO labeling forces have been outspent 25-to-1) may still pull off the most amazing longshot victory of 2014.

What is important to understand is that a victory in either of these two frontline states will have a profound impact.

Since genetically engineered (GE) crops and foods were forced onto the market in the 1990s by Monsanto and the FDA, with no safety testing and no labels required, aware consumers have been trying to either ban or to require mandatory labeling of these uninvited “guests”.

This unprecedented national grassroots movement that has persevered for over two decades, despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the GMO and junk food industries to buy off federal and state lawmakers and regulatory agencies.

America’s contemporary food fight is not just a battle for health and sustainability, but a fundamental struggle over whether we and our children will live in a Democracy or a Corporatist State.

Read an essay on the Organic Consumers Association website to understand the big picture.

Consider watching this video about the politics of sugar and soda, 5 minutes.


For many, battling mental illness involves a harsh regimen of pills, oftentimes a cocktail of psychotropic drugs. Unfortunately, these regimens treat the symptoms of an illness, rather than the root causes. Even worse, psychotropic drugs each come with their own line of side effects, some of which can exacerbate the illness or be life-threatening.

An alarming 1 in 10 individuals are on prescription psychoactive drugs for any number of conditions. But is becoming dependent on harmful prescription medications the right mode of treatment?

Rather than treating the symptoms of a condition, we should aim to restore the body’s balance and help it cope with the industrial environment we live in. For individuals battling mental illness, there is more to life than just popping pills and coping with harsh side effects. Learn more about how psychoactive drugs are harming the U.S. population and what solutions we have to combat mental illness.

suicide and psychotropic drugs

Suicide: is it the psychotropic drugs or the mental illness they are supposed to treat?


Watch this great video from Vice News, my favorite news channel – it explains the situation in Liberia rather well. Ebola is apparently a natural consequence of local food handling practices, and we can expect it, or some other virus, to come out of the tropical forest. You may think that it is a new thing, but it is not.

Here is a lovely summary of Ebola’s history on the Smithsonian website. Interestingly, they tell you that it is incurable, directly contradicting our own government’s research:

Ebola was first identified in Zaire (now Congo) in 1976, near the Congo River tributary that gave the virus its name. It has been terrifying and mystifying the world ever since. Ebola is incurable, of unknown origin and highly infectious, and the symptoms are not pretty. When Ebola invades a human being, it incubates for a period of seven to ten days on average, then explodes with catastrophic force. Infected cells begin producing massive amounts of cytokine, tiny protein molecules that are extensively used in intercellular communication.

In 2002 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published a report titled “Broad Spectrum Antiviral Effectiveness of Humates”. The NIH studied humic acid’s virus-fighting properties for viral diseases such as gastroenteritis, influenza, herpes, chicken pox, mononucleosis and hemorrhaging fevers caused by the Ebola and Hanta viruses. Results showed that humic acid, when consumed before the virus invaded the body, was effective in preventing disease. Tests performed against multiple virus types further confirmed humic acid’s broad anti-viral properties. Toxicity tests showed that humic acid bound itself to human cells but was not itself toxic, nor did it inhibit or interfere with cell development or reproduction. In other words, it is safe to ingest in even large doses, and it is very lethal to most viral infections.

Their conclusion:

Humates are exhibiting effects, both as a preventative and a curative, for a broad range of viruses. Both the synthetic humate and well as the natural are demonstrating good effectiveness and in some case, exceeding the drugs of choice.

You can search on Humates on NIH, you will find many reports from studies done to research how humates interact with viruses.

My conclusion is that if you are going to be in harm’s way, you need to be taking the humic acid prophylactically. Meaning that you should make it part of your daily routine. Not just because of the latest threat from Ebola, but for the convenience of being protected from the infection by the common flu, or the more dangerous N-this-H-that bird-to-pig-to-human virus.

It would be very prudent to take some humic concentrate every day. For emergency, also have on hand Body Biotics to populate your digestive tract with friendly microbes, and also those that attack the not-friendly microbes – it is a time-tested formula that does not require refrigeration, and stays at full potency for years.

For real trouble, add the Aerobic O7, that will wipe out every invading microbe – it is a fast-acting oxidating agent that is activated by the acid in your stomach. Once active, it releases oxygen that wipes out unfriendly microbes.



Smartphone Flashlight App sends your private data

Do you care if some agency in China, India or Russia knows everything about your online life? Apparently the ever-so-popular Free Application is not all that innocent. It shares your location, your contacts, and many other details from your smart phone. If you have it installed, beware.

Watch this 5 minute video that explains it very clearly. If you don’t want to have all your private data shared, find an app that just turns on the light, and does not send every personal detail … Apparently the good ones are only 150kB in size, not the 2MB of the monsters that pull your pants down (so to speak) for the whole world to see.

and another thing:

Check out this infographic about foods we should not be eating.


The pressure to medicate our children that are not sitting quietly in their class is relentless: kids that are restless, that fidget or speak out of turn, are targeted as “needing to take drugs” when in fact what they need are minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are lacking in the food we can buy in the grocery store or a restaurant.

Let me share a quote from a research article by Frontline:

Psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry have become financial economic partners. And frankly, part of their economic compensation has been to develop a strategy whereby they claimed, without science, that all mental illnesses, all things behavioral and emotional, are physical brain dysfunctions or abnormalities.

Representing such things as depression, anxiety, conduct disorder, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, and learning disabilities as diseases, absent any scientific proof, is to deceive the public. It preempts the public’s right to informed consent in every single case.

Our perspective is that we should be looking for the cause, and we believe that a large portion of the problem is in the quality of the food we eat. Industrial agriculture produces food that is significantly deficient in nutrients.

Before we look to medicate a person, we should first consider optimizing their nutrition.

Public schools are paid extra money for a child with the ADHD diagnosis. Teachers are encouraged to identify students who “need to be medicated”. About 70% of “ADHD” children should not be diagnosed as such, but doctors are yielding to the pressure from drug companies. Especially psychiatrists are guilty of over-prescribing.

There is an additional problem if your child is a kinesthetic learner. He needs to move, touch, act. About two-thirds of teachers are visual learners. Movement (children not sitting still) distracts both them and the other visual learners in the classroom. Teachers interpret the need to move as a sign the child is ignoring them. (Find your learning style preference at http://www.howtolearn.com and take the learning styles test.)

Please consider the EMPowerplus Q96, before you try any mind-altering medications. It is safe, well tested, and universally beneficial.