It is like a slow-moving train-wreck: going back to 2004, when a study on data collected between 1986 and 1993 on the effects of MMR vaccination on children, was put to question by William Thompson, PhD, an epidemiologist at the CDC. It took another researcher, Dr. Brian Hooker with the help of Rep. Darrell Issa, 10 years to get the original data, and reexamine it.

Earlier this week, Dr. Thompson went public with an historic confession, admitting the CDC knowingly conspired to bury the evidence that MMR vaccines caused a 340% increase in autism among African-American children. The video above contains a number of points. Here is possibly the most important one:

“The autism community has been deceived for a period of 13 years,” says Dr. Wakefield in the interview. “These children have gone untreated and relatively neglected by the government and others; the parents [were] dismissed, vilified and humiliated when they tried to say my child was damaged by this vaccine. …The CDC have been covering this up. It’s an utter disgrace. For me, it’s a sadness that this has come to pass. It’s a tragedy. Yes, it vindicates the [theory] that we put forward to the CDC originally… [the CDC] has been covering it up since 2001.”

For me the key issue is to help these children, and their parents. I believe that parents of young children need to learn that the MMR vaccine administration should be delayed, and that the vaccine itself needs to be reconfigured and redesigned to not include the multiple assaults on the immune system for the convenience of the vaccination industry. Yes, its damage is greater on children of African heritage, but it is damaging all children.

I know of two things that can be done: use zeolite and fulvic acid to reduce the toxic load, and use broad-spectrum supplementation that will improve the neurological function. Learn about an amazing product, EMPowerplus Q96, that has been shown in multiple studies to help restore normal function.

This is an extremely important issue. We must put a stop to the destruction of the health of our children, and we must publicize widely that there are solutions to the damage that has been already done. Please help us spread the news and share this message.


CBD Cannabis Oil for Healing

This article is about the legal-to-ship-anywhere, no THC, can’t get high, cannabidiol only extract of the common, industrial grade hemp. It has to be extracted from the stalks of the plant, not the leaves and buds, just to comply with the legal regulations. But finally we are able to offer you the cannabidiol that is so effective at dampening the neurological disorders, and other issues that are histamine mediated. This means that any inflammatory health condition will be improved by supplementation of this hemp extract.

You can review the current options we have for the hemp extracts – and get them to help control neurological issues.

Parents are reporting a dramatic reduction in seizures when their children are given oral extracts rich in cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive component of cannabis.

Look at what the Politics of Pot do to us when Policy is placed above Patients:

Drawn by the near-miraculous healing power of oil extracted from the marijuana plant, families have been flocking to Colorado and other cannabis-friendly states, where they hope to find a remedy that helps their children, some of whom suffer a hundred seizures a day.

Watch the video with Dr. Sanjay Gupta that shows the mainstream approach to hemp, and how they are dealing with regulations and with patients’ needs. The suffering is immense, and the relief is at hand. They mostly talk about the full mix. Ours has just the CBD. You get all of the healing effects, and none of the high.

Here is the video of a CNN interview that introduced the original video that Dr. Gupta published a year earlier with Piers Morgan:

And finally the original video itself:

I find it very enlightening, going over the original conversations that sparked the debate, and the review of the history.

You can get great, safe, legal cannabidiol right here at our site.


Squalene or Squalane – The Best Supplement for Skin Rejuvenation

Squalene is arguably the greatest anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory oil in the world! Squalane is the stable form of squalene. Squalene has a very unique ability to supply oxygen to the cells. The main use of squalane is for restoring aging skin. And the best source of it is Amaranth oil. Up to now there was no effective industrial method to extract it – until the invention of instant cold press extraction by Andreas Wecker.

PubMed database reveals that:

“Human sebum also contains 13% squalene as one of its major constituents… anticancer, antioxidant, drug carrier, detoxifier, skin hydrating, and emollient activities of these substances have been reported both in animal models and in vitro environments.”

Squalene prevents lipid peroxidation in skin cell. Lipid peroxidation refers to the oxidative degradation of fatty acids that form the membrane of every cell. Free radicals (that’s all the positive ions so richly present in our indoor air) “steal” electrons from the lipids in cell membranes, causing cell damage.

That means wrinkles, cancer, cholesterol – all those nasty words associated with accelerated aging.  Those that have applied Squalene Oils to their face and skin, have consistently reported it as “the most powerful skin rejuvenator and moisturizer ever used” – commonly resulting in softer, more even-toned skin, with a more “youthful” visual appearance!

Oxygen rich cells allow more efficient removal of metabolic waste from cells providing better elimination and better athletic capacity. Squalene is an unsaturated fat found in shark liver, olive, palm, and wheat germ oils. Squalene is the reason why thousands of sharks are killed for their fins and livers.

Shark liver contains high level of Squalene… which is the main cancer protecting or preventing substance that give sharks their “never gets cancer” reputation. And “deep sea” sharks contain the MOST – which is thought to be what enables them to go DEEPER into the ocean, and for longer periods of time.

Please consider the horrendous slaughter going on in our oceans for the vanity of newly affluent shark fin soup eaters.

If you want to have great looking skin, and protect your body from the oxidative damage, consider the amaranth oil, the richest source of squalene that does not come from sharks, plus additional cell-protective nutrients.


The human body is complex. Even the smallest, seemingly insignificant deficiency can have an enormous impact on how the body functions. For example, the body needs nutrients, and a lack of any of these essential nutrients can lead to various harmful health effects. One of these important nutrients is magnesium.

Magnesium is a nutrient that is used for electrical stability in cells. This nutrient helps control important functions like digestion, energy production, and glucose metabolism. A deficiency in this single nutrient can lead to complications, sometimes even causing seemingly unrelated ailments. This includes fatigue, intestinal problems, and more. Additionally, magnesium deficiency has been associated with a variety of diseases, like heart attacks and heart failure. This means that not only can magnesium deficiency be detrimental to your health; it can eventually have fatal consequences.

The following infographic gives you more details on the harmful effects of magnesium deficiency. Continue reading to learn more about the symptoms and subsequent diseases associated with it, as well as what you can do to keep yourself healthy.


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ebola virus

Ebola is only in Africa, but for how long?

Ebola virus outbreak and what you can do

The mainstream media is having a hay day with the news of the rising number of people infected with the ebola virus. On the surface, this is not looking good. We could indeed be just one plane ride away from a serious outbreak, anywhere on the planet.

It has been around for some time in the equatorial Africa, in Liberia, Guinea, and Nigeria. The climate probably helps, as do local customs. People hand wash their dead before burial, so transmission is almost guaranteed.

Ebola is transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids. You cannot get it by walking past somebody. You would have to eat something they licked, spit or sneezed upon, or possibly transferred mouth to hand to mouth. So a hand shake could do it.

There is a great article on CNN and videos with Dr Sanjay Gupta:

We do know Ebola, a simple virus with a small genome, is a swift, effective and bloody killer. The mortality rate is higher than 50% and in some outbreaks reaches 90%.

The prognosis is not good. So far it kills half or more of all people infected. The problem is information. The research is convincingly showing that we have effective defense products, but the mainstream pharma industries are not promoting them (they are common, relatively cheap, and cannot be patented), and the media are not reporting on them (is it because the biggest advertising spenders are the pharma companies?).

On this side of the information divide we have several effective tools. Colloidal silver kills all viral infections. You can use it as a spray-on wipe, and you can even take it internally.

Oxychlor (also known as MMS and CDS in the alternative health circles) is supereffective at wiping out microbes. We have it in Aerobic 07 solution, ready to use.

And then there is good old Vitamin C. It can help your immune system wipe out most invasions. Just make sure you eat plenty of fresh raw vegetables. Or supplement, if you are stuck eating cooked foods.

It is astounding to me that the mainstream medical and media people are willing to ignore the information. It is thoroughly documented in proper scientific studies, but it is set aside as if it did not exist. I recommend that you add these items to your preparedness kit. It is good to have it on hand when you need it. Scrambling to get some after your neighbor or relative has died of the infection is going to be too late, and our shelves will be fast cleared in a panic.