Laminar Crystals

by TransDerma Minerals
  • Create Devices that Energize Your Water and Food
  • Build Your Own Energy Charger (pillow, sleeping mat or pet's bed)
  • Build your own ceramics or orgone accumulators
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Create Your Own Energy Device

The Laminar Crystals collect life force energies that you can use to:

  • Enhance water quality in drinks and food
  • Restore Life Force in massage or aromatherapy oils
  • Harmonize all living cells in your body
  • Create awesome resting places for people or pets

Get your Laminar Crystals in bulk for you to create your own energy devices.

More information

Water that is left in contact with the influence of laminar crystals for some time goes through a conversion.

First it becomes a cell hydrating fluid that can be used for anything that common water is used for. With longer processing the water is drained of the static (os scalar) charges that maintain its memory through weak electric bonds. Jim Carter used to call this second stage Magic Water. It is best used for regeneration of dehydrated cells.

Hydration is the single most important factor in elasticity and appearance of the skin. Magic Water is a form of water that is readily accepted by living cells. It should be used to

  • restore moisture to the skin, especially the face
  • remedy dry and itchy eyes
  • soothe irritated lungs and sinuses
  • remedy for yeast infection
  • relieve and restore burns
  • soothe bug bites
  • relieve itching

We have found that leaving water in contact with Laminar Crystal devices, four measurable characteristics change:

  1. lower surface tension (as if you added soap)
  2. lower ORP (as if you added anti-oxidants)
  3. lower acidity (as if you added baking soda)
  4. lower cluster size (as if the water came from a mountain spring)


Life energy collecting silicates. We believe they are rich in ormus.

Directions for Use

To energize any liquid, simply immerse your container of liquid into a bowl of Laminar Crystals.

To create an Energy Device to keep on or near your body, encase the Laminar Crystals into a pouch, pillow, or mattress.

Recommended Use

  • Written by Carter - Jim
    Jim Carter, the inventor of Twilight America water structuring products.
  • Written by Carter - Jim
    With the Twilight Products, I believe it is possible to reestablish good biological function, it is possible to find your "Ease". It will take consistent use of these products over a very long time. You did not become old over night and to become young again "day by day" will take about as long as it did to become old.
  • Written by Carter - Jim
    These same crystals are used to structure water in the products we make, and directly in the living tissue of the users of our Crystal Devices.
  • Written by Davis - Adelle
    God knew He would be taking my husband to Heaven in nine short months. Since I was so completely handicapped and unable to take care of myself, He had to set up circumstances for me to become self-sufficient and this is how He did it.
  • Written by Witchalls - Clint
    A revolutionary holistic training system that enables participants to awaken and use 100% of their brain potential, by awakening energy channels through exercises, similar to chi kung.
  • Written by Sircus - Mark
    Cancer—always believed to be caused by genetic cell mutations—can in reality be caused by infections from viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Laminar Crystals Reviews 7 Write Review

These crystals are extraordinary. I made a sleeper with them, and I sleep very soundly and have the most incredible, vivid dreams. I wonder why? Anyway, it has been 2 months since I started using it and I hope I will continue seeing other positive things in the future...

I think this product has many uses that have not been mentioned ... I personally used the product for a woman’s issue related to an autoimmune challenge (lifelong labial lichen planus) and an allergy (tomato/msg) that seems/is the underlying trigger. I had not found a solution in years of looking at alternatives. It took me many years to determine what was causing this flare aside from stress as a co-existing complaint. I made a sanitary pad out of the product and in about 1 week the blistering caused by the fungus/allergy subsided and has not returned about 1 month. My stress level is chronically high with little relief in sight, the lichen problem was diagnosed as a 4 yr old (now 64) and mild subtle allergies lifelong. What I believe this product does is to return the nearby area of the body to a higher energy level – it is remarkable that in 1 week the issue seems relegated to “gone”. Time will tell.
I love the laminar crystals, I use them as a charging device and the energy is amazing.
I put the crystal sand into gallon size zip loc bags, just enough to make a flat layer. I have used these bags to lie on while meditating. Actually I had just finished a 7 mile hike with my husband and my hips were hurting quite a lot. So I set the intention to lie on the crystal bags and heal or at least rejuvenate my hip joints. I was so relaxed that I stayed there for an hour. When I got up there was very little pain and stiffness. The next day I was slightly stiff but no pain at all. I also have used these bags to wrap around my drinking water bottles. I also make some other type of healing water that I bless and leave in the sun for three days. I placed these bags of crystal all around the big three gallon container while it was charging in the sun. I am using one of the flat bags as a charging plate for my other crystals that I work with regularly. I feel this cleanses and charges up the crystals. Thanks for this great charging plate! I am using one of the bags kind of rolled up as a neck wrap and set the intention to heal and relax a stiff neck that I have. I noticed just today that when I have the bag on my neck that I hear the HU sound and can feel the light headed energy in my head. I feel this is very powerful and can not leave the bag on my neck too long. I get too light headed.
I bought the 4 pound container of the laminar crystal and I made myself a pillow. This stuff does exactly what every one else says. I am dreaming in full color and had contact with my dearly departed father-in-law in my dreams. It was awesome. I wake up feeling really rested even after only 6 hours of sleep and I am ready to go. I have ordered more of the laminar crystal to make a chamber to sleep on. I am really excited and can't wait for it to get here. I am glad that i found this site. Victoria, Sunrise Florida
I built my home made water energizing device according to your instructions. thanks for the patient and illuminating consulting. life enthusiast truly lives up to its stated philosophy. truthful!
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