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  • Remove Toxic Heavy Metals and Other Chemicals
  • Boost Your Immune System - Block Viral Infections
  • Balance Your pH - Keep Healthy Even in High Exposure Times
ZHZAV(In Stock)

Nature's Detoxifier and Antiviral!

Zeolite-AV is a breakthrough formula containing 2 powerful all-natural ingredients which have been proven to absorb toxins, free radicals & heavy metals from your body and strengthen your your immune system to act as an antiviral agent, as well as balance your body's pH.

A one-two punch in the fight for good health.

Humic Acid helps your intestinal terrain to digest foods correctly and to eliminate infectious invaders effectively.

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All Natural Zeolite and Humic Acid

  • Absorb toxins
  • Provide protection from radiation
  • Remove heavy metal contamination (e.g. mercury, lead, arsenic)
  • Boost your immune system (protection from colds, flu, viral infections & disease)
  • Balance the pH
  • Reduce free radicals
  • Suppress viral infections
  • Assist in purging parasites, pathogens and viruses from your body
  • Antibacterial activity and antiviral effect
  • Provide a remedy for some allergies (e.g. hay fever)
  • Accelerate the healing of wounds
  • Block the growth of foreign cells
  • Help liver regeneration
  • Reduce inflammation (e.g. arthritis)
  • Increase red blood cell generation.

Many illnesses are caused by viral invaders in your body, including low level viruses that are never even detected. Antibiotics are not effective against viruses and can even cause additional health problems. Without even realizing it (until now), nature has provided us with the answers all along.

Perfect for people in contact with the public, such as public service & health workers, travelers, people at trade shows, teachers, farmers and any other place where you are exposed to people and germs.

Zeolite-AV is one of the most powerful natural detox and immune boosting agents on the planet!

Zeolite is a natural mineral with a cage like structure, negatively charged by nature. The negative charge acts like a magnet to attract toxins and heavy metals into its cage, and carry them out of your body. And by balancing the pH in your body, it creates an environment in which foreign cells cannot grow. Our Zeolite is mined specifically for human consumption under stringent quality control. This is the form of Zeolite shown effective in all of the scientific studies.

Humic acid is a health miracle.

Our Humic acid is a proprietary concentrate not available elsewhere. It is made up of over 22 branch chain amino acids and nutrients that are no longer available in our food due to over farming. This specific Humic Acid has been shown in independent studies to coat and isolate the virus before it can attach to the cell and multiply (Viral Fusion Inhibitor). When a virus cannot attach to a cell, it is vulnerable to attack by the immune system. It has been proven in studies to be effective against a wide variety of viruses.

Scientists around the world have referred to Zeolite as "the missing link to optimum health".


Serving size = 2 veggie capsules.

Zeolite 1800 mg/serving (recommended daily value has not been established)
Natural mineral with a cage like structure, negatively charged by nature. The negative charge acts like a magnet to attract toxins and heavy metals into its cage, and carry them out of your body. And by balancing the pH in your body, it creates an environment in which parasitic cells cannot grow.

Our Zeolite is mined specifically for human consumption under stringent quality control. This is the form of Zeolite shown effective in all of the scientific studies.

Humic Acid Concentrate 40 mg/serving (recommended daily value has not been established)
Our Humic acid blend is a proprietary concentrated product not found anywhere else on Earth. It is made up of over 22 branch chain amino acids and nutrients that we scarcely have available in our food due to over-farming. This specific Humic Acid has been shown in independent studies to coat and isolate invading virus before it can attach to the cell and multiply, thereby allowing our immune cells to find and kill the virus. It is referred to as the "missing link to optimum health" by leading scientists throughout the world.

Directions for Use

For Detox and General Well Being
Take 2 capsules twice a day with water.

As a Preventative or To Fight Viral Illness
Take 4 capsules 3 times a day or as directed by your health practitioner.

Recommended Use

  • Written by Bennett - Peter
    This detoxification process is a two-phase wash cycle: enzymes break toxins down into intermediate forms, then exit through the kidneys.
  • Written by Mercola - Joseph
    Are you feeling tired or irritable? Is your head foggy or are you suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, depression or anemia? These are just a few of the signs that you may be suffering from metal poisoning--a toxic accumulation of heavy metals in the soft tissues of the body.
  • Written by Wong - William
    Viruses are not easily done away with. Enzyme suplementation has been successful in rendering the virus inert. The trick to take enough enzymes to get this job done.
  • Written by Tvedten - Stephen
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    A disc herniates either when the outer shell weakens or the pressure inside builds beyond its strength. The capsule or shell either ruptures, tears or bulges. The soft inner part protrudes out, and starts pressing against a nerve. When the soft part herniates (bulges out), the pain can be excruciating. For all the pain herniated discs might create, usually you are not in danger of long-term damage.
  • Written by Owen - Bob
    Candida is the medical paradox of our times. Some health practitioners believe it infects as many as 89% of U.S. citizens, but many physicians appear reluctant to acknowledge it. Candida albicans is a most frequently colonizing, most virulent and most pathogenic species (Wingard). Yet non-albicans species have also proven to be destructive pathogens in oncology patients.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Helps Remove & Eliminate Mercury And Other Heavy Metals, Regulate Body Salts, And Increase Oxygen Absorption
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Here you can read about the many different ways that people just like you and me, have helped themselves find treatment to rid themselves of candida albicans overgrowth.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    "Official data have shown that the large-scale vaccinations undertaken in the US have failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases against which they were supposed to provide protection."
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Zeolite - cancer prevention by removal of toxic heavy metals, environmental chemicals and pesticides.
  • Written by Cabot - Sandra
    Rheumatoid arthritis is a special type of arthritis: a systemic disease which predominantly affects the joints causing inflammation and sometimes progressive joint destruction and deformity.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Large population studies in Denmark and Canada revealed death rates from breast cancer in women taking regular mammograms and women who have never had mammograms are identical. Explanation is probably because when a mammogram is positive for breast cancer, the tumor has been present for up to 8 or 10 years.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Depleted uranium, anthrax vaccine and the gulf war syndrome: More and more veterans have become chronically ill from a multitude of symptoms since the end of Gulf War I. For many years the US government denied any responsibility for their mysterious symptoms.
  • Written by Myers - Dennis
    The AIDS-Virus HIV can according to the latest scientific recognitions, possibly remain unnoticed in the human body for more than a year, if the so far used test methods will be applied, which search for Antibodies in the blood.
  • Written by Kellas - William R.
    Mercury lowers progesterone levels, which is needed to allow the uterus to support pregnancy. Progesterone insufficiency can be associated with miscarriage, infertility, low libido (sex drive) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Fulvic Acid fof Digestive Restoration. Nutrition and Prevention that’s Vital for Life, with products that support your body's natural ability to heal, and treat both the patient and the disease. We view disease as a process, which takes place on both the physical and energetic levels. Our products help your body to heal itself, by activating your own defensive mechanisms and self-healing capabilities.Rejuvenation through highly energized phytonutrient and mineral supplements. Nutrients for detoxification and anti-oxidant support.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Zeta Potential is the force that maintains the discreteness of all the cells in our body. Zeta potential ranges from 70 to 90 millivolts in a healthy human cell.
  • Written by Scott - Jimmy
    In the course of following a nutritional program for allergies or other problems, many people experience uncomfortable symptoms. This is known as a healing reaction. It's normal and also called a healing crisis or cleansing reaction.
  • Written by Peiper - Howard
    Clean drinking water is something that we take pretty much taken for granted. But we have little idea just how contaminated our drinking water has become. Our environment has changed, new pathogens are emerging, drinking water systems are aging, and governments seem more interested in ensuring business in the global marketplace than in ensuring the health of their citizens.
  • Written by Kennedy - Robert F. Jr
    The federal government has concealed overwhelming scientific evidence linking vaccine preservative thimerosal to the epidemic of neurological disorders among American children. Now discontinued in most American vaccines, it is still being administered to millions of children in the developing world with the help of American tax dollars.
  • Written by Barrie - Stephen
    Not just environmental toxins cause disorders such as autism, but the interplay of genes and the environment.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Adverse Event Risk in Response to Vaccination
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Excessive exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation can lead to chemical poisoning. Like toxic metals, poisonous chemicals entering the body will decrease the functioning of its organs. The body's immune system is threatened by these chemicals and will try to cleanse itself of these poisons. Damage to the liver can occur if your body cannot rid itself of these toxins.
  • Written by Sircus - Mark
    If mercury is the source of autism, it may be for Alzheimer's disease and diabetes as well as a long list of other neurological disorders.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    A disease you are suffering today could be a result of your great-grandmother being exposed to an environmental toxin during pregnancy. Environmental toxins can alter the activity of an animal's genes in a way that is transmitted through at least four generations after the exposure.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    There has been a true and significant increase in autism in the U.S. To date, the CDC and other governmental health authorities have not given enough attention to this serious epidemic and its present and future impact. They must be confronted with their responsibility now.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Mercury is a substance which has toxic effects and is stored in the liver, kidneys, spleen, and brain. It is eliminated from the body at an extremely slow rate. It is particularly the very long half-life of mercury in the brain (approx. 18 years) which justifies the assertion that, once mercury has reached the brain, essential amounts of it will not leave this organ during the remaining life of the patient.
  • Written by Hopper - Leigh
    Health Alert on Meningitis Vaccine, FDA and CDC Issue Alert on Menactra Meningococcal Vaccine and Guillain Barre Syndrome
  • Written by Tenpenny - Sherri
    Part of the panic can be blamed on inaccurate reporting. The virus that was identified was not "wild polio." It was a virus that is found only in the oral polio vaccine (OPV). Oral vaccine-strain viruses are inactivated with formaldehyde and are generally considered by the CDC "too weak" to cause disease.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    ZEO Health Ltd. is the original manufacturer of Zeolite supplements in the United States and one of the most knowledgeable about Zeolite supplements in the world. Their products are specifically formulated, using the form of Zeolite shown effective in scientific studies, and produced to get the highest quality and most effective health benefits. All the products are manufactured in a licensed pharmaceutical facility under strict quality control.
  • Written by Vickery - Brice
    The total toxic load in the North American mouth is (by one estimate) over 500 tons of silver amalgam fillings put there by a recalcitrant dental profession. With the aid and consent of the US Government, the CDC, the FDA, the FTC, the NIH, the Medical profession, and the pharmaceutical companies, vaccines have been given to the elderly, infants, and the rest of the population, containing the mercury compound thimerosol as a preservative for over half a century. They also contain aluminum. Despite a cover-up and a wild scramble are some injectables containing these toxic chemicals now given to the public?
  • Written by Cousens - Gabriel
    Nontoxic mineral called zeolite is one of the most important supplements available today for cancer prevention, through its removal of toxic heavy metals, environmental chemicals and pesticides.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Humate is a safe material and exists in all soils, plants and animals. It is natural to the food chain and plays a role in the composting of dead matter into nutrients, transfer of minerals and other roles within the living organism.
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    Are you suffering from heavy metal - heavy metals like toxic mercury - NOT Rock'N'Roll
  • Written by Life Enthusiast Staff
    All around our planet, the sky is saturated with toxic chemical particulates - sprayed from airplanes as part of global geoengineering and weather modification programs. The programs are called Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG). They are real programs, taking place all around us.
  • Written by Campbel - Ralph
    "Saying no to drugs" also requires saying "yes" to something else. That something else is nutrition, properly employed.

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Zeolite AV is no less than a gift and a miracle! I've been sick for sometime and took Zeolite AV at the recommendation of Martin at Life-Enthusiast. I've tried everything from supplements to medical therapies and have always eaten organic and healthfully - but nothing has helped me recover like Zeolite AV. Where I felt weak I now feel strong, where I felt foggy I now feel clear minded, and where I felt exhausted and unable to go on I now feel like a heavy burden has been lifted from me. If you are in doubt try it. I've only been taking it for about 10 days and am encouraged that I may be able to recover fully in time. In the meanwhile I have my life back. I feel such appreciation for the feeling of strength and vitality, I had to write a second recommendation for this product.
Zeolite AV is incredible. I suffer from a chronic illness caused by a heavy viral load. After taking Zeolite AV for only about a week my energy is returning and my mind is more clear. It's like a heavy weight has been lifted from me. When I wake up in the morning, it feels like I've just gotten a huge dose of sunshine and fresh mountain air. It's like being in one of those corny laundry detergent commercials!!! :) Only it's for real. I can't wait to see how I will feel after taking it for a month. It's the product I've been searching for.
Well for me the ultra liquid Zeolite works better.
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