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  • Zeolite for Autism
    February 12, 2014
    Notes from conference call with Dr. Peter Prociuk, who is working with liquid zeolite and reversing symptoms of autism and other behavioral disorders in children.
  • Zeolite Users' Reports
    May 31, 2014
    Zeolite - cancer prevention by removal of toxic heavy metals, environmental chemicals and pesticides.
  • Poisoned Water
    September 10, 2012
    Clean drinking water is something that we take pretty much taken for granted. But we have little idea just how contaminated our drinking water has become. Our environment has changed, new pathogens are emerging, drinking water systems are aging, and governments seem more interested in ensuring business in the global marketplace than in ensuring the health of their citizens.
  • Fulvic and Humic Acids: Minerals in Food
    September 10, 2013
    Fulvic and Humic acids are present in all living soils, with fulvic being more prevalent in forest soils and humic more prevalent in grassland soils. The foods we eat are grown in soils that have been industrially farmed for decades, over-planted and saturated with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. They are deficient in both the major and trace minerals.
  • Vaccines Cause Brain Injury
    December 13, 2012
    Vaccines Cause Brain Injury: The Pourcyrous study: peer reviewed study proves it.
  • Chemical Poisoning
    February 03, 2015
    Excessive exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation can lead to chemical poisoning. Like toxic metals, poisonous chemicals entering the body will decrease the functioning of its organs. The body's immune system is threatened by these chemicals and will try to cleanse itself of these poisons. Damage to the liver can occur if your body cannot rid itself of these toxins.
  • Mercury Rising Everywhere
    February 25, 2015
    If mercury is the source of autism, it may be for Alzheimer's disease and diabetes as well as a long list of other neurological disorders.
  • Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity
    February 21, 2013
    Mercury is a substance which has toxic effects and is stored in the liver, kidneys, spleen, and brain. It is eliminated from the body at an extremely slow rate. It is particularly the very long half-life of mercury in the brain (approx. 18 years) which justifies the assertion that, once mercury has reached the brain, essential amounts of it will not leave this organ during the remaining life of the patient.
  • About ZEO Health
    June 13, 2012
    ZEO Health Ltd. is the original manufacturer of Zeolite supplements in the United States and one of the most knowledgeable about Zeolite supplements in the world. Their products are specifically formulated, using the form of Zeolite shown effective in scientific studies, and produced to get the highest quality and most effective health benefits. All the products are manufactured in a licensed pharmaceutical facility under strict quality control.
  • Antiviral Properties of Clinoptilolite (Zeolite) pdf
    September 04, 2012
  • Zeolite: Miraculous Detoxifier
    October 02, 2012
    Nontoxic mineral called zeolite is one of the most important supplements available today for cancer prevention, through its removal of toxic heavy metals, environmental chemicals and pesticides.
  • Zeolite and Humic Acid: Magic
    September 10, 2013
    Humate is a safe material and exists in all soils, plants and animals. It is natural to the food chain and plays a role in the composting of dead matter into nutrients, transfer of minerals and other roles within the living organism.
  • Chemtrails: Wake Up and Look At The Sky!
    February 24, 2015
    All around our planet, the sky is saturated with toxic chemical particulates - sprayed from airplanes as part of global geoengineering and weather modification programs. The programs are called Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG). They are real programs, taking place all around us.
  • ADHD for Everyone - And Drugs Too
    October 30, 2013
    "Saying no to drugs" also requires saying "yes" to something else. That something else is nutrition, properly employed.
  • Humic and Fulvic Acid Scientific References
    November 11, 2014
    Humic and Fulvic Acid Science References
  • Humic Acid References at NIH
    November 11, 2014
    National Institute of Health research references for humic acid.
Zeolite, Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid supplements - powerful internal cleansing agents, designed to remove toxins we absorb from the industrial environment around us. Easy for your body to absorb, binding to harmful heavy metals and removing them from your system. Without additives or chemical reagents and with no taste or smell. Detoxify your system of all electro-positive pollutants, including toxic heavy metals, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds, radioactive elements and others without removing beneficial minerals. Balance your pH and support your immune system. This process helps support your immune system and defend against a broad range of bacterial infections, chronic conditions and viruses.
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  • Humic Acid Powder

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    Humic acid powder is a natural food-enhancer and supplement containing highly-concentrated minerals and healing substances. Mother Nature's most powerful broad-spectrum Antiviral, Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant and Cell-Regenerative.
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  • Ultra Liquid Zeolite 12-pack

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    Save on a Bundle - 12 pack of effective Ultra Liquid Zeolite - remove heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, organic compounds and help restore normal Immune Function. Add to every glass of water - with Humic acid and DHQ for enhanced absorption and protection from stress.
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