About Us

The original Life Enthusiast Co-op was started in 1989 by Jevari Oberon, dedicated to developing the most advanced life-energy SuperFood formulas from natural whole foods. They were sold as Excela, and later as Exsula – and we sell these excellent products to this day.

In 2001 Life Enthusiast re-launched online. We now offer unique products in many categories made by manufacturers who are dedicated to delivering quality above cost, customer service above bottom line, and passion for life above the numbers on a spreadsheet.

The Founder and CEO Martin Pytela, CMTA – that’s Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor – offers his Health Coach services based on Metabolic Typing, a method that helps determine which foods and supplements will be most appropriate for you. You may already be aware that what heals one person may make another one worse …

We make it our business to help people reverse chronic degenerative conditions, the source of aging and pain that plague so many of us. Especially if you have been frustrated by the medical system, and its symptom-oriented approach, you will find us to be refreshingly different. We believe that emergency room solutions so effective at saving a life are not appropriate for preventing conditions associated with aging or with system-wide break-downs.

Chances are that either you or someone very close to you is suffering from a chronic condition that conventional medical treatments are not able to resolve. You may have even been told to get used to it – it’s part of aging or we can’t do anything about it.

Most of the intractable medical conditions come with the word “syndrome” attached – it is the code word for “we don’t know the cause, and we don’t know how to help you”. The point is that it is not possible to solve a problem created by too much toxicity with toxic drugs. It is possible to block a response, but it is not possible to create health. Only the body’s innate homeostatic system can do that. The syndromes include the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, the autistic spectrum, the migraine, but also the cardio-vascular, cancer, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, candida albicans and (fill in your chronic inflammatory condition).

We do not sell drugs. We sell food and nutritional supplements, and we offer nutritional education and coaching. We are not allowed to tell you that our products heal, prevent, or make better any specific medical condition, because the regulatory agencies have defined that as a drug. This means that if somebody is promoting garlic to prevent flu, or cherries to prevent heart disease, they are breaking the law. We can sell you an apple on the basis of its color, flavor, juiciness, but not because the malic acid it contains helps you dissolve gall stones.

Life Enthusiast approach is different! We teach you how your lifestyle choices activate specific defensive responses and how you can help yourself by addressing the causes – to help your body replace illness with wellness.

You Can Regain and Maintain Your Health, through education and through changing your lifestyle.

Is it YOUR time to STOP and hit your RESET button?
We all keep doing what we’re doing, until we can’t anymore, don’t we?
If you continue on the same path, nothing will change.

Let us help you find a better way…

Natural Healing Through Education

We provide clear, fact-based information on nutrition, cleansing and lifestyle choices that restore, maintain and improve your health.

We seek out and publish current research by experts in many different fields – experts who are focused on finding causes and treating them – to heal your body and prevent future illness.

We offer tools to empower the only person that can look after your health… You!

You will find a lot of information more in our Educational Articles …

Read our free Chronic Pain Manifesto report, and unlock a new paradigm for health care – a model that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Natural Healing Through Nutrition

If you support your body with proper nutrition and supplements, you can heal and maintain a state of health. We know that our bodies naturally strive to be healthy. By providing your body with adequate nutrition (including supplements), you’ll have proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, resulting in a healthy immune system. You will maintain health with food that matches your Biological Individuality.

A healthy immune system can heal your body, and keep it free of pain and disease.

Unfortunately, even a good diet combined with mainstream supplements, does not contain enough nutrients for optimal health.

Natural, high-quality supplements are crucial for health – now more than ever – because nutrients have been depleted from our soils, and destroyed in the processing and cooking of almost all the food we eat. And many foods are hormone injected, loaded with antibiotics and genetically modified – completely not natural and quite hazardous to our health!

We believe in our products enough to use them ourselves, and feed them to our families and our friends. We focus on products that are not in the mainstream so that you may enjoy benefits otherwise not accessible anywhere else.

We offer a Health Coach service, together with our simple testing, that helps you understand how the specific combination of genetics, environment, food inputs, toxins inherited and picked up, conspired to create the final result – your reason for searching for a better outcome.

Life Enthusiast Founder – Martin Pytela

“I grew up behind the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia. As a fresh immigrant to Canada at 25 years of age, I stepped into a dentist’s office for a checkup and received a dozen mercury amalgam fillings. This was the beginning of my 30 year journey into alternative health solutions.

Within a couple of weeks I experienced an outbreak of herpes on my lip. Within a year I had carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciatis. Within three years I had severe back problems – crawling on all fours to the bathroom, and sleeping face down in the rocking chair. Then came serious periodontal disease, gum recession and loose teeth. Later I came down with severe allergies, debilitating me for several weeks each spring. My doctor offered me Sudafed, saying I would have to take it for the rest of my life. There was no cure for allergies, he told me.

Two years into this ordeal – out of curiosity – I had my hair analyzed to check for toxins, and it came back with mercury toxicity. I should have clued in then, but did not connect the mercury poisoning to my dental work.

I sought help from medical doctors, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, and a good range of more esoteric therapists. I was still eating the Standard American Diet, and I was beginning to put on some weight. The decline continued.

Not one of these well trained people suggested mercury poisoning, and yet, that’s what I was suffering from. Not one of them tried to find the cause, they were all just treating the symptoms. I finally hit the proverbial wall. I realized that I would have to help myself, because the professionals were not going to do it for me.

I started researching natural and alternative health principles. I started the Fit For Life regimen – mostly raw food, lots of detoxification with algae and proper food combining. After five years of this, my back problems subsided, and after ten years my allergies went away. By that time I was at least as well read as any naturopathic doctor or nutritionist, and I decided to start a health and wellness company.

I wish to give people new hope in natural healing methods, to ease years of suffering.” I continue to learn and to grow. I have incorporated Metabolic Typing as my main tool that guides me in understanding what each individual needs to maintain health.

The Life Enthusiast website is continually evolving, adding information, products and services with one common theme… “Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet.”

I invite you to live life to its fullest potential. Join us and spread the word that a strong body, clear mind and vibrant health are an achievable reality.

Embrace the concept of becoming a true “Life Enthusiast”.