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About Dr. Sandra Cabot

Hello my name is Dr Sandra Cabot. Many of you will know me from my famous book, titled The Liver Cleansing Diet which literally shot to fame like a shining meteorite during 1997. It made me a household name in Australian kitchen’s, and brought liver consciousness to hundreds of thousands of people in a short space of time. People from all walks of life and in many different states of health embraced this new and simple way of eating with a passion, that surprised me as well as many others.

There are thousands of diet books on the market and yet this one was different because it concentrated on just one bodily organ, namely the liver, which everyone seemed to relate to, because everyone had a liver. Perhaps its success related to the fact that when one improves the liver function through simple dietary habits it is possible to achieve many health benefits, especially weight control and internal cleansing of the body. It was incredible because everyone seemed to be having a love affair with his or her liver. People who had struggled for years with excessive weight and/or chronic health problems found that the liver was the missing part in the jigsaw puzzle to achieve good health.

From that point, word of mouth took over and successful followers of my liver friendly way of eating told others to follow the liver cleansing diet and watched with interest to see its results. This produced a wave of social and economic effects. Australia sold out of linseed (flaxseed) and for a while it had to be imported, health food stores had to knock down walls to create more space and the health food industry enjoyed a resurgence in the production and sales of liver cleansing foods. I became known as the “liver doctor” which was interesting as my background had been in the area of women’s health and hormone replacement therapy. My face became well known, so much so that I would find myself recognized in faraway and remote places.

I well remember being in a public toilet at 5am in the morning, at a place called Three Ways, on the highway between Alice Springs and Darwin in northern Australia where I was instantly and warmly welcomed by a woman who had been successful on my liver cleansing diet. She enthusiastically told me how much weight she had lost and how much she enjoyed my media appearances. Yes, one of the benefits of being a successful author is that one has a ready-made network of friends all over the world.

There has been the occasional person who did not understand my theories on the liver, and in particular one reader thought it was impossible to cleanse the liver, believing that this was unscientific! However, it is vitally important to cleanse the liver regularly because, like any filter, it can become overloaded and blocked with excessive waste products. Just think about what happens if you do not cleanse the filters in your kitchen sink, lawn mower, pool-pump or car engine. It would be easy if you could remove your liver everyday and give it a good wash with soap and water! This is obviously not possible, so we need to come up with a more practical solution. I have found that an effective way to cleanse the liver filter is by eating certain foods and using natural supplements and liver tonics. These nutrients include antioxidants, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, enzymes, natural antibiotics and plant substances (phytonutrients). These nutrients also exert an anticancer effect and help the immune system.

This website will provide a wealth of information, advice and recommendations on how you can improve your liver function using powerful nutritional strategies. For some of you this will be literally life saving, for others it will allow you to improve your health, regain physical and mental energy and regain your zest for life!


About Dr Sandra Cabot

Welcome to this unique corner of cyberspace where you can share the medical insights of Dr Sandra Cabot MD who specializes in helping people with weight problems, liver dysfunction and hormonal imbalances. Dr. Cabot has had her books published in many different countries and is internationally recognized for her work.

Dr. Sandra Cabot is a popular & regular guest on radio and television programs and writes for many women’s & health magazines. Sandra does seminars in Australia and overseas and has helped many thousands of chronically ill persons to regain good health. Sandra was the first doctor to describe accurately and scientifically the 4 different body types and their special hormonal and metabolic characteristics.

It has been a revelation to me as a medical doctor, that it is possible to help, and in many cases cure, a broad spectrum of problems by following a nutritional program specifically designed to improve liver function. For this purpose I have written the Liver Cleansing Diet book which gives you an eight week plan to improve your liver function.


Dr Sandra Cabot has written several very popular books on health and she is very well known under this name. Dr Cabot’s best selling “Liver Cleansing Diet Book” was awarded The Australian People’s Choice Award in 1997.

You may find it interesting to know that Sandra chose the nom de plume of “Dr Cabot” in 1982, as in those days Australian medical doctors were encouraged to use a nom de plume (or writer’s name) if they were going to write books and participate in the health media. This was considered ethical behavior and was smiled upon by the medical registration boards, as it could then not be construed as to be advertising for extra patients.

There are many well known medical doctors in Australia (such as Dr “Sally Feelgood” and Dr “James Wright”) who use a writer’s and/or media name for this purpose, and who continue to practice medicine under their professional names. This is considered to be more ethical and conservative, which is appropriate as the medical profession is a conservative profession.

Dr Sandra Cabot’s professional name is Dr Sandra McRae and her ancestors come from Scotland and England. There is also a touch of French ancestry in Sandra, and that is why she chose a French nom de plume!

Dr Sandra McRae is a registered medical doctor in the state of NSW Australia where she has a busy medical practice in which she works with other medical doctors and Naturopaths.

Dr Sandra McRae was born in Adelaide South Australia in 1952 and trained in medicine and surgery at Adelaide University in South Australia.

Sandra McRae graduated in medicine with honors in 1975 from Adelaide University South Australia.

In Australia a bachelor of medicine and surgery is designated by the letters MBBS, which appear after the name of the doctor. Sandra McRae is also a diplomate of the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists and this is designated by the letters DRCOG. Thus the correct title of Dr Sandra McRae in Australia is MBBS, DRCOG.

Dr Sandra Cabot is published in many different countries and languages. In the USA Sandra uses the letters MD after her name, which is the American equivalent of the Australian MBBS, and simply means Medical Doctor and not Medical Doctorate.

During the mid-1980s Dr Cabot spent 6 months working as a volunteer doctor at the largest missionary hospital in India (the Leyman hospital). Here she studied tropical & infectious diseases and tended to the poor indigenous women with obstetric emergencies.

Dr Sandra Cabot travels extensively doing lectures and public seminars and visits isolated areas in Australia to share her message of natural health. Dr Cabot has lectured for the American Liver Foundation and the Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Society. Today she is asked by many different organizations and hospitals to lecture all over Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Cabot believes that the most important health issues for people today are:

  • The control of obesity & the prevention of diabetes
  • Educating our children about a healthy diet & lifestyle
  • Protecting the planet from pollution and wild life extinction
  • Avoiding the overuse of drugs (polypharmacy), especially when nutritional medicine may be able to achieve the same (and usually a better effect) for less cost & less risk.
  • Spreading government funding and subsidization equally between drug treatments & nutritional/complementary medicine.
  • Educating doctors about the correct use of nutritional medicine
  • The effective treatment of mental & emotional illness
  • A supportive and well educated community where people are guided to find the best health care.

Dr Cabot has a very exciting life meeting so many new people all over Australia and the USA. Thankfully she still has time to practice medicine.

To contact Dr Cabot, phone Christine Ki or Deborah Sanders on 623 334 3232.

Dr Sandra Cabot supports a most progressive conservation and educational program by the environmental organization the Friends of Oolong (Dr Gianni W D’Addario, President), under the patronage of the eminent worldwide recognized environmentalist Dr David Suzuki. For further information:

Love Your Liver & Live Longer!

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