Adrenal Fatigue: Facts and Fiction

It’s a Physical Condition- Not All in Your Head

Adrenal fatigue is the loss of energy in your body: a physical condition. Recovery involves rebuilding your body chemistry, as vital nutrients have been depleted and replaced by toxins. You must also deal with psychological issues because stress is often a cause, affecting your emotions and behavior.

Cleansing and detoxifying your body will take care of adrenal fatigue.

Cleansing and detoxifying helpful, but that requires energy that one may not have. Accumulation of toxins contributes to adrenal fatigue, as does exposure to toxic metals or chemicals. So detoxifying will not be enough.
You must rebuild your entire energy system with:

1. Cleansing & Detoxifying Your Body

2. Proper Nourishment

3. Balancing Your Body’s pH

4. Enhancing Your Mind/Body Connection

It may take years just to replenish one mineral. For those in adrenal fatigue, extreme detoxification programs such as fasting, raw foods or even chelating agents can be dangerous because the body lacks the vitality to properly eliminate toxins. The elimination organs are compromised, and toxins may be redistributed to other vital organs. The road back to health & vitality includes a gentle program of proper cleansing & nourishment, balancing your body’s pH, and enhancing your body/mind connection.

Eliminating the cause will cure adrenal fatigue.

Even with a change in diet, lifestyle, attitudes or behavior, the toxins remain. Adrenal fatigue may not set in until several years after the cause. Most people never recover from fatigue, or make only a partial recovery.

It takes time for layers of adaptations and compensations to be undone. Each adaptation uses up energy so that when one begins correction, there is little energy to work with. Many nutrients need replenishing; a time-consuming process, even if you ingest all required nutrients. Eliminating toxins that have become integral parts of the organs and glands also takes time, like rebuilding a house. If the process occurred too rapidly, one would become very ill.

If one recovers in months, one was not in fatigue. Often, a small recovery can feel like a cure when it is not. Those in fatigue need an overhaul, not a tune up. One needs to commit to doing whatever it takes and devoting a few years to healing. This needs to become one’s primary occupation or job for a while, allowing all other interests and activities to become secondary to the commitment of healing.

Adrenal Fatigue is an overused term without a scientific base.

Just because adrenal fatigue doesn’t show up in standard medical tests, does not mean it’s fake. Adrenal fatigue can be measured and quantified using tissue mineral testing. The term “adrenal fatigue” may be greatly under-used, as a large percentage of the population is in adrenal fatigue. It would be helpful if physicians understood it better, even if they have no cure.

Adrenal Fatigue is not an important medical problem, unless the stress of it causes high blood pressure or another symptom.

Adrenal fatigue is degenerative exhaustion, setting the stage for all degenerative diseases. Life begins with a body that is like a newer car, with power steering, power brakes and power windows. When the power decreases, the entire car slows or stops. Adrenal fatigue is a serious medical problem, although symptoms may be vague and unrelated to a specific disease.

Adrenal Fatigue is a new phenomenon.

In fact, adrenal fatigue is as old as humanity and can help us to understand the rise and fall of civilizations. Constant wars can contribute to adrenal fatigue. Toxic exposure in lead water pipes can contribute to adrenal fatigue. Destructive religious ideas can be a factor, and oppressive economic systems can contribute.

The process of adrenal fatigue can be cumulative. Children born to burned out parents continue the pattern until the entire group goes into fatigue. Melting pot nations like America have an advantage in this regard, as new immigrants are often more ambitious and in better health, and can help rejuvenate the population. Also, nations that emphasize freedom and individual rights allow people to devise better ways of coping and maintaining their health.

A vacation, better diet, or nutritional supplements will cure adrenal fatigue.

Recovery from adrenal fatigue requires a strong commitment to healing that most people do not posses. Often, a number of natural therapies are required, over several years. If you recover quickly, adrenal fatigue was not the problem.

Plenty of sleep will cure adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue interferes with the restorative power of sleep. The body is unable to regenerate during sleep. Like a dead battery, the body does not recharge itself during sleep. Waking up tired after 8-10 hours of sleep is a primary symptom of fatigue.

Reestablishing communication with those who are close to you will cure adrenal fatigue.

This is not enough. Low energy by itself can impair communication. Adrenal fatigue greatly affects your attitude, outlook and perceptions, making good communication difficult. Lack of understanding the problem by partners, friends and others can also impair communication.

Getting in touch with oneself will cure adrenal fatigue.

This is also not enough. And getting in touch with yourself is difficult due to toxins in the brain. These produce odd feelings, low self-esteem and negative attitudes that often accompany adrenal fatigue. Many people in adrenal fatigue become overly introspective, which can make them worse, as they get in touch with all their problems.

People with adrenal fatigue have no energy and cannot work.

Many people with adrenal fatigue hold full-time jobs and may appear healthy. But they are often tired & stressed, and feel that they require stimulants to keep going. Some immerse themselves in work to forget how tired they feel.

Vigorous exercise is good for adrenal fatigue.

Vigorous exercise can be attractive to those in fatigue because it makes you feel better. In the long run, this boost can further exhaust your body. People in adrenal fatigue may need to reduce exercise to a minimum, while rebuilding their adrenal glands. The energy required for exercise comes from reserves that fatigued adrenals do not have.

Adrenal Fatigue occurs mainly in men.

It is actually more common in women, mainly because of lifestyle. Many women now have multiple jobs; working outside the home and raising children as well. Many are single parents, working just to barely pay the bills.

Adrenal Fatigue only occurs in those with high-stress jobs.

Adrenal fatigue occurs in any occupation, income or educational level. Some street people have adrenal fatigue, accounting for why they may give up hope, or be incapable of holding a job.

Adrenal Fatigue occurs only in adults.

Minimal brain dysfunction, chronic ear or other infections, crib death, failure to thrive, ADHD and antisocial behavior may all be symptoms of adrenal fatigue in children. Resulting from parent’s poor lifestyles, children are often nutritionally depleted and toxic. This can be measured with mineral analysis.

Adrenal Fatigue affects only physical health.

It affects every area of life, including relationships and work. One may lose interest in everyone and everything, as there is not enough energy more than survival. Friends, family and employers are often unaware of what is occurring, which can worsens the situation.

A hectic lifestyle causes adrenal fatigue.

Overworking and excessive activity can be a way of compensating for feelings of exhaustion. When such a person stops working and running around, they will feel just how exhausted and perhaps depressed they really are.

Overwork for years causes adrenal fatigue.

There are many factors that can cause adrenal fatigue: a single shock, a few traumas that occur together, an illness, accident, divorce, overwork or other stress. All depends on your ability to handle stress, rather than the amount or type of stress.

Author: Life Enthusiast