Alkalize to Live with a Water Ionizer

Aging is the name we use for oxidative damage the stress of being depleted of negative ions. Drinking ionized alkaline water supplies the extra electrons we need.

Here is a quote from a letter I received from one of my close friends. As a result of receiving his letter I packed up my water ionizer and sent it to him. I am sorry that I cannot do this for everyone.

“HELP! I don’t want to die before I finish what I came here to do!
I just finished reading from Alkalize or Die by Dr. T.A. Baroody and it has shaken me out of complacency and into a serious search for a leg-up with my dilemma.
What’s my dilemma?
Making drastic and urgently needed changes to my diet, that’s what! I’ve been having heart and digestive problems for several years now and I’m finally getting the message. I am acidic. I have to make serious changes.
This is a very difficult thing for me to do and at this juncture, it seems practically impossible. I’m experiencing serious difficulty here and I’m looking for any affordable solution to helping me through this.
My dietary habits seem to be so ingrained from childhood that most healthy foods simply turn me off either the taste, texture or the method of preparing them simply doesn’t appeal to me. My eating habits have taken their toll.
I just have to get on with Alkalizing my system. I’ve been researching various health-coach sites and they all agree that the prime directive for regaining health is Alkalizing.
I read your articles on Alkalizing and after researching your competitors claims I agree that water ionizers are the way to go! and while I inch my way back to eating right, I truly believe the Water Ionizer will help me get there!
This is what convinced me: Antioxidant Properties
Ionizers generate Ionized water enriched with the excess electrons that delivery the antioxidant benefits. This creates an abundance of negative ions that neutralize free radicals, known to contribute to aging and disease, including cancer. The negative ions also energize your body.
I believe the most effective thing I can do to mitigate my Acidosis condition is to drink alkaline water. I’ve been drinking lots of filtered water, but that just doesn’t lead to Alkalizing, does it?
It sure looks like the Ionized and Energized water is the best water for addressing health issues. Water Ionizers might just be the solution I’ve been looking for. Its the best insurance I can use to provide me with a head-start on Alkalizing my whole system. I will eventually succeed in changing my diet but this is the most effective beginning I can imagine!
Can you help me?”

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Author: Life Enthusiast