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I have used part of the protocol for cancer volunteers, but not in by itself nor when I could not get the true ingredients. I have found it not to be 100% effective especially in late stage cancer or more specifically those who have gone through chemo, radiation or surgery. I have also found that all coral calcium is not THE coral calcium and Barefoot has been called on this by a few including the FDA. For this reason, I do not use coral calcium, but do use WaterOz calcium and their other minerals. For any mineral to be absorbed into the cells, it has to be an angstrom in size, which is what Hinkson found out some time ago and coral sand doesn’t meet that requirement. It goes into the same box of adding iron dust to cereals with the label iron added to the cereal.

I’ve also found that calcium without magnesium is useless for the two go together and in older people it also requires manganese to assimilate the magnesium. Page found this out also some time ago. The one mineral that’s most important for cancer is selenium and the conduit for most of these minerals is carbonated water and oil for fastest results as been proven by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. As for getting a high alkaline pH level, cesium is hard to beat but then cancer patients near death have also been saved simply by the Budwig formula and wheatgrass, not digested, but as an implant in the rectum. From what I’ve read so far as to ratios of success with cancer victims, Aajonus’s record of more now then 236 out of 240 using pre-digested raw meat and oils stands above all that I’ve researched.

However, I’ve also learned that unless you know how to do this, you will become sick in the process and if in a weakened state already, you will be very sick. There is also the proper levels of sodium and potassium that are needed for all cancer victims for without the proper ratio, the cells will not function correctly as discovered by Gerson. Then there’s also the lymph system which if not drained properly, will continue cancerous growth. All of these factors plus many more I address for cancer volunteers. It is possible for a person using one modality to go into remission but this does not constitute a cure and without a cure, the cancer will return and most likely with a vengeance. Them negative spirits if not removed take their revenge in the end. I would also like to see the wording of the human body is made up of 78% water changed to liquids and oils. I don’t think you will find any autopsy where water has been drained out of the body.

Tracy Jones

Hospice Care

A conversation from a forum

Vince stated…. “Victims are all those polite people who are laying on the conveyor belt that channels them to hospice. Winners are among those who wake up and bolt.” I have been in contact with our local hospice to see what they have to offer. I learned our hospice is made up of volunteers, home support nurses and palliative care doctors… they are there to assist those coping with a fatal disease through counseling and home support, but have no palliative care residences or beds like some areas have. I was assured they accept whatever treatment choices the sick person has chosen for themselves… traditional or alternative and their only goal is to help those who are ill and their friends and family. Your statement sounds like you are not in favour of hospice Vince… could you explain why, if that is the case. Could others also share their hospice experiences good and bad.


Usually oncologists orchestrate a show of aggressive treatment for metastatic cancers. The pretense and the fantasy is that these treatments are of curative intent. Once a cancer is metastatic (especially if there is distant metastasis) there is very little to hope for under the conventional model of treatment. The major intent here is to extend life a few months, maybe more, if the chemo doesn’t kill in the process. As the patient is usually ravaged by the chemo process – and there is no hiding the fact that chemo only works for a while because of multiple drug resistance – this period of time is used by the patient and the family to slowly come to grips with the fact that death is the outcome of this ordeal, not health. Once the real prognosis can no longer be hidden, then the treatment becomes openly palliative. The insurance funds and personal assets become depleted, and hospitals and oncologists sometimes become a bit less aggressive in hustling the patients into expensive treatments.

Hospice may be recommended. If the patient has a good PPO insurance then one last slam with chemo is usually mandated. This will send the patient to ICU with multiple whammies. Myelosuppression and narcotics invite intractable pneumonia and respiratory paralysis. This calls for intubation, ventilation, and antibiotics. Nausea and cachexia bring more meds with more unwanted side effects. Stressed kidneys and liver lead to ascites and edema. The breathing may become additionally labored with pleural effusion. Tapping the thorax or the abdomen drains the body of much-needed albumin. The patient tries to rip the tubes out of the nose, the mouth, the chest, the abdomen, the arms, and any place else that was dreamed up by the staff. Of course this calls for restraints for the writhing patient. When the patient starts to come down from pain killers, tranquilizers and deliriants, they rage and must be placed in deeper stupors.

The patient is pumped with dextrose which feeds the tumor and increases the chances of any number of obstructions. The patient’s family begs God to end this patient’s misery, and the oncologist complies. Now if the patient happens to come from money, then the hospital administration and oncologists call for a meeting with the distressed family while they are still at the hospital. The family is told how much the hospital needs that new wing to help with the research and patient care to make sure that such agonizing deaths won’t happen to any more of God’s children. They want to put the family name on a large brass plaque in the lobby where it says Patrons. Most oncologists have an impressive variety of demigod-like posturings for the public, but at the conventions they show themselves to be regular good old boys. One oncologist once asked me if I knew why coffin lids are nailed down. I didn’t know. It’s to stop the oncologists from trying to give more chemo! Such thigh-slapping humor.

I’ll save the hospice discussion for another day – the myth that is painted for the patients and donors, versus the reality.

Vincent Gammill

I’ve been a Hospice RN for ten years. I find it the most satisfying nursing that I have ever done. I haven’t followed the discussion so far about Hospice. I gather that some are not in favor of it and some are. My experience is that some doctors are shy of Hospice because they feel that it will automatically take any hope away from their patient. NOT TRUE. What Hospice does is to offer hope, not for a cure, but rather for a high quality end of life. I tell my patients the TRUTH, regardless what the question. I tell them that these are tough answers, but that they deserve the truth and nothing less.

When I was diagnosed with cancer that had already metastasized from lung to brain, I was also told I had a very short time to live. My first thought was that I could be my own Hospice nurse!!! Because I know about pain management, I know how to take mine for effective pain control. My primary physician is both my friend and my co-worker. He trusts me. I live in a very small community where everyone knows everyone else. And I know how to navigate the system here. I am blessed to live where I do because of that. Different Hospices have different approaches to patient care, but the basic philosophy is the same. If anyone has specific questions, please ask and I’ll try to answer them.

Blessings, Christina

  • May my Healing journey benefit ALL beings!
  • Blessed Be the Peacemakers!
  • May Blessings of Peace n Love surround you!
  • May your Mind be filled with Wisdom.
  • May your Eyes be filled with Beauty.
  • May your Soul be filled with Peace.
  • May your Heart be filled with Love.
  • May we ALL live in a State of Grace.
  • Peace Be With You Always.

-Christina Moon

I am sorry Christina, but satisfaction leads to complacency and hospice care will continue to languish in the moribund state of a shared fantasy among staff, patients, families, and donors that this is God’s work that you are doing when the reality is quite different. These patients are there because the medical staff ordered them terminal. My best guess is that at the time the medical staff first “realizes” that the patient is terminal they could not be more wrong. It is only conventional indoctrination and rutted experience that dictates this self-fulfilling prophesy. The vast majority of “terminal” patients do not need to concern themselves about “quality of life” issues or of “meeting their maker.” No, they have bigger problems. It means that, assuming they still would prefer to walk away from this disease, they must now deal with a medical staff that will refuse to do the routine blood monitoring of blood counts and blood chemistry to know how they are faring with their choices of alternative treatments.

They must deal with the fact that insurance companies often don’t want to pay for TPN or if they do then they pick solutions that are loaded with cancer-feeding glucose. If the patient wants hyperthermia there is no way that this can be accommodated in a facility where treatment is frowned upon. If a patient needs a simple antibiotic to keep the show on the road until a real therapy can kick in, it is like pulling teeth to get the staff to agree. If a surgical wound dehisces then the patient must sign out of hospice to go to the ER and then reapply with the insurers to get back in. There are scores of little ways that lack of genuine care is provided for the patient, and if one is not in the business you would never know. You would think that these are all angels of mercy hovering about when they are really harpies of death. All psychological support for fighting the good fight is undermined by the priests with their oils and dirges, and well-meaning idiots whispering about going into the light.

No, in my kind of hospice the nurses would be saying, “You’ve gotta stick around to watch your kids graduate (or whatever),” “We need your vote or Nader might win.” And, most importantly, “Don’t you want to dance on your doctors’ graves?!” My wards won’t be looking for any cursed light, they’ll be looking at “Duck Soup” or “Life of Brian.” Furthermore, the patients would not be doped on narcotics. With an aggressive alternative therapy the pain usually resides in a few days. If not there are many other solutions that don’t turn the patients into mugwumps. They can use DLPA or high dose menadione. 75% of the time it works as well as morphine and it is safe. In my kind of hospice the patient will be up and playing dominos within the week. They will hoard cans of Ensure to deck any conventional medical staff they see. Several months back we had a woman who was driven down to San Diego from Central California. She had stage four melanoma and multiple organ failure. I told her physician up north not to send her as I didn’t think that she could survive the nine-hour drive. He demanded that we take her.

I met her on a Sunday night at my office. She was so sick that it took five minutes to get her from the car into a wheel chair. All she could do was hang over the side and mumble nonsense. She was pallid and extremely thin with massive lumps everywhere. I made arrangements for her to start her infusions in Mexico the next Morning. By Tuesday she rallied enough that she was made it known how displeased she was that there were no rails in the bathroom for the handicapped. Within a week she walked unassisted into my office to report enthusiastically on her progress. She had a massive lump on her back that ultrasound showed to be a cyst. This needed to be treated surgically and she had insurance up north that would cover it. We told her to go home, deal with it, and return. She went home where surgical help was denied as she had stage 4 melanoma and their attitude was, “What was the use?”

When a patient fights back the system can become very entrenched. She died before she could get the procedure done. I’m sure she had a lot of compassionate nurses hovering around praying for her soul and telling her that Jesus was coming to get her. Last year California HMOs made $3,000,000,000 in profits for their stockholders and astronomical Christmas bonuses for their directors and doctors. I am sure that these doctors and businessmen consider this the most satisfying work they have ever done. If anyone on this list wants to brainstorm on ways to put together a hospice that will quietly do anything and everything necessary to save a life that had been ordered terminated, then feel free to contact me. Christina, I know you are a good person and you mean well. I will pay for your deprogramming.


Do US senators and representatives die of cancer less frequently than the hoi polloi and, if so, do they have access to secret cures? Are there secret cures and who has them? As hard as the government fights anyone who seems to be getting dramatic results against cancer, I think it is a fair assumption to say that there are many little-known ways to successfully fight cancer. I do think that these would be collected and secreted among certain special interest think tanks, the intelligence agencies, powerful foundations, and some of the larger pharmaceutical companies. It does seem that members of congress die of cancer less frequently, but with a few exceptions I don’t think it is because of their connections. I think that there is a simple explanation for which Occam’s razor must be applied. It is a well known fact that institutionalized psychopaths rarely get cancer. Could not members of the houses of congress be considered institutionalized sociopaths?

How many John Q. Citizens are ruthless enough to do whatever it takes (wholesale trafficking in principles, lies, secret deals) to become a top politico and to do so with impunity of conscience? How many John Q. Citizens are vainglorious enough to think that they and only they have a higher calling to operate the planet? Perhaps every last one of them is a sociopath. How many of these members of congress were really and truly drafted to their positions by the smartest and best-informed fellow citizens? I think none. Winning public office is orchestrated by marketers, packagers, spinners, manipulators, deal makers, gerrymanderers, and zeolots.

I have worked with cancer for a long time. I often see cancer among the most compassionate people – the people who suffer over the most minor ethical questions. I rarely see cancer among the many psychopaths, sociopaths, idiots, and mean sons of bitches out there. If you don’t want to get cancer you’ve got to take vitamin E, selenium, Vit B-6, folic acid and then go out back and gleefully stomp on some harmless bugs. It was announced on the news today that Frances Crick (a discoverer of DNA, recently associated with the Salk Institute in La Jolla) died of colon cancer. If ever there was a fellow who was connected to many people on the inside track it was Frances Crick, yet he still died of cancer. I do think that many such people are so private about their health issues and so entrenched in conventional medicine that those in the know can’t or won’t help them.


Declaration By A Cured Person

I made life changes and I got results. I changed my drinking water, eat 75% raw (mostly organic), take vitamins and supplements that are right for me, exercise 5-7 days a week, eliminated (okay, maybe just reduced) the stresses in my life, changed my outlook on life and my purpose for being here. What are my results? Excellent blood work results, a 100% increase in energy, a higher pH level, radiant skin, achieving my ideal weight and body shape, feeling better at 42 than I felt at 18, no more depression, a higher tolerance for life’s little woes, and the list goes on and on. The FDA is not my best friend. They approve many, many things that I would never dream of putting in my body or allow my loved one’s to put in theirs. I’m not at all convinced that they truly have my best interests at heart. Truly, I’m not much interested in scientific research. I’m more interested in hearing from real people who have achieved real results. That’s why I joined this group. If I wanted to be inundated with science I would’ve joined an FDA or federal government sponsored list.


Do alternative therapies cure cancer?

I read the scenario. The “Goldrushers” did not have to make a decision of going by horseback at their own expense, or taking a luxurious train ride to the goldfields and staying at the best hotels, all paid for by the government, with the promise of a map to the gold. In both cases the “gold” was an unknown factor. The “gold” in the scenario is the “cancer cure” in reality. The “rush” is controlled by available money. Where is the available money? Cancer victims only go to alternatives after their bodies have been destroyed by “conventional” treatments so any that do survive have really survived against all odds. They expect the alternative treatments to not only take care of the original cancer problem, but to also correct all the collateral damages and problems caused by conventional therapies.

A huge percentage of cancer victims being treated at alternative clinics are “medical professionals” which, given any amount of common sense, leads one to reason that there is something drastically wrong with the present system. Why isn’t there a “rush” to alternatives? One thing is medical insurance will not cover it so it is limited to only those who have the means. When one goes to a Doctor who practices both in the United States and Mexico, it may be necessary to pay $5000 a week in cash to receive US diagnostic help and then treatment in Mexico. Secondly, there hasn’t been any testing of the various alternatives to better direct their use. As you know, you obviously settled for one type of treatment when there are many others which have a better history of stopping and or controlling cancer. When there is federal money used to adequately test alternatives rather than for prosecuting those professionals who have had success using them, it will be a great day for cancer victims.

Sometimes it takes a combination of therapies. I chose cesium therapy to start with because of the science behind it and the fact that it works very quickly. Since cancer may be the result of genetic mutations throughout a lifetime, repair may be a long process. When a cancer victim dies after months of chemotherapy, the relatives say what a great job the oncologist did keeping their favorite person “alive” for “X” number of months. Was the quality of life actually better than if there had been no treatment at all? When a cancer victim dies after months of alternative treatment, the relatives exclaim, “Ha, I knew it was a waste of money and obviously it didn’t work”! If you have used alternatives, consider that you have probably done a better job of preserving a better quality of life for a longer period of time for yourself or your loved one than could have been expected by using the only approved treatments administered by the most experienced doctors, at the very best hospitals and cancer clinics that this country offers: expensive and insurance covered.

Look at the statistics.


I have heard for years is a cure for cancer from Naturopathic doctors and natural healers. It is hydrogen peroxide and/or ozone therapy taken intravenously. There are two that I have heard good things about for years: Dr. Charles Farr, the author of “The Therapeutic Use of Intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide”. Dr. Farr, 11330-OT North May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73120. As far as I know he still does the therapy for cancer. Another is: Dr. Kurt Donsbach at the Bio Genesis Institute in Rosarita Beach, Baja, Mexico. There are others on the website, check Google out. Type in “Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.

Author: Life Enthusiast