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Anodyne or Light Therapy

In his newsletter "Health & Healing" of June 2005, Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD wrote about the benefits of infrared light wave therapy called Anodyne Therapy. The treatment is painless, and consists of strapping on a sleeve on the skin, at the source of the pain, that contains infrared light sources. The theory is that the light source emits a wavelength that penetrates into the tissues, and stimulates the release of nitric oxide, that plays a role in cardiovascular health causing the dilation of blood vessels, improving blood flow. The blood flow brings oxygen to the injured tissue.

There has been scientific/medical research supporting Anodyne Therapy. A study in "Diabetes Care" (January 27(1):168-72) titled "Restoration of Sensation", reduced pain, and improved balance in subjects with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, anodyne therapy demonstrated strong benefits. Patients received three 40 minute treatments a week for two weeks of either Anodyne therapy or a placebo instrument that looked the same only the light source was not infra red. This was followed by another 2 weeks in which all participants received the 6 Anodyne therapy treatments.

Pain as reported on a 10 point scale fell from 4.2 to 3.2 after 6 treatments and to 2.3 after 12 treatments. Sensation returned as measured by the Semmes-Weinstein Monofilament, a standard test that uses slender filament pressed against the skin. Balance also improved markedly. Prior to Anodyne Therapy, 90% of the participants had substantial balance problems. After treatment only 17% still had balance problems. In a Veterans Administration study, patients with non-healing ulcers of long duration (6 to 40 years), the patients using Anodyne Therapy had remarkable improvement after 3 weeks of treatment. Previously untreatable wounds healed completely.

This therapy was first introduced in 1994 and over a million patients have received it since. Some insurance will cover it, and there is a code for Medicare Reimbursement. Especially for wound healing where other therapies failed. There are 3,000 physicians using it. To find a location near you see www.anodynetherapy.com or call 800-521-6664.

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