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ASEA Story

More than 16 years ago a group of medical professionals, engineers and researchers discovered a proprietary method for creating and stabilizing molecules that are native to the human body. Years later, the scientific research community began producing the science necessary to understand what this group had begun to discover. In 2007, Verdis Norton (cofounder of ASEA) was for years associated in a leadership position with one of the largest and most successful corporations in the world, became acquainted with the ASEA technology and was immediately convinced that ASEA could be instrumental in changing the lives of thousands, if not millions of people. During a round of golf one day with James Pack, a friend and close associate, Mr. Norton discussed the ASEA technology, its unlimited potential, and his vision for the technology. Jim, well acquainted with Verdis strategic perspective and business sense knew immediately that the business would thrive.

Right there on the green, Jim wrote Verdis an endorsement check and together, the partners acquired the technology and founded ASEA. Once plans were set in place to market ASEA as proprietary technology, a medical physicist and PhD, was engaged to begin conducting additional research on the ASEA technology. This research has helped develop a better and more comprehensive understanding of the role of reactive molecules in the body and how ASEA functions to support and fortify healthy cells. ASEA is a patented product, based on proprietary technology that has been studied, tested and proven beneficial for cellular health and immune system supplementation. The patented process formulates a unique and amazingly effective product that boosts the immune system and promotes cellular balance.

The end result is a more energetic and better feeling you!

ASEA Production

ASEA creates the highest quality and consistent product possible, by controlling the entire production and manufacturing process from beginning to end. This also makes certain that the quality assurance and control facet of the product is provided on site. No product is ever shipped or even bottled unless it meets ASEAs rigorous quality standards. This ensures that every bottle of ASEA is not only completely safe, but that it is also of consistent composition. Every bottle of ASEA must meet the “Gold Standard” requirements to be released for shipment. All manufacturing equipment, supplies, containers, materials, processes and procedures meet and exceed FDA standards for food processing. All analytical lab equipment used in these tests has been calibrated against NIST traceable standards. At ASEA we take pride in producing the highest quality and best controlled product that we can, and that is why we have invested the necessary resources to ensure that our product meets our own high standards.

Quality Assurance

An independently directed laboratory has been established at the ASEA manufacturing sites for the purpose of analyzing the components of ASEA for Quality Control and Assurance purposes. A stringent Quality Assurance procedure has been established and is in place to ensure that every bottle of ASEA is of consistent composition. This procedure involves a routine chemical analysis of every batch before it is approved for distribution. Regular random testing of bottles is also performed. At least twice a year a comprehensive series of analytical tests are done, including a test for any trace contaminants that might accidentally have been introduced. All manufacturing equipment, supplies, containers, materials, processes and procedures meet and exceed FDA standards for food processing.

The Founders of ASEA

ASEA founderVerdis Norton

Verdis Norton is the visionary Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of ASEA Inc. For decades he has been honing his vision, strategy, and planning skills with some of the largest corporations in the world. Mr. Norton brings almost 30 years of corporate experience with him, including experience in corporate sales, general management and strategy. He retired from Kraft Foods, a Fortune 500 Company, as the Vice President of Strategy.

Mr. Norton just recently completed an assignment as the President of a biotech startup company that introduced Activated Lactoferin (Activin), a food technology. Following corporate retirement he consulted with Kraft Europe, working with senior management and country managers on corporate reengineering. He has served on various boards and executive committees in both the private and public sectors where he assists other companies with strategy and business management.

ASEAJames G. Pack

James Pack is the Cofounder and President of ASEA, LLC. Mr. Pack has well over two decades corporate experience as a sales and marketing executive for various telecommunications firms. Through his years of experience and expertise in the telecommunication industry he started Pack Consulting, a group that provided the niche services of consulting and lobbying at the state level.

Mr. Pack retired from the telecommunications industry in the mid-90s and began an active role in a very successful real estate development company that focused its development activity in Park City, Uinta Basin and the Salt Lake Valley. His attention to detail and expertise has greatly aided ASEA in the research and engineering necessary to improve scalability and overall production capabilities.

ASEA Corporate Headquarters is located at the foot of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in the scenic Salt Lake Valley.

We welcome you to come a visit us, learn more about our company, products, and incredible opportunities.

ASEA Corporate Headquarters
6440 South Millrock Drive, Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Corporate: 801-928-2100

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