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Book: Holy Water, Sacred Oil

Book: Holy Water, Sacred Oil

Book: Holy Water, Sacred Oil

by C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Early in their time together, Jim Carter and Norman Shealy used the word Yinergy to describe the type of energy that animates life, and that is stored and transmitted by Twilight America products. These products were developed in an attempt to duplicate ancient water tools that apparently draw in “liquid sunshine”.

Shealy writes about water in living cells, referring to work done by Dr. Batmanghelidj. While it appears to be just water, there is something different about cellular fluid, it is something other than common water. Cells require something other than ordinary water to stay hydrated, and it appears that cell membrane water is different from the intracellular fluid. Membranes contain thicker waters, and the water that fills the cells is thinner.

Many examples have emerged lately to demonstrate that structured water possess life giving characteristics, while water processed by industrial methods, poisoned by chlorine and fluoride, and piped into our homes produces low energy and illness. Water will store in its liquid crystal structures memories of chemical, physical, and even vibrational effects it has been exposed to.

Jim Carter and the Mysterious Stones

Dr. Shealy describes how Jim Carter came to discover Twilight America’s Magic Water and Magic Oil, and develop Energized Water products in his search of the Secret of Life. Carter received several stones that were made of a concrete like material with pieces of shiny crystal scattered in it. Carter had the stones tested, and the tests concluded that the stones were man made, they were over 5,000 years old, and that they were made of the same material as the casing stones of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The Three Stages of Water

Water that is left in contact with the influence of these laminar crystals for some time goes through three distinct stages. The first stage is the Prill water stage, a cell hydrating fluid that can be used for anything that common water is used for. In the second stage, the water becomes very thin, about half the thickness of common water. This second stage is called Magic Water and is best used for regeneration of dehydrated cells. The third stage is reached when water remains in contact with laminar crystals even longer. Carter calls this stage Magic Oil, because the water becomes thick and slippery, enriched with dissolved magnesium chloride.

Hydration is the single most important factor in elasticity and appearance of the skin. Magic Water is a form of water that is readily accepted by living cells. Magic Water comes in a spray bottle for ease in use. It should be used to:

  • restore moisture to the skin, especially the face
  • remedy dry and itchy eyes
  • soothe irritated lungs and sinuses
  • remedy for yeast infection
  • relieve and restore burns
  • soothe bug bites
  • relieve itching

Magic Oil is created in the Star Chamber from Magic Water saturated with magnesium chloride to 25%. Spraying it in the mouth strengthens teeth and gums. It can be sprayed on food as a salt substitute and flavor enhancer. More concentrated than the Magic Water, it has the consistency of a light oil. This substance is the key aspect in most plant saps. This fluid helps replenish soft tissue, cartilage and bone. Magic Oil should be used to:

  • improve bone density
  • restore cartilage in joints
  • restore hair color
  • tone, soften and strengthen skin
  • reduce pain from bites, stings
  • strengthen connective tissue and lower back pain, joint pain, elbow and wrist chronic pain
  • enhance digestion
  • speed recovery from sprains, bumps, bruises
  • reduce appearance of age spots, scar tissue and stretch marks
  • relieve stress

DHEA and Magnesium

Dr. Shealy notes that low or deficient DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) levels are present in most illnesses, with few exceptions. The Magic Water and Magic Oil balance DHEA in the body. Magnesium deficiency is linked to a variety of maladies, including: migraines, diarrhea or constipation, fatigue, depression, insomnia, pain, hypertension, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, panic attacks, cancer, bulimia, diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart attacks, immune deficiency, infections, hearing loss and stroke.

A study confirms that all subjects improved while using Magic Oil in their foot bath. Measured improvements were observed in levels of DHEA and DHEA-S confirming that Twilight America treatments rejuvenate the human body. “I know of no single contribution to health and longevity which can equal the Yinergy system”… the words of Dr. C. Norman Shealy in “The Methuselah Potential for Health and Longevity”. The “Yinergy system” is the Star Chamber, and Dr. Shealy is without doubt the best-credentialed and best-informed investigator in alternative health practices in the world today.

Sacred Healing

The story is a very unusual one. For some it will sound like a poorly written fairy tale not worthy of their time, while others will find their curiosity piqued. And for some still, it will “resonate” as truth. For all, the ultimate test will be, and should be, whether the products described on this site make a difference in their health and in their life.

In his book, Dr. Norman Shealy wrote: “The search for Magic Water, or the Fountain of Youth is one of humanity’s oldest quests. When I first encountered this unusual material that in some cases looks and acts like oil and in others looks like and mixes with water, I was extremely impressed. I spent an afternoon talking with the discoverer of this unique product (Jim Carter), rubbing the material on my hands and face and feeling increasingly energized.” ( p. 166).

Later, he added: “I have discussed this material with the three most outstanding intuitives I know. Independently, each of them agrees this material that looks like oil and acts like water is unique and has the power to significantly reverse the aging process, restore function to many parts of the body and reduce arthritic pain. This Sacred Water acts like a lubricant. It seems to detoxify the body… Super Water, Holy Water, Sacred Water. We may well be on the verge of discovering the Fountain of Youth.” (p. 168).

Longevity Research

Average life expectancy at birth in the USA is 76.9 years. This statistic includes all people who die early from smoking, obesity, diabetes, cancer, suicide, medical intervention, and accidents. It has been known for at least 30 years that 85% of all illness is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Even at the age of 70, “average” life expectancy is only to age 85. Just having a healthy lifestyle increases expectancy to 99 years. Conservatively, if you do not smoke, are not overweight, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet, your life expectancy should be at least 100 years-on average.

If you also have a positive attitude and enjoy life, your expectancy is closer to 110. And if you are willing to add 30 minutes daily to your health habits, you can improve three biochemicals most important for health and longevity – optimal DHEA and calcitonin and reduced free radicals – and likely live to be 140.

Close to 50% of people are significantly depressed. A major American Psychological Association article in 2002 exposed the prescription antidepressants: they largely do not work, they harm more people than they help! Yet 85% of depressed individuals can be restored to a happy life, safely and without prescription drugs. Using a totally safe electrical stimulator, photostimulation, education and great music we can help people recover from depression. We can also restore youth-like levels of the essential adrenal hormone, DHEA dehydroandrosterone; calcitonin, the critical hormone for skeletal strength; and reduce free radicals, the destructive chemicals that cause illness and aging, by over 80%. The choice is yours-a happy, healthy long life is yours to enjoy!

Author: Life Enthusiast
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