Cancer, Calcium and Magnesium Connection

High calcium levels linked to fatal prostate cancer.

This article was originally posted on September 05, 2008.

New research suggests that men with high blood levels of calcium have a significantly increased risk of developing fatal prostate cancer.

The study of nearly three thousand men revealed that those with the highest levels of calcium in their blood were 2.68 times more likely to develop fatal prostate cancer than men with the lowest levels of calcium. The association remained even after the researchers took into consideration major risk factors for prostate cancer age, weight, race, and family history. Blood calcium levels did not have a predictive effect upon non-fatal prostate cancers.

The data on blood calcium levels was determined an average of 9.9 years before the diagnosis of prostate cancer was made, thus suggesting that a simple blood test may identify men that are at high risk of developing the disease.

At present it is unclear whether it is calcium itself or parathyroid hormone, which regulates blood calcium levels, that plays a role in the pathology of the disease.

From Serum Calcium and Incident and Fatal Prostate Cancer in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey by Halcyon G. Skinner and

Gary G. Schwartz.

Here are my comments:

Isn’t it interesting that after a multi-year mineral imbalance we end up in the cancer ward?

To balance calcium we need to supplement with Magnesium.

To balance thyroid and parathyroid we need to supplement with Iodine, which is found in kelp and other sea weed.

Topically Everything contains magnesium and trace minerals from alfalfa and kelp.

Magnesium Gel also contains magnesium and is thickened with sea weed.

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Author: Martin Pytela