Dental and Oral

Toxic Effects of Dentistry

A silver-colored dental filling consists of 50% mercury, 50% silver filings and small, varying amounts of tin, copper and zinc may be added… Read More

Vitamin K Basics

Essential for blood clotting and bone metabolism, brain, liver and cardiovascular system… Read More

Calcium Basics

Most of us get enough calcium, but not enough supporting nutrients to use it properly. Most need to take more magnesium to be balanced… Read More

Podcast 382: Eliminate Allergies, Alleviate Jaw and Body Pain

With Elijah Free. Unique herbal formulas Allergy-Ease, TMJ-Ease and Arthritis-Ease… Read More

Beyond the Toothbrush

Remember that a healthy mouth, just like healthy skin, is the result of a healthy digestive system and one system in the body does not work properly without the others – they are all beautifully interconnected. Read More

Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine Therapy

A multitude of uses and health benefits, excellent for immunity, skin troubles, balance your pH, detoxify and so much more… Read More

Jaw Pain: TMJ Syndrome

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) Syndrome is inflammation, causing tightness and pain in the joint that connects your jaw to your skull… Read More

Reverse Arteriosclerosis – Part 2 of 2

Many leaders in natural health have great confidence in chelation therapy, especially EDTA (calcium disodium versenate)… Read More

US Should Ban Fluoride

Nearly half a century after Minnesota passed legislation requiring the addition of fluoride to municipal water supplies, fluoride is under fire due to health concerns. Read More

Mercury Filling Madness

Norway has become the first nation to legislate a sweeping ban on the use of amalgam fillings in dental work… Read More

Fluoride: The Cause of Fibromyalgia

Fluoride poisoning or fluorosis has been synonymous with chronic fatigue… Read More

Mercury Poisoning Crisis in Medical and Dental Science

Causing disease, harmful complication or other ill effect by medical activity, including diagnosis, intervention, error or negligence… Read More