Restore Hormone Balance

Improve Physical and Mental Health Read More

Mud Puddle Reviews

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Silica Supports Connective Tissues

Anti-aging nutrient for joints and skin. Read More

Ecklonia Cava – Fibromyalgia

Ecklonia Cava – Fibromyalgia improvements were achieved at all doses. Patients given the placebo had no improvement during the study. Read More

Sports Injury

The goal of preventing sports injuries focuses on strengthening the supporting structures of the body. Read More

Recovery from Surgery or Trauma

The most effective strategy is to help alkalize the damaged tissue, and help suppress the inflammatory response. Read More

Choose Recovery over Painkillers

Recovery is the best treatment I can think of that cures chronic pain. Chronic pain is a terrible problem that brings poor health, joint pain, stiffness and lack of energy. Read More

Trauma or Surgery Recovery Treatments

Improve conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gout and fibromyalgia. Read More

Tendonitis and Bursitis Risk Factors

Check Out Tendonitis and Bursitis Risk Factors, Prevention and Wellness Tips Read More

Sports Injuries, Prevention and Tips

It is especially important to eat high quality protein to help repair the tissues. Read More

Tendonitis Prevention andTreatment

Tendonitis is usually a temporary condition, it has the potential to become a chronic problem. Tendonitis affects the old and young alike. Read More

Muscle and Connective Tissue Health and Repair

Recovery strikes at the root of inflammation, provides potent protection for your connective tissue, and improves the repair of damaged cells. It handles the problem at its core, healing deep into tissue where all problems and symptoms originate. Read More

Healthcare Professionals Talk About Recovery

I would recommend Recovery to anyone who would like to live a fuller life. Thank you Recovery! Read More

Tendonitis Introduction

Tendons and bursae are located near joints therefore inflammation in these tissues will often be perceived as joint pain and mistaken for arthritis. Read More

Bursitis: How to Manage

Persons with bursitis can have their pain resolve with a series of daily injections of 2000 mcg. Of Vitamin B12. Read More

Ecklonia Cava – Arthritis

ECE considerably reduced pain in a group of knee arthritis patients compared to placebo Read More