Functional Medicine

Vagus Nerve in Your Body

The vagus nerve is one of 12 cranial nerves, helping link the brain with other areas for functions such as digestion, heart rate and breathing… Read More

Health and Its Absence

We cannot separate our bodies from our minds, everything is very tightly interconnected… Read More

Holistic Approach To Health

Holistic Medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses care of body, mind and spirit. Empowering people with education about health and wellness… Read More

Chronic Disease Assumptions

Chemicals and environmental toxins interact with our DNA and make us susceptible to disease… Read More

The Keys to Vitality

The fundamental problem with modern medicine is its complete ignorance of how nutrition affects health or disease Read More


The discovery of epigenetics studies hidden influences upon genes that could affect every aspect of our lives… Read More

Disease is Dis-“Ease”

I think of disease as the opposite of ease. Dis-ease is almost always the consequence of cellular terrain problems… Read More

Cause of Disease or Poor Performance

It starts with well-meaning doctors injecting you with toxic vaccinations, good relatives using sweets as rewards, neurotoxins in food and drinks, sterilization with antibacterials… Read More

Understanding Disease

Old ideas die-hard but sometimes great thinkers have come up with a unified theory of disease… Read More

Treat Disease by Symptoms or Cause?

Mainstream medicine sees illness from germs outside the body, not an unhealthy internal environment… Read More

The Main Causes of Disease

It starts with well meaning doctors injecting you with toxic vaccinations, and good relatives using sweets-as-rewards… Read More

The 24-Seven Health Plan

Following this regimen will help you maintain, detoxify, replenish, repair and rebuild your body… Read More