Podcast 425: Nitric Oxide & H2 Water with Dr. Howard Peiper

Dr. Howard Peiper, a naturopathic doctor and author of many books, is joining Martin today to discuss nitric oxide and H2 water! Dr. Peiper believes that in the next one to three years most people will be using a nitric…

Read More

Podcast 423: Humic Acid & Zeolite with Dr. Howard Peiper

Detox with Zeolite, and Fight Viruses with Humic AcidRead More

Podcast 422: Living Water with Monica Leal

Solutions to Help Strengthen your Immune SystemRead More

Podcast 421: Iridesca by Exsula Superfoods – Customer Testimonial

The Most Complete Nutritional Master Blend SupplementRead More

Podcast 420: SPECIAL OFFER – Zeolite by Touchstone Essentials

Take advantage of this special offer from Touchstone Minerals only for Life Enthusiast audience!Read More

Podcast 419: Immune Defense with Spencer Feldman

Learn how to further support your immune system in these uncertain timesRead More

Podcast 418: Nano Soma News and Product Updates

Martin Pytela and Richard Presser discuss new product release and developments.Read More

Podcast 417: All about Camu Camu and 7Roots with Jorge Urena

Part 2 of a fascinating interview with Jorge Urena, founder of UHTCO companyRead More

Podcast 416: All about Maca with Jorge Urena

Discover benefits of Peruvian plants with Jorge Urena from UHTCO!Read More

Podcast 415: Red Light Recovery with The Bodyguard

Increase Exercise Performance and Recovery, Reduce Inflammation and Pain, Boost Your ImmunityRead More

Podcast 414: Capture and Transmit Life Force with Star Chamber

Improve the energy in your home and lower the negative environmental energiesRead More

Podcast 413: Nano Soma for anti-aging and DNA repair

Nano Soma assists in improving the immune system, enhancing wound healing, stimulating cell regeneration, and promoting healthy energy levels.Read More

Podcast 412: Healing Infrared Light

All about intense professional laser device from Epochlasers.comRead More

Podcast 411: Stress Relief – Reduce Inflammation, Pain and Anxiety with Zadiol

Zadiol can balance hormones to improve most aspects of your health.Read More

Podcast 410: Cleansing vs Detoxification

Discover how to remove toxins in your body and vastly improve your health!Read More

Podcast 409: Detox with Zeolite

All about Zeolite with Micah Portney, the CEO of Zeo Health!Read More

Podcast 408: Red Light Therapy with Epoch Lasers

About the healing power of infrared light and laserRead More

Podcast 407: Ending Myopia – Fix Your Vision for Good

Is it possible to live a life without glasses or contact lenses? Find out how you can improve your eyesight!Read More

Podcast 406: Predictions for 2021 – Part 2

Traveling while running and online business, and more!Read More

Podcast 405: Predictions for 2021 – Part 1

Looking into the Future with Martin and ScottRead More

Podcast 404: Mold and Fungus

How mold and fungus affect your health, how to recognize them, and how to eliminate the effects of mold and fungus from your life.Read More

Podcast 401: Relationships, Kingship, and Personal Growth with Spencer Feldman (part 2)

Healthy relationships are just as important as a healthy body and a healthy mind.Read More

Podcast 400: Relationships, Kingship, and Personal Growth with Spencer Feldman (part 1)

Information and skills to help free us from our genetic, social and subconscious programmingRead More

Podcast 399: Karma Cleanse – Herbal Cleansing Tonic

Support Your Natural Detox Mechanisms with Karma Cleanse Herbal Cleansing TonicRead More

Podcast 398: The Danger of 5G and other EMF

All reactions that involve an exchange of electrons are in fact electrochemical reactions. So when we subject the creature to electromagnetic radiation, we are changing the environment in which this transaction is taking place.Read More

Podcast 397 about Skin Sorcery

Nourish Your Skin and Fight Aging Effectively with Skin SorceryRead More

Podcast 396: Genetics and Viruses – MTHFR

Discover possible connections between MTHFR and COVID-19Read More

Podcast 395: How to Avoid the Ventilator

Let’s talk about the immune system, and how we can support it in order to avoid intensive care, even though there is no doubt that we will all meet the Coronavirus eventually.Read More

Podcast 393: Detoxing from Toxic Heavy Metals with Zeolite

Improve your general state of health, detoxify your body by removing heavy metals and toxinsRead More

Podcast 392: How to manage your immune system for health

How to navigate viral and other infections in these dangerous timesRead More

Podcast 391 about Mitopinol

How to prevent your body from unwanted mutated cell growth?Read More

Podcast 390 about Rubeplex

Vascular Health Support with Spencer FeldmanRead More

Podcast 389: Hacking the Epidemic with Spencer Feldman

Simple strategies to help you protect yourself and your family from coronavirusRead More

Podcast 388 about Hydrogen

Reduce Free Radicals, Boost Your Energy, and Improve Cellular HydrationRead More

Podcast 387: Grounding, Negative Ions, and Electrons – Part 2

In nature, the best sources of negative ions are areas where water molecules crash and gain their negative charge by losing electrons.Read More

Podcast 386: Grounding, Negative Ions, and Electrons – Part 1

Negative ions attach to pollutants and allergens with a positive charge; they even remove bacteria and viruses from the air.Read More

Podcast 385: Oxygenate Your Body with Amazing Soak

Amazing Soak is a formula of oxygen-mineral chelates stabilized in solution.Read More

Podcast 384 about Maca with Jorge Ureña

Maca was a regular part of the Peruvian diet, believed to bring strength, resilience, stamina, and immunity.Read More

Podcast 383 about Amaranth Oil

Concentrated Longevity in a Bottle!Read More

Podcast 382: Ease Joint Pain and Fight Airborne Allergens with Herbal Tinctures

Introducing Allergy-Ease, Arthritis-Ease and TMJ-Ease by Earth Friend HerbRead More

Podcast 381: How to stay healthy in 2020

Happy New Year, everybody! Let’s start 2020 with the most important yet the most basic healthy habits!Read More

Podcast 380: Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Give a Gift of Health This Christmas with Life EnthusiastRead More

Podcast 379 about Cortisol-Ease and Adrenal-Ease

Reduce stress, improve sleep, and overcome adrenal fatigueRead More

Podcast 378 about Black Friday on Life Enthusiast

Save money while gaining health! With Black Friday just around the corner, we have a 10% off code for you!Read More

Podcast 377 about Meno-Ease

Experience Easy Menopause with Meno-EaseRead More

Podcast 376 about Powerful Adaptogens

Adaptogens help us deal with stress. Learn about two powerful adaptogenic herbs – Rhodiola and MacaRead More

Podcast 375 about Safe Energy

Get more energy and mental clarity without caffeine or other stimulants!Read More

Podcast 374 about Magnesium

Learn all about different forms and uses of Magnesium with Martin Pytela and Miri OkochaRead More

Podcast 373 about Fighting Viruses and Infection with Earth Friend Herb Formulas

Soothe Your Throat and Chest, and Fight Viruses and Infections with Song of the Nightingale and ImmunagenRead More

Podcast 372 about Microbiome and Gut Health

Taking care of our gut flora is crucial for our overall health.Read More

Podcast 371 about Mood-Ease, Neural-Ease, and ALZ-Ease with Elijah Free

Restore Natural Chemical Balance of Your Brain with these herbal tinctures!Read More

Podcast 370 about Digest-Ease and Kidney-Bladder-Ease with Elijah Free

Digest-Ease and Kidney-Bladder-Ease – Herbal Tinctures by Earth Friend HerbRead More

Podcast 369 about Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease Support with Elijah Free

Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease Support – Herbal Tinctures by Earth Friend HerbRead More

Podcast 368 about Earth Friend Herb with Elijah Free

Get to know the Earth Friend Herb company and their amazing herbal tinctures!Read More

Podcast 367 about Managing Stress Inputs

How to “Untrigger Yourself?”Read More

Podcast 366 about Castor Patch

Learn about transdermal castor oil therapy!Read More

Podcast 365 about Nervidyne

How to protect myelin sheath in your brain? Find out with Martin Pytela and Spencer Feldman!Read More

Podcast 364 about PuraThrive Products

Enjoy the full potential of nutrients with liposomal technology!Read More

Podcast 363 about HCP Formulas

Learn about digestive enzymes with Michael Kramarczyk. Discussing Fibrenza, Abzorb and LipiCept.Read More

Podcast 362 about KLR Deodorant

Discover natural non-toxic deodorant in a novel packaging with Dr Ted Tobey.Read More

Podcast 361 about Intense C60

Discover the anti-aging miracle, Intense C60! Carbon 60 delivers great anti-oxidant power.Read More

Podcast 359 about Actions vs. Consequences

How well do we realize the consequences of our actions? Forest fires and other environmental issues.Read More

Podcast 358 about Powrtein

Introducing the new Exsula Powrtein protein blend for mental and physical performance.Read More

Podcast 357 about Glyphosate Detox Solution- Biome Medic

Martin Pytela with David Sandoval, CEO of Purium, introducing a solution to the health crisis caused by rising glyphosate toxicity.Read More

Podcast 356 about Lazarus formula for radical repair

Martin Pytela and Scott Paton introduce the most potent mix of adaptogens, Exsula Lazarus superfood for recovery from serious health challenges.Read More

Podcast 355 about Orgono Silica for Connective Tissue Health

Martin Pytela and Scott Paton discuss the importance of silica (silicon) for the health of the connective tissue, the skin, hair, nails and every other structure in the body.Read More

Podcast 354 about GMOs – The End of Monsanto?

Martin Pytela and Scott Paton talk about Glyphosate, RoundUp, and the implication of the recent court decision finding Monsanto guilty of negligence.Read More

Podcast 353 about EMPower Plus for Balancing Neurotransmitters

Martin Pytela and Scott Paton discuss depression, anxiety, mental health, suicide, its connection to nutrition, and how they miss Anthony Bourdain,Read More

Podcast 352 about DeutOxyCell for Oxygenation and Detoxification

Martin Pytela and Scott Paton on detoxification at the cellular level, on causes of fatigue and optimal cell function.Read More

Podcast 351 about Remedy Link with Spencer Feldman

Martin Pytela and Spencer Feldman on detoxification, rejuvenation, hormonal and prostate health.Read More

Podcast 350 with Joan Kaylor about EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Learn about EFT, what it can do for you and how it is done.Read More

Podcast 349 about Pain, Fibromyalgia and Lifestyle with Dan Coyner and Scott Paton

Solutions to chronic pain and suffering are known, but not easily accessed.Read More

Podcast 348 about North American Herb and Spice Oils with Dr. Cass Ingram

Martin Pytela and Dr. Cass Ingram introducing North American Herb and Spice food-grade oil concentrates.Read More

Podcast 347 with Ayla Seyhun in Turkey talks Plants and Life

Learn how herbalists in other countries are working on improving their clients’ health.Read More

Podcast 346 about TaperAid, Opioids, Addiction and Health

Join Martin Pytela and Richie Ogulnick discuss natural solutions to the opioid addictions that are plaguing the country.Read More

Podcast 345 about Whole Body Vibration

By standing on the plate, the vibration generates systematic involuntary muscle contraction through out the body not only increases your flexibility but also burns fat by increasing your metabolism while it improves your circulation and provides your cells with ideal oxygen and nutrient delivery to slow the degenerative process.Read More

Podcast 344 about Wildfires and Human Actions

Martin Pytela and Scott Paton discuss consequences of forest fires, and their causes.Read More

Podcast 343 about Hormones and Weight Loss

How your Endocrine Dominance and Metabolic Dominance will determine which foods will be helping you manage your moods, your weight, and your health.Read More

Podcast 342 about Hydroponics

Learn how you can be your own food producers, grow food indoors with hydroponicsRead More

Podcast 341 about The Air You Breathe

Air quality is important – inhaling toxins causes trouble – let’s explore how we can remedy the situation through prevention and detoxification.Read More

Podcast 340 about EllagiPlex and Cellular Health

Ellagitannins help stimulate the natural apoptotic response – mark sick cells for elimination and promote healthy cells.Read More

Podcast 339 about Emotional Health

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Chakras and the Conscious vs Subconscious, with its impact on health.Read More

Podcast 338 about Sprouted Barley – Beyond a Superfood!

Barley Gold is a nutritional protein food supplement – a foundation for any diet to help you reach peak performance with all your body systems and functions.Read More

Podcast 337 with Brendan Gaughran, ‘The Liver Medic’ about Health

Brendan Gaughran offers a holistic health approach to common diseases with helpful tips on nutrition that often go unnoticed and are very surprising.Read More

Podcast 336 with Martin Pytela interviewed on The Wellness Show

Interview with Tyghen Branigan, explaining chronic inflammatory disease.Read More

Podcast 335 about Gentle Detox Process

Multiple pathways detoxification with non-toxic natural means.Read More

Podcast 334 about Brain Retrain For Optimal Health – End Fibromyalgia and CFS

Conversation with Ashok Gupta to introduce the Brain Retrain method to repair neurological damage to the amygdala that causes chronic pain problems.Read More

Podcast 333 about Magnesium, Pain and How to Relax your Way to Health

Activate the Rest, Repair, Digest – the parasympathetic – with topical magnesium supplementation.Read More

Podcast 332 about Body Biotics Probiotics in Taghazout, Morocco

Travel puts extra stress on the digestive system. The smart traveler will have soil based micro organisms in their emergency kit.Read More

Podcast 331 about Opti-MSM Bioavailable Sulfur for Detox, Fatigue, Chronic Pain Relief

Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane supplies the body with the ability to access more oxygen and to detoxify more effectively, improving energy levels fast.Read More

Podcast 330 about Fibromyalgia Q and A

Talking to the FIbromyalgia Support group and answering their questionsRead More

Podcast 329 with Joan Kaylor about EFT, Chakras, Energy Healing

Join Martin Pytela, Scott Paton and Joan Kaylor for a talk about Emotional Freedom Technique to clear emotional injuries.Read More

Podcast 328 about Fibromyalgia, Pain and more

We are hearing so many stories from people in chronic pain. Apparently now about 10% of the population is in chronic health trouble.Read More

Podcast 327 about Regenurex Astaxanthin

The World’s Strongest Antioxidant for Athletic Performance and for Reversing Symptoms of AgingRead More

Podcast 326 about Eating Fish from Polluted Oceans

What all is polluting our oceans? Mercury, Cesium, Plastic … am I causing more harm then good?Read More