Podcast 456: Spring Jing and Rakta

With Rehmannia from Super Tonic Herbs, formerly known as RDT Herbs, to talk about the launch of his two new herbal tonics…Read More

Podcast 455: Captimet and Electron Charger

With Spencer Feldman, discussing 2 new innovative products that help your body dispel harmful fat soluble toxins…Read More

Podcast 454: Notice of Liability

With Cal Washington, discussing ancient commerce, law, and how various harmful agendas use tacit agreements to impinge upon our personal freedoms and rights…Read More

Podcast 453: Health and the Economy

With G. Ed Griffin from Red Pill University, discussing health, the economy, politics, history and more…Read More

Podcast 452: Book – Our Cosmic Origin

With Ismael Perez. Understand the true origin of our species, and our cosmic ancestry as it relates to endless worlds, dimensions and multiple universes…Read More

Podcast 451: Soil Secrets

With Michael Melendrez. Soil Secrets is a soil amendment technology company who’s mission is to create healthy soil, food security and independence for people and their families…Read More

Podcast 450: Predictions for 2023

With Martin and Scott, reviewing 2022 and looking into the future for what’s to come in politics, astrology, economics and health…Read More

Podcast 449: Albedextrin

With Spencer Feldman. Albedextrin is a safe and effective way to detoxify secondary toxins. Can improve arterial health by removing plaque. Improve brain health by stopping amyloid formation. Eliminate brown spots. Restore organ health and more…Read More

Podcast 448: Folium Detox Products

With Babry Oren. These potent formulas are designed to help your body detox from heavy metals (mercury, radiation), combat free radicals, and boost your immune system…Read More

Podcast 447: Andreas Seed Oils

With Andreas Wecker. Andreas Seed Oils are the first and only raw, undamaged organic seed oils. Zero oxidation. Support healthy aging, strong immunity, cardiovascular health, energy, cognitive functions, reduce inflammation and more…Read More

Podcast 446: Karma Cleanse

With Phil Thomas. Karma Cleanse is an herbal tonic that supports your body’s natural detox mechanism. Cleanses the liver, blood, kidneys, lungs, pancreas and more…Read More

Podcast 445: Detoxification with North American Herb & Spice

With Steven Harkins. Total Body Purge detoxifies heavy metals, parasites, glyphosate and more…Read More