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Scientific Research: Exsula Ingredients

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Podcast 358: Powrtein

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton introducing a new Superfood protein blend for both mental and physical performance… Read More

Lecithin Basics

It helps optimum assimilation of enzymes, fat soluble nutrients and enzymatic pigments like carotene and chlorophyll… Read More


Especially rich in trace minerals from the sea, carotenes, enzymes, essential fatty acids and chlorophyll for cleansing… Read More

Exsula Product Experience by James Ward

At age 74, long time Exsula enthusiast James Ward set a record as the oldest finisher ever of the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon… Read More

Exsula Product Experience by Dr. Aviva June

Her story is an amazing journey from ill health (from even before birth) to her healing discoveries as an adult… Read More

Exsula Products Experiences by Darren Beddard

He’s used Exsula products for many years, and will continue to do so as long as possible… Read More

Strata Flora to Tidy-Up Your Insides

Strata Flora to Tidy-Up Your Insides. Vast diversity of flora to colonize beneficial strains from your lips, all the way to your rectum… Read More

Iridesca: Designing the Ingredients

Every ingredient in has a specific mission and purpose, working at maximum for your healthy longevity… Read More

Iridesca for Longevity and Peak Performance

When there is abundant health, disease is simply crowded out and replaced with longevity and peak performance… Read More

Inventor of Exsula Superfoods Jevari Oberon

In 1984 he began research and developing a Superfood blend for his own nearly fatal allergies… Read More

How To Take Exsula Superfoods

Take them any time of day, all at once, but preferably in small doses throughout the day. Read More