Cleansing and Diabetes


The Ionic Spa has been used by health practitioners, spas, salons and individuals with high levels of success in cleansing and energizing applications. The simple non-invasive and relaxing bio-charge produced in the water has a positive effect on a wide range of conditions. Common results of this wellness treatment include detoxification, reduced inflammation, shortened recovery time, improved liver, kidney and colon function, as well as improved sleeping patterns. It is typical to feel relaxed and have heightened mental clarity after a single session, but cumulative effects of multiple sessions provide a lasting long-term benefit. Learn more about Cleansing Reactions >>


Like most epidemics, diabetes has proven tough to beat. The constant barrage of unhealthy food choices that defines the Western diet certainly isnt helping matters. But if you have managed to successfully cut those negative factors from your diet and are still struggling to keep your blood sugar under control, you dont have to resort to the diabetes drugs most mainstream doctors dole out like candy (no pun intended). There are dozens of natural approaches to diabetes and blood sugar maintenance.