Currently at Fukushima

On March 11th, 2011 an earthquake of massive strength struck the east coast of Japan and unleashed a 39 meter high tsunami upon the coast. This tsunami resulted in a nuclear meltdown of reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant. This was the largest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986. To this day people still debate if the nuclear meltdown was a result of the tsunami strike or a neglected technical condition of the reactors. Either way, the impact of this catastrophe has been widespread; the full effect on our health remains to be seen. Radioactive water is still leaking into the ocean. Groundwater that was also contaminated is coming to the surface. All the pollution is spreading and it is not just a problem for Japan, but for the whole planet. The danger is real, yet if we try to do some research on the internet from public sources, it seems like the situation is not taken as seriously as it should be.

One article even says that Current leaks are insignificant compared to those occurring in the first weeks after the disaster, they have no effect on the ecological situation in the oceans. Not even the first leaks back in 2011 were dangerous for the water further from Japans shore. Another post claims that there are more psychological problems than physical issues for the people affected by the disaster (as if psychological problems are negligible). But even fish caught in February 2013, two years after the accident, were measured to contain 7,400 times more radioactive Cesium than the health limit. The WHO (World Health Association) reported that people evacuated from the Fukushima area were exposed to too little radiation to have any significant health impact, yet various types of cancer including thyroid cancer and other serious thyroid issues skyrocketed after the Fukushima meltdown because of the iodine 131, which is an radioisotope of iodine. Iodine is crucial for thyroid health.

Our thyroid needs iodine and it doesn’t recognize regular iodine from his radioactive cousin; it grabs on any iodine molecule it can. The results can wreak havoc on our health. Because the danger is real and will be present in the future, not just for us, but also for future generations, we should really start paying attention to what is happening and at least start to protect ourselves and find a way to detox from all the pollution, heavy metals, and other toxins in our bodies. We have to deal with a number of issues every single day and very often these things are detrimental to our health. Smog, exhaust gases, drinking chlorinated water, working in toxic environments, ingesting chemicals via food that has been either sprayed with pesticides or fed with antibiotics, harmful compounds in cosmetic products, endocrine disrupting chemical fragrances, mold, off-gassing building supplies, etc. all affect our health, and the health and safety of future generations.

It seems potential danger is everywhere these days and there is not much we can do as individuals that will have global impact, but we certainly can make changes by taking care of ourselves and our personal environment first. Removing harsh chemicals from our homes and replacing them with products like Miracle Soap or Miracle Skin Moisturizer is a good first step, as our skin absorbs virtually everything we put on it, whether its a wrinkle cream, dish washing soap, or window cleaner. Getting rid of artificially fragranced products, as well as unnecessary plastics, can help to protect our endocrine and hormone health. Knowing where our food comes from is another important factor. Buying local (ideally organic or spray free) produce from a reliable farmer is definitely a better choice than getting tomatoes or apples transported to us from overseas, harvested half-ripe, showered with pesticides, and ripened artificially by ethylene gas.

Paying attention to all these environmental dangers, learning to avoid them, and searching for alternatives can be very overwhelming. We have full time jobs, families to take care of, bills to pay, and we might easily get lost in the information barrage on TV and other media. There are a few key products we can purchase to make our detox process even easier and give us a bit of piece of mind. Get to know Zeolite, a natural toxin remover that grabs toxic heavy metals and removes them not just from water or soil, but also from our body systems by binding the toxic molecules to itself and safely removing them (easily eliminating them with the urine) without taking the necessary minerals from the body. In the past it was used to clean up the mess after Chernobyl, has been used to clean fish tanks and ponds, and now it is recognized as one of the most affordable way for us to detox our bodies safely, and effectively.

Ultra Liquid Zeolite is a blend of natural Zeolite and both Humic and Fulvic Acid, which makes this product a very powerful tool for detoxification, remineralization, and revitalization of cells. It successfully removes heavy metals, such as mercury from our bodies. Mercury is very toxic, but despite its toxicity, it is used in dental fillings, and the base of some vaccines. Mercury from fillings leaks into our system at a relatively high rate every day just from chewing. The best way to get rid of toxic mercury in our body is to get your mercury fillings removed, but this really must be done by a professional with the right training and equipment to do so safely, not just a regular dentist, and it also is a very expensive process. Ultra Liquid Zeolite is a very affordable way to progressively and effectively detox and help your body with mineral absorption, even with the fillings still in your mouth.

It acts as the clean up crew for toxic spills of whatever sort, so it also has excellent application for mechanics, welders, miners, and others living and working in industrial areas, or cities with high levels of air pollution. Today, five years after the Fukushima earthquake, you might think the danger has faded, that is has been long enough for the world to deal with the consequences. But the real danger here is in fact overlooking these consequences that still might have a negative impact on all living things. Water circulates, fish migrate to a different parts of the ocean and if someone in the USA consumes canned tuna that was caught in area affected by the radioactive leak, how can you be sure it is safe and not polluted? The best we can all do is to protect our health by using zeolite every day to trap any possible heavy metal contamination. Check out Life Enthusiast podcast episodes about Fukushima (part 1 and part 2) and learn why we should not ignore the past, especially when it still so obviously affects our present and future.

Author: Scott Paton