Digestive System Challenged by Pollution

The Fight Against the Challenges of our Polluted Environment

Congestion of the gut / intestine is now one of the most common lifestyle conditions in the Western world. One in five people suffer from some degree with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), bloated stomach, overweight, digestive problems, stress, moodiness and lack of energy and well-being.

99% of the time the job of a healthy immune system, which is more active in the gut than any where else, is to switch off the adverse reaction to food and toxins which effect both the mind and body.

We are continually exposed to car exhaust fumes, pesticides, 3000 chemical preservatives and additives in our highly processed food chain, sunshine rays, alcohol, microwaved food, medical drugs and radiation, computers, mobile phones etc., all producing the damaging and cumulative effect of free radicals (scavengers).

Free radicals attack vital cells, like rust eats into metal, destabilizing life giving cell function, causing aging, common ailments, serious conditions and reduce the ability to cope with modern day stress. Additional nutrition is now, more than ever, essential to support the immune system to combat free radicals.

All this pollution has to pass through the gut – it is the ‘Piccadilly Circus’ of our body system. Food and toxins are digested through the gut creating the cumulative build up of toxins blocking the lining of the intestine depleting our essential good bacteria, thereby reducing our ability to absorb essential nutrients and vitamins – further increasing our nutritional deficiency.

An absorption rate of only 15% is not uncommon when taking additional supplementation. You are not what you eat – you are what you absorb from what you eat!

We have more bacteria in the gut than cells in our entire body and they are absolutely vital for proper immunity. With over 80% of your immune system living in the gut it must be strong enough to adapt to the stresses of life. An unhealthy gut with depleted good bacteria not only prevents the efficient digestion and processing of nutrition but increases the absorption of calories and fat. Just as exposure to carcinogens can trigger cancer, scientists are finding exposure to certain fat-promoting chemicals found in everyday consumer products, can lead to excess weight and obesity. Even pollution in the womb can have major effects on child obesity. We are interconnected – not brain and body.

Our digestive system is our ‘second brain’ producing neurotransmitters, hormones and immune-transmitters that cross-talk with both immune cells and brain cells. When you go into a state of shock the gut shuts down digestion and promotes inflammation. Your gut is the interface between the exterior world and your body and as such any gut related problem has a direct effect on your brain. Gut reactions can literally make you feel depressed and have the effect on the mood-boosting neurotransmitter serotonin. The vast majority of serotonin made in the body is made in the gut. A healthy gut holds the roots of our health, processing our vital nutrients. ‘Find out where to start and what action plan you need to take to achieve a healthy digestive and immune system.’ We cannot thrive without a well functioning digestive system.

“We carry our future health in our gut pretty much from birth.
Exhaustion, moodiness, depression, bloating (twenty-first-century-itis)
is a response to our polluted, urbanized, speeded up world.”

Patrick Holford – Founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition

You first cleanse and then choose the right remedy to either address a particular condition, lifestyle issue, or general well-being and ongoing support. Be guided to the right ingredients for your body’s immune system, to become better, more fit and healthier.

The best Remedy for you is the one you need, not something designed by a spreadsheet in a laboratory!

Natural from plants is a lot better than extruded from petroleum – pay attention to the details.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff