Drucker Labs 10 Reasons to Supplement

Top 10 Reasons to Supplement with Drucker Labs Vitamins and Minerals

  1. Proper balance and composition of body pH, Poly-electrolytes and fluids
  2. Support of healthy blood and bones
  3. Maintenance of healthy nerve function
  4. Building and repair of muscles, tissues, joints, ligaments, tendons, etc.
  5. Proper activation and assimilation by our bodies of other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, glycogens, etc.
  6. Reducing “Free Radical” damage to our cells
  7. Slow down the aging process
  8. Proper detoxification of intercellular metabolic wastes
  9. Immune system support
  10. Energy, strength and stamina

Introduction to Dr. Richard Drucker

From a conversation with Dr. Richard Drucker
M.Sc., N.D., Ph.D. and Founder/CEO of Drucker Labs

Since the launch of IntraMAX in 2002, thousands of healthcare professionals have become excited about the potential of Intracell V technology and have since evolved their point-of-view and approach to how they use and prescribe nutritional supplements for their patients – and for themselves.

Drucker Labs proprietary “carbon-bond” process is what makes our products superior. This process is the key to developing IntraMAX and the further development of all Drucker Labs products. In this question and answer session, Dr. Drucker – the leading force behind this nutritional revolution – discusses what makes his nutraceutical products unique and their potential for improving your health.

Q: What makes Drucker Labs and its nutritional products unique?

Dr. Drucker: We are unique in a number of ways: Most importantly, our mission is born from our product formulary, our manufacturing technologies, our production standards, our unrelenting commitment to healthcare professionals and to the well being of their patients. It all stems from an underlying scientific approach to nutrition that stands out as dramatically distinct in the saturated nutritional supplement arena.

Let me explain: Our nutritional paradigm was developed from the following premise: The body needs ample amounts of organic trace minerals, water and oxygen to survive. Research has revealed that “99% of Americans are deficient in organic minerals”. Why? Simply put, for decades, our contemporary industrial farming complex (agribusiness) has poured toxic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides into the soil to maximize crop yields. Simultaneously, they’ve tampered with the natural order of the food chain by depleting the soil of nearly all organic minerals, elements and complexes – the very “staples” of a pure food supply we need in order to stay healthy as a species. The fact is that a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals compromises our health.

Q: What does it mean to be “Organic?”

Dr. Drucker: The true point-of-difference between our products and others on the market is best explained beginning with a discussion of what it means to be organic in the first place. At Drucker Labs, when we refer to something as organic we are not referring to the common commercial use that presumably guarantees a product has been grown and/or produced without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, etc. Rather, we refer to the term organic from it purest scientific form – only when the “organic” substance or product includes trace minerals that contain “living carbon”.

Current research suggests that 100% carbon-bond organic minerals are a vital link to ensuring that vitamins and most other nutrients can be optimally effective… you could say that in general these organic minerals allow nutrients to flow through the body in their purest, most effective form – the way nature originally intended. Research has also demonstrated that when the body is deprived or depleted of essential nutrients, cells cannot function optimally, the immune system is weakened and the nervous system is not optimally supported.

Q: Don’t most supplements contain 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals?

Dr. Drucker: In a word, no. Many supplements contain some form of trace minerals. However, trace minerals alone are not sufficient; that is, they don’t contain sufficient quantities of living carbon to sustain our bodies. Again, the carbon is the link to transforming the nutrients to their optimal state, hence enabling them to deliver the maximum benefit to all of the body’s organic systems. 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals and nutrients are only available from Drucker Labs. intraCELL V products are naturally rich in carbon, oxygen and fulvic acid. They are safe for the most sensitive and allergic patients.

Q: What role does intraCELL V Technology play in producing 100% carbon-bond organic trace minerals?

Dr. Drucker: intraCELL V Technology was introduced to the market after more than fifteen years of research, testing and analysis. It works to maximize intracellular and extracellular (interstitial fluid and fatty tissue) detoxification and to rapidly infuse nutrients into the cells. It takes 40 days to produce one bottle of intraMAX. During that time, the intraCELL V process wraps each trace mineral molecule in organic carbon. Subsequently, the molecules are broken down and transformed into new ultra-small, restructured molecules. The newly structured molecules have lower molecular weight and size. This process rapidly transforms the inorganic matter in the trace minerals into 100% carbon-bond organic nutrition in the form of organic trace minerals, fulvic acid, poly-electrolytes, metalo-enzymes and more.

Q: How did you discover intraCELL V Technology and its benefits?

Dr. Drucker: In the early 1980’s, I was studying alternative medicine. I stumbled on the following quote from Linus Pauling – two-time Nobel Prize recipient and renowned scientist: Every ailment, every sickness and every disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency.”

I began combing through excerpts from one of Pauling’s presentations to congress. I had initially missed a key word in his presentation – “organic”. I reasoned that Pauling was attempting to demonstrate the value of minerals that contain living carbon, not inorganic, toxic and synthetic colloids. That revelation set me on a path of intense study of organic carbon, alternative therapies, homeopathic remedies and nutritional medicine. This inevitably led to the development of intraCELL V Technology, intraMIN, intraMAX and intraKID. Furthermore, it lead to the process of extracting higher levels of fulvic acid, oxygen and carbon.

Q: What else should we know about Drucker Labs?

Dr. Drucker: Drucker Labs has invested in world-class, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and facilities. We have implemented the strictest standards for quality control to produce the purest, most effective nutritional supplements available. We use a proprietary purified cold water process (cold fill) instead of a warm fill process used by many other manufacturers. Our cold fill process yields higher levels of carbon and consequently higher levels of fulvic acid – nature’s most precious form of protection and defense for plants, animals and humans. Cold processing is substantially more expensive than processes that use heat. It preserves the integrity of natural organics and is integral to our exacting scientific and technological processes.

Q: Can you share something with us about your commitment to healthcare professionals and their patients?

Dr. Drucker: We are passionately committed to sharing these health-promoting products with the healthcare community and their patients. Our goal is to share the results of our research and technologies with you. Our products are exclusively available through healthcare practitioners. Lastly, I am personally involved and invested in our continuing research and development endeavors to ensure that our products incorporate the latest advances in nutritional health.

Author: Dr. Richard A. Drucker, M.Sc., N.D.,, Ph.D.