EllagiPlex For Rejuvenation

Old Paradigm: In times past, before people knew about Vitamin C, some of them went around suffering winter after winter with borderline scurvy. Their gums were frequently bleeding, their teeth were falling out, they had no energy, spending a fortune on care, their body in pathetic agony. All they needed was a few cents worth of dried fruit – but many refused to believe it could be so simple and suffered on. Silly, right? Yet just as it is with Vitamin C, your gums, and scurvy, so it is with Raspberry Ellagic, your cells, and runaway replication. The path of marginal nutrition delivers disease, premature aging and death. Let’s shift out of that paradigm.

New Paradigm: Fast forward to cellular optimization. Natural non-toxic Ellagic molecules feed each cell’s own mechanism responsible for automatically shutting the cell down when it becomes old and malfunctioning. The same natural cellular process is already ridding your body of millions of worn out cells this very moment. This isn’t about revving up the entire immune system, or some new toxin to kill errant cells. We are merely focus-feeding a nutritionally dormant cellular system so it can awaken out of a borderline deficiency condition and do its job reliably in all of your cells. A perfectly nourished cell isn’t vulnerable, it is performance optimized. Even when old and malfunctioning the cell detects that it is time to shut down and dissolve so it can be replaced with a healthy young cell. The result of phytonutrition is radiant youthful longevity.

Fresh-Ground Daily, EllagiPlex is the freshest, smoothest and most superbly synergized Ellagic formula available. The tropical smoothie format encourages ongoing use and provides the Ellagic equivalent of 1 cup fresh Raspberries per day. EllagiPlex is formulated to:

  • Make the Ellagic components accessible from the seed’s insoluble fibrous shell
  • Optimize the intestinal uptake environment
  • Emulsify the Ellagic-carrying Essential Fatty Acids to negotiate with Water for conversion into assimilable Liposome Units that enhance delivery into each cell
  • Protect those EFAs from free radical oxidation – preserving Ellagic potential right into the cellular domain
  • Provide polysaccharides to support conversion of raw Ellagitannins into the useful Ellagic Acid form
  • Further assist by nourishing the cellular environment
  • Enrich your body with an abundant array of 100 cell-performance synergists to create a new paradigm environment where the old paradigm must go away

EllagiPlex For Healthy Cells And Longevity

All systems erode in structure as they age and are worn upon by unfavorable factors of their labors and environment. The biological mechanisms of your cells are no exception. Today your cells are inflicted with toxic mutagenic chemicals and adverse environmental factors that your ancestors’ cells never even knew. Some cells face massive cumulative amounts of cigarette smoke and/or traffic generated toxins, agricultural chemicals, factory generated pollutants, and radioactive industry mutagens that can overwhelm a cell’s genetic environment. Even the contents of our buildings, cleaners, cosmetics, mercury dental fillings, food and water – and our own body’s free-radical production from daily exercise and metabolic activities contribute to these molecular assaults, and their effects of aging, and disease.

Tragic Consequences of Cellular Mutations

Cell by cell, if left unchecked, the various versions of these mutations are responsible for premature deaths of at least 1 out of 4 Americans and Canadians who die from all causes combined. That is around 750 people daily, or the equivalent of an airliner crashing nose first every 8 hours. The number who suffer indescribable pain and loss is many times larger. This article should be of extra special interest to smokers, ex-smokers, traffic commuters, city dwellers, and farm workers. When cellular erosion or mutation is inflicted, and the cell’s biological-limiter-system is nutritionally starved to non-function, it is common to see runaway mutated multiplication of cells.

Nutritionally Dormant Cells

With the cell’s limiter (apoptosis) system rendered nutritionally dormant, malfunctioning cells can exist in defiance of the original genetic blueprint and regional differentiation life-matrix which assigns each cell’s configuration and function (i.e. lung, breast, prostate, colon, etc.). Tumors eventually take over the assigned tissue function and displace it with dysfunctional cellular squalor – a sort of “living death” of extremely aged and malfunctioning cells that are still metabolizing nutrients and reproducing. In contrast, when a mutation has occurred in a cell that is provided with sufficient levels of a certain relatively scarce phytonutrient, then that cell’s biological limiter is actively on guard, goes to work preventing cellular division, and simply shuts off that entire cell within about 2 to 3 days.

This quickly makes room and resources available for healthy new cells. This is not at all unusual – only the normal process of assuring healthy cells. The sick cells have no opportunity to propagate. This process involves no tissue-killing toxins. There is no damage to healthy cells. There is no great secret miracle rallying of the general immune system required. These special phytonutrient molecules simply feed the appropriate cellular mechanism which selectively assists the errant cell to gently and naturally take itself off-line at its own internal discretion – just as each cell will eventually do anyway. Phytonutrition (from plants) is incredibly affordable and noninvasive in contrast to technological or surgical responses.

New Transformational Paradigm Of Cellular Optimization

  • We promote healthy cells.
  • The phytonutrient does nothing directly to “kill a disease”.
  • The result is the end of aberrant growth or propagation. Only healthy cells remain.
  • Instead of focusing on “fighting illness” we focus on optimal nurturing of all cells.

The cells of your body preserve you by replacing themselves with new, perfectly functioning cells. They do this by dividing, thereby creating new cells from healthy ones. Each healthy new cell has a biological efficiency system which keeps track of that cell’s age and functional accuracy, including its ability to accurately divide and youthfully reproduce itself. When that cell’s efficiency tracking system has noted an unacceptably increasing level of malfunction, or the passing of its allotted span of existence, it shuts down the cell quite gracefully. Then that deactivated cell submits to being enzymatically dissolved into its various much simpler elemental components. These are reallocated to the useful purposes of newer living cells in your body – or else these components are instinctively sorted out molecule-by-molecule separately to be disposed of as waste material.

Exciting New Longevity Nutrient

The benefits of the efficiency of this tracking system in each of your 100 trillion cells accumulate directly to your available vitality (youthfulness) and longevity. Old and mutating eroding cells are sluggish, fat and toxin retaining, vulnerable to disease, and are inefficient in their use of valuable nutritional resources. You certainly don’t want those cells multiplying themselves and their problems – including cancer or whatever disease or deficiency. Youthful cells are optimally performing cells. Every one of your body systems benefits from younger, heartier, healthier cells, creating an excellent life-energy, body tone, beauty and quality of life. Aren’t these the cells you want more of – to displace the ailing and failing ones?

Obviously, overall nutrient abundance is important to every aspect of this system’s design specifications and healthful response. It takes meaningful amounts of a wide range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to construct healthy new cells. That is where our full-spectrum Superfood blends come in. However, there is one specific phytonutrient (a biological molecule manufactured by life processes of certain plant cells) that has researchers especially excited, and which most directly benefits the cellular efficiency tracking mechanism. The focus of this article is about the value of taking even more generous amounts of that particular phytonutrient.

The precursors of this nontoxic food nutrient – Ellagic Acid – are found in meaningful amounts only in certain nuts and in certain fruit seeds – foods formerly more abundant in the diets of our nature-fed berry-gathering ancestors – but now typically rather intermittent and scarce in the usual diets of most factory-fed people. Ask yourself, When was the last time I ate pecans, walnuts, pomegranates, strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, or blueberries, in 2 cup quantities daily – on an ongoing basis – and was careful to chew every seed.

Breakthrough Cell Optimization Formula

EllagiPlex is a highly convenient, affordable, and good tasting Ellagic-rich blend of micronized Raspberry Seed Powder and Superfood synergists. It takes only 4 level teaspoons of the EllagiPlex powder in a glass of your favorite juice to provide the daily supply and make a delicious smoothie. The powder can be spoon-stirred, shaken, or battery blender stirred into fruit or vegetable juice. We recommend Raspberry, Cranberry, Aronia, or Orange, though other juices or even water also work just great – according to your own preference.

EllagiPlex is best taken first thing in the morning when digestive transit is efficient and your body is eager to absorb fluids and nutrients. It is also fine to enjoy a second serving later in the day. Once in your body, the naturally occurring Ellagic Acid precursors (Ellagitannins, Phenols, Polymers of Gallic Acid, etc.) react with Polysaccharides and other nutrients and enzymes to almost spontaneously rearrange their molecular structure into the useful Ellagic Acid form.

Raspberry Seeds are several-fold richer in these molecules than the next richest sources. But, eating an expensive cup of whole Raspberries, and thus swallowing most of the tough berry seeds whole may not provide for much of the anticipated nutrient actually being assimilated. The hard seed shell is designed to survive the digestive tracts of birds and animals so the seed can sprout some distance from where it was eaten. Your digestive system will have insufficient time and digestive power to eat through the nearly indigestible fiber husks and into the treasured components inside the seeds.

Superior Nutrient Assimilation

Coarsely ground Raspberry Seed in capsules is a little better because it accommodates more access inside the seed. The finest ground (micronized) Raspberry Seed powder taken with food or juice provides even better access to the much needed and valuable components. But, the very best way to get the Ellagic Molecules is with Extra Fine Grinding combined with Synergists. Once the complex phytonutrient Ellagic molecules are exposed out of the indigestible fibrous shell, they utilize the assistance of Lecithin to convert into Liposome Units of the fat soluble nutrient uptake process (assimilation and essential conversions accommodating the precisely useful form for your living cells, delivery to your cells, and admittance through cellular membranes). In the typical diet, the nutrient complex Lecithin is only marginally present, and mostly in component form. Lecithin’s separate components must be fully assembled internally in a nutritionally complicated process dependent upon adequate amounts of many different nutrients and a healthy liver.

Therefore Lecithin, though vitally essential for the health of every cell membrane and for assimilation of complex and fat soluble nutrients, may not be in abundance exactly when and where needed to optimize actual uptake and utilization of Ellagic molecules. Many peoples’ bodies are craving more Lecithin to attain optimum function of every Lecithin- hungry cell and system. We use only the finest, freshest, purest, non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin powder. The Lecithin synergized formulation of Exsula’s EllagiPlex Micronized High Ellagic Red Raspberry Seed Powder facilitates smoother liquefaction of the powder in spoon-stirred, shaken, or battery blended drinks – not requiring the time and bother of a full size countertop blender as with other Raspberry Seed products.

This added convenience alone distinguishes EllagiPlex as the price-considered value leader. Most importantly, the Lecithin accompanying the EllagiPlex formula supports increased efficiency of emulsification of the treasured Ellagic molecules into assimilable (body recognizable – absorbable) Liposome Units at the precise point and time of absorption by the intestinal villi. Lecithin is the biological catalyst that causes fat-soluble-nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E, K, and Carotene, and more complex Phytonutrients like Enzymes, Chlorophyll, and EFAs in one’s diet to blend with Water so they can actually be absorbed. At Exsula, we have been consciously formulating for 20 years to accommodate this Liposome-nutrient uptake process. Without this emulsification property to assist the combining of the Seeds’ Ellagic-rich Essential Fatty Acid complexes with Water, these valuable phytonutrients will remain somewhat separate from Water rather than emulsified and optimally assimilated.

This could be compared to cooking oil floating on Water, or to rain beading up on dusty ground. The higher the oil content, the more Lecithin is required for efficient emulsification. The 15% Lecithin content of EllagiPlex is optimal for synergizing this EFA-rich formulation. EllagiPlex’s more highly dissolved and assimilable liquid formulation accommodates some direct absorption sublingually and elsewhere through the tissues of the mouth, throat, and stomach, and provides for more uptake earlier in the lower digestive tract. The sooner and better the absorption process gets going, the more of the Ellagic molecules you will actually capture from the fibrous Raspberry Seed Powder before it leaves your digestive tract.

Freshness Saved By Bioactive Synergists

Unlike other brands, which use pre-ground, and therefore pre-rancidified seeds, we begin each small daily batch by fresh, low-temp grinding whole seeds with their Essential Fatty Acid freshness fully intact until the moment they are added to our special antioxidant complex to preserve them. Freshness matters. Then EllagiPlex’s 900 mg of High-Vitamin-C and Bioflavonoid Acerola Cherry, Schizandra, and Pomegranate and Raspberry Fruit Complex is added immediately as a Nutritive Antioxidant Complex to protect the oxygen sensitive structures of the Lecithin and Raspberry Seed Essential Fatty Acids.

Tremendous Accessory Benefits

In addition to the Ellagic Acid Precursors and their benefits, the EFAs and Fibers of the Raspberry Seeds are tremendously valuable. The pre-Ellagic molecules and their nutritional complex partners which are present in the Raspberry Seed “Meat” and Oils are unignorably interesting as pertains to their valuable nutrients and benefits not yet discussed. Broader health benefits are available. And some of these individual nutrient components are quite desirable in and of themselves.

In some other brands, the processing of the natural Raspberry Seed to concentrate the Ellagic portion for encapsulation, leaves behind much of these other precious components and undoubtedly disturbs their balance and natural interlinked synergies. Encapsulation also often means the addition of controversial flow agents. Therefore, we use whole natural raw seed to retain and utilize the seed’s highly significant accessory benefits. And we use no controversial flow agents – only desirable nutritional synergists.

Heating of the seeds, even for baking and cooking, apparently has little effect upon the Ellagic molecules. However, heat may – depending upon the amount of heat and exposure time – impact many of the Raspberry Seed’s other nutritional components and properties. We use only minimal-temp processing to prepare EllagiPlex and to assure that its more intricate synergies are not degraded by heated grinding methods or other processing heat.

Ancient & Modern Recognition

The leaves and fruit of Raspberries have long been regarded as health tonic foods, and all parts of the plant have nutritional value. However, as with many plants, the Seeds of the Raspberry Fruit are the most valuable portion. The precious oils of the Raspberry Seeds are of interest along the lines of other nutritionally precious oils like olive, sesame, flax, etc. Citric Acid, Pectin, and Lignans are also present. And, there is a meaningful presence of Carotenes, and B1-Thiamin, B2-Riboflavin, B3-Niacin, B5-Pantothenic Acid, B6-Pyrodoxine, B15-Pangamic Acid, Biotin, and Vitamin C.

Minerals represented include Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc. The finer the grind, the more of the precious Silica can be released and assimilated from the fiber particles. All of these are in a highly assimilable and bioavailable – actually useful to the cell – form. Raspberry Seed’s antioxidant and more exotic nutrients include Ethereal Oil, Flavonoids, Quercitin, Catechins, Anthocyanins, Enzyme Activators, and Enzymatic Pigments. There are synergies generated here which far exceed the expectations one might get from looking at the mere individual nutrients and potencies. Research studies of this “new” Superfood indicate that it is antibacterial and antiviral, is DNA protecting, and that it reduces birth defects, prevents harmful transmutations of cholesterol, prevents heart disease, and that it promotes cellular detoxification.

As these benefits become better known, some of us are anticipating a doubling of the number of lives that can be positively impacted by Raspberry nutrients. Raspberries were known in ancient European times as Ida, thus their Latin name, Rubus Idaeus. Raspberries have widespread use as food, tonic, and remedy among many Native American tribes, and in Early American folk remedies. These old-time uses include Raspberry leaf teas, fruit, juice, and syrup tonics for, scurvy, and to cleanse, support and regenerate the liver and kidneys – and for healthy gums, toothache, fever, and urinary conditions.

  • Raspberry is favored as a balancer of menstrual flow, and to reduce menstrual cramps, and to support female reproductive health in general, especially around pregnancy.
  • Raspberry is recommended for women to aid in recovery from sexual trauma and abuse.
  • Raspberry was (and is) also often used as a tonic for the prostate. It is regarded as a fertility and potency tonic for women and men.
  • Raspberry tea is said to be healing and soothing to allergies, burns, injuries and wounds.
  • Raspberries have been used internally and externally for sore throat. And, they are used on mouth sores. A gargle of EllagiPlex will help gather and pull bacteria laden mucus from the far flung crevasses of the vocal cords, throat, and sinuses – instantly gathering it to be spit out, thus naturally reducing the bacterial load, lessening the burden on the immune system, and facilitating faster recovery from colds – or to deter them before they can even start.
  • Raspberry has been recognized for its value in alleviating conditions as diverse as joint inflammation, blood sugar imbalances, varicose veins and ulcers, nausea, coughing, constipation and diarrhea, and to enhance visual acuity, and even to gently clean decay causing plaque off of teeth.
  • Raspberry is regarded as a gentle Yin tonic, a gentle antacid, a gentle anti-inflammatory, and a gentle decongestant. Raspberry is calming and is taken to regulate blood pressure, and is thus great for the heart. Some of these benefits take time to gain momentum, but indeed do so as the nutrients and synergies accumulate because of daily intake of Raspberry over time.

While researchers continue to open-up and officially tally the benefits of the Old World and New World of the Raspberry Seed, you may go right ahead and unofficially enjoy them right now in confidence of their safety as a mere dietary fruit. Raspberry is indeed a fruit yielding “good fruits!”

Serious Fiber

Soluble and Insoluble Fibers (like those in Raspberry Seeds) combined with Water are essential for eliminating toxins, heavy metals, and cholesterol out of your body, and for keeping the intestines and colon functional, clean, healthy, and daily regular. Even the relatively small one gram amount of Raspberry fiber in a daily supply of EllagiPlex seems especially effective to produce this desirable, but gentle and restrained result. Again, the finer the grind of the Fiber, the better for it to function.

Bountiful amounts of Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Waters are best when taking a cleansing food like Raspberries or Lecithin. Generous quantities of Water are essential for keeping your cells, blood, lymph, and kidneys clean, and for keeping stools hydrated, soft, and moving. Water is so vital for proper function and health that a body desperate for Water will even “drink” it out of the intestines, leaving the waste material sticky or hard and accumulating.

“Sewer Tea?”

Without the natural transport facilitation provided by hydrated Fiber in the diet, additional carcinogenic toxins also form and accumulate, especially in the colon. Without holding these liquefied fecal toxins in a Water-plus-Fiber sponge-like suspension for elimination, these hideous liquids are reabsorbed (drunken like sewer water tea) back up into the body where they smell bad, damage life, and must re-burden the body to be re-eliminated. They are often stored in the skin and other organs, and represent a primary attack and impediment upon a youthful skin firmness, and a healthy, radiant, beautiful complexion. Pass the Pure Water and Fiber – please!

Gentle Nontoxic Eviction of Parasites Lecithin is also a sort of biological “teflon and detergent” which assists Fiber and Water to keep the lining of the intestinal tract clean and “non-stick” to waste material as it passes by. Lecithin, with the help of Water and Fiber, eliminates the matted toxic-layer micro-environment where undesirable bacteria and intestinal parasites thrive and snitch some peoples’ food, eating it first and feeding them parasite waste instead. We certainly have no such desire to squander precious Ellagic molecules or other valuable nutrients.

Valuable Bonus Nutrients

Without writing the whole book on it, suffice to say, Lecithin, and Vitamin-C (especially in the Acerola and Schizandra forms with their Vitamin C activating Bioflavonoids) are magnificent nutrients for every cell and function of your body. Someone who would attempt to convince you that these valuable nutrients are mere fillers in our formula may be unaware of Lecithin’s and Vitamin-C’s profound usefulness to every system of your body.

For one thing, they are not in place of, but rather are a bonus above and beyond the 4,000 mg of Raspberry Seed with its 40 mg of naturally occurring Ellagic Molecules already in each daily supply. These are the Raspberry Seed and Ellagic amounts demonstrated to be effective by the research. In our EllagiPlex formula, Vitamin C and Lecithin preserve and help deliver its honored nutrient – Ellagic Molecules.

In your body, Lecithin and Vitamin C are essential to the membrane and internal components of every cell. Keeping that membrane remaining healthy, youthful, and pliable is essential for making sure that what should stay out of the cell stays out, and what nutrients are needed are allowed in, and also that toxins can be let out. A nutritionally deprived membrane becomes “brittle,” “promiscuous,” lax, vulnerable, and bumbling in these vital duties.

Nutritional I.Q.

Your genetic IQ potential is daily affected by levels of certain nutrients. If you are well fed, your brain will be keen-minded. If you are low in certain nutrients, and then use caffeine, your brain can experience a nearly perpetual state of exhaustion which makes it more vulnerable to depression, negativity, anxiety, and addiction. The dry weight of your brain is 90-some percent Lecithin – kept functioning by a 100-fold concentration of Vitamin C over what is typically found elsewhere in your body. These two are literally the stuff your thought and consciousness are made of. Brain work, memory, and IQ feed upon them and use them up. Dietary increases of them enhance creativity, ambition and productivity, problem solving skills, vocabulary, mathematical ability, memory and IQ – as well as bolstering the success of many to conquer the hunger of addictions.

Healthy Sexual Optimization & Longevity

Lecithin – a super-formula in itself – is a superb source of the Macro B-Complex Vitamins Choline and Inositol, ignored by virtually all vitamin supplements – but certainly not ignored by your cells and systems. It is well known that each of the B-complex vitamins is mutually synergistic to the whole and to each other. Yet Choline and Inositol are snubbed due to ignorance about their values, or because of cost, or because of their bulky amounts required to be nutritionally meaningful.

Male and female sexual fluids are significantly comprised of Lecithin, and must be replaced daily to sustain optimum healthy sexual interest and function, as well as general body performance. Studies have shown that sexually active couples very often look years younger than their chronological ages, and that they experience fewer mood or health problems in general, and live on average a full decade longer. That is approximately the same gain in life extension as quitting a 3-pack a day smoking habit!

Lecithin & Fat Loss

Lecithin is a primary factor in removing unwanted fat weight, cellulite, and cholesterol – so your blood can circulate more freely – and for turning these undesirables into useful energy, body heat, and hormones.

Beauty, Endurance & Immune Victory

Good digestion is dependent upon the emulsifying presence of Lecithin. Systems as diverse as your joints, your immune system, and your liver thrive when provided with abundant Lecithin. Lecithin is a key nutrient complex for healthy hair and radiant complexion. Lecithin is the oft-lacking solvent necessary to work with Water to remove otherwise painful lactic acid deposits from overworked and aching muscles – especially significant for heart muscle which never gets a rest. So, do your heart a favor!

The Phosphatidyl-ethanol-amine component of Lecithin helps unmask viruses so your immune system can target them. Lecithin’s benefit list is virtually unending. A daily supply of EllagiPlex provides 1,000 mg of pure Lecithin – not a huge amount, but enough to make all the difference for some people. (The XtraPure Lecithin we employ in EllagiPlex is available individually. Most people can benefit from an optimum added tablespoonful – 10 grams – or 10,000 milligrams – per day.)


The Polysaccharides necessary for the conversion of raw Ellagitannins into actually useful Ellagic Acid may or may not be otherwise abundant at the moments and locations of assimilation and conversion of the molecules. It is abundantly logical to include added amounts of them accompanying the superstar ingredient. Indeed, they are equally essential in the conversion process. One might say they are the co-stars of the process. We have therefore invited them into the EllagiPlex Ellagic-Optimization formula.

Without them included, one would be left holding the very weak position that an Ellagic product is better off pretending these essential synergists don’t exist, and ignoring them in discussion and inclusion. We have added them in the proven highly bioavailable forms of FOS (Fruit Extract Fructooligosaccharides) and Polysaccharide-Rich Extracts of Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake and Cordyceps. Each of these Superfoods has their own separate substantial bragging rights. Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake and Cordyceps are gourmet and health tonic mushrooms routinely employed to bring strong health enhancing effects in Japanese wellness and immune support programs. Your own results will speak for themselves.

FOS & Xylitol

FOS and Xylitol are unique fruit sugars which are most well known for feeding, and thus increasing, Beneficial Flora throughout the digestive tract all the way from the mouth to the perianal area – and eventually extending even to the vagina and urinary tract. Beneficial Flora diminish and displace undesirable bacteria, candida yeast infections, and parasites out of your body, restoring the desirable-flora-type population to healthfully dominate the intestinal surfaces where assimilation takes place. This effect alone has restored health and energy to countless probiotic enthusiasts! Our Probiotic Complex includes a 400-million organism Multi-Flora Blend in each daily supply.

The cultures in EllagiPlex include the following 8 types: L. rhamnosus, S. thermophilus, B. breve, L. acidophilus, B. infantis, B. longum, L. plantarium and L. salivarius in a non-dairy soy culture. Each of the different types has a different favored region of the digestive tract and has its own unique but overlapping benefit profile. Good flora supports the immune system and available nutrient profile by providing immune complexes and nutrient elements not otherwise available or else rare in the diet. The Probiotics in EllagiPlex are present at a “support level” – rather like a super serving of active yogurt a day. However, if you are interested in experiencing the most powerful Probiotic Formula, then take a look at our StrataFlora blend.

Magnificent Ethereals

The Ethereal (or “essential” “aromatherapy”) oils are provided primarily as Lecithin-synergist solvent carriers to dissolve and assist delivery of fat-soluble nutrients and Ellagic molecules especially at the intercellular and intracellular levels. The natural Ethereal oil synergy of the Raspberry, Schizandra, and Ginger, with Olive, Tangerine, Orange and Rose, combine to enliven the interest of one’s body toward the entire formula. Many people will therefore respond to EllagiPlex very much more enthusiastically than to plain coarse-ground Raspberry Seeds.

These Ethereals add an enhanced sense of freshness, zest, vigor, joy, and liveliness which are certainly highly desirable “vibes” if one is seeking to pep up their attitude and expectations toward life and health. And the importance of optimum positive thinking contributing toward one’s health cannot be overstated! Each of EllagiPlex’s separate ingredients are foods – Superfoods even – in their own right, and have long histories of food use among human populations. EllagiPlex is therefore a Superfood Blend.

So think of this as an awesome multi-fold nutritional team with Ellagic Acid as the honored guest and the accompanying nutrients as providing an abundance of highly desirable synergistic and bonus benefits:

  1. Ellagitannin-Rich Red Raspberry Seed.
  2. Raspberry Seed “Meat” with Essential Fatty Acids, and Naturally Occurring Antioxidants and Vitamin Resources.
  3. Raspberry Seed Husk Fiber Rich In Naturally Occurring Silica.
  4. Ellagitannin Conversion Synergist Blend of High-Poly-saccharide Complex of Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Cordyceps Xylitol and FOS (Fruit Sugar Fructooligosaccharides), plus Probiotics Blend.
  5. Lecithin with its Naturally Occurring EFAs and B-Complex Macro Nutrients Choline and Inositol, plus Immune Supporting Phosphatidylethanolamine.
  6. Vitamin C Rich Acerola and Schizandra with Naturally Occurring Bioflavonoids.
  7. Naturally Occurring Raspberry Ethereals (Raspberry “Perfume” and Flavor), Plus Schizandra, Pomegranate and Ginger Ethereal Oils, Enhanced with Ethereals of Olive, Tangerine, Orange and Rose.

Combining Exsula Products In The Same Drink?

Many of our customers combine our products into their own super drink. EllagiPlex is compatible with Iridesca, Strata-Flora XtraPure Lecithin and Apple Fiber. These formulas are made from Superfoods and may be taken together in any combination. For the very best most potent results with our Heart Studies Formula please read label directions regarding taking it separately from meals and other supplement products.


Ellagic Acid Studies Research & Investigation Primary Research by Dr. Daniel Nixon at the Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina. Also at the Department of Surgical Oncology College of Medicine University of Illinois; plus Stanford California; Ohio State University; Hoshi University Tokyo and many others in the U.S. Canada Asia and Europe.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff