Energetic Healing

In energy medicine a disease is referred to as a deficit of energy or flow (chi, ki, prana).

Our bodies, when healthy, are energetically balanced. When ill, the body will create suffering, manifesting as disease. When confronted with disease, we are encouraged to change by our own body that is telling us that we have either too little, or too much, of something in our life.

Energy Deficit Causes Disease

We lack vibrational energy. We need to identify the vibration we are deficient in and bring our body back into balance by replenishing our body with the appropriate energy /information /vibration. We are in a healthy state when we have sufficient life force (current, energy, information, vitality) in our cells. Consider your body as a rechargeable battery. Even if your body is functioning well you have to make sure that your batteries are charged, else your body will not have enough energy to repair itself. It will deteriorate, creating disease and lack of vitality. The disease signals the lack of specific energy in the form of a symptom. Let’s not mistake the symptom for the cause of the disease. Symptoms are the expression of an energetically imbalanced organism. The body signals a weakened organ through a symptom.

Suppressing Symptoms Does Not Heal

Deficit of vibrational energy allows chaos and disorder to take hold in our body. If we suppress a symptom without determining its cause, we are taking away out chance to balance it. Suppressing symptoms leads to more symptoms and a disease that is even more entrenched. The oil pressure indicator in your car lets you know about a problem which could to lead to irreparable damage. If you were to treat this situation according to conventional medical understanding, by treating the symptoms, you would simply put a piece of chewing gum over the gauge to block the red light, and continue driving. How long will that last? Instead we must identify the cause of the problem, and deal with it.

Healing Through Consciousness

Pure vibrational energy is formless and not visible to us. We have been conditioned to accept pharmaceutical pills as a solution, rather than working to find the cause of the source of energy deficit, manifesting as a disease. Taking conventional medicine will not only suppress the symptoms but will often lead to additional blockages of our energy flow. (Commonly Known as Harmful Side Effects about which we are cautioned.) If we introduce the needed vibrational energy to our body, soon our self-regulating (homeostatic) mechanism will bring us to health. Our body always tries to return to its original, balanced state.

This process is the “healing”. It’s not the doctor or therapist who heals us. Even with the approximately fifty-eight thousand medications available, we can find practically none that can heal our disease. The healing process can only come about from inside, because healing is primarily a process of consciousness. Through learning we receive the missing information, the energy, a specific range or pattern of electromagnetic vibrations. This can come to us as nourishment, or through subtle means, such as words, touch, music. The food or the therapy are only carriers of information, not the energy itself.

Disease and Energy

  • Disease = deficit of vibrational energy.
  • Symptoms = point of greatest imbalance.
  • Healing = resolving deficit of energy, and consciousness, not treating symptoms.
Author: Life Enthusiast