Enzymes Affect Aging and Your Weight, Too

Cooked food has had all its enzymes disabled, shut down, and your body has to produce them from its dwindling reserves.

Enzymes and aging: Quite a concept to consider

A critical factor in aging, Enzymes are the spark of life, critical energy that runs the entire body. Axiomatically, as we grow older, our bodies produce less and less enzymes, and as the body becomes depleted of enzymes, nutrients essential to maintaining a young and healthy body become more and more scarce.

But is it the other way around? We age because we deplete our enzymes? Water, oxygen, minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes each of these are important, and cannot be ignored. To approach our well-being in a holistic way we must understand that no single aspect can be ignored or dismissed and that a proper balance of each vital ingredient is necessary.

Digestive health is vital to the assimilation of nutrients, and that is solely predicated on the body’s ability to produce enzymes appropriate to our environment and diet. Enzymes are essential activators of chemical reactions that continually take place and act as catalysts, joining with coenzymes (vitamins and minerals). You may be familiar with vitamins and minerals but may not know that they’re not activated until they are processed by enzymes.

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  • Enzymes supplement digestion and proper assimilation of nutrients, assisting your body’s natural inner healing powers, restoring health and vitality.

To give an example, my then 25-year-old daughter was having difficulty keeping her waistline trim. She was sharing her kitchen with people who do not believe in quality produce, and who will not adjust to accommodate her nutritional awareness. I recommended she supplement with digestive enzymes. Sure enough, taking one capsule with every cooked meal made all the difference she was able to fit into all the clothes she bought when she was trim and slim earlier.

We begin life with enzyme reserves that decrease with aging and from an enzyme deficient diet. As we become enzyme deficient, we age more quickly. The more we feed our enzyme reserves, the healthier well become. A nursing mother provides her baby with all the enzymes it needs to digest her milk. Have you ever noticed that the stool of a breastfed baby is almost odorless until it starts eating cooked, processed food?

Cooked food (especially meats) don’t digest properly and travels undigested into the small intestine. As we cook foods at temperatures above 118 degrees F., enzymes are destroyed and digestion is hampered, beginning the cycle of toxemia. Toxemia results from undigested food putrefying in the bowel tract and that poisons the blood, the root of all disease.

Its estimated that 80% of diseases are caused by improperly digested foods and their by-products being absorbed into the body, from the book Survival into the 21st Century by Viktoras Kulvinskas. The saying You are what you eat is only partly correct. The truth is, you are what you digest. We cannot expect good health if our digestive system isn’t functioning properly.

Enzymes are essential to healthy digestion and perform specific tasks such as:

  • Digest food
  • Break down toxins
  • Cleanse the blood
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Build protein into muscle
  • Contract muscles
  • Eliminate carbon dioxide from the lungs, and
  • Reduce stress on the pancreas and other vital organs.

Enzymes are the workers in your body they carry out every chemical reaction. To have a healthy body we require both workers (enzymes) and building materials. The building materials are proteins (amino acids), minerals, and vitamins. These are necessary to build a healthy body. Trying to function without all the necessary enzymes is the reason for most body malfunctions.

Author: Life Enthusiast