Enzymes Support Healthy Life

by Dr. Edward Howell

Since 1930, there has been no drug or supplement as widely researched and documented, and as highly effective in curing disease – as enzymes.

Enzyme therapy has been used to perform “miracles” in closely scrutinized clinical studies, providing an inexpensive treatment for the disease. Enzymes have been documented to completely erase colds, flu, heart ailments and cancer from whole cultures of people as well as whole species of animals. Enzymes have even cured “incurable” diseases including herpes and AIDS.

Cultures that consume high-enzyme diets are documented to be practically disease-free.

Whatever your ailment; whatever your degree of suffering; whatever your level of health … enzymes will help you improve.

What Is The Real Cause Of Illness?

Low Enzyme Levels is America’s number one cause of sickness and death. Even more frightening, it is the world’s number one killer because all diseases, from cancer to the minor sniffle, share a root cause – Low Enzyme Levels. It is really simple: When your body’s enzyme levels are low, the disease appears. When your body’s enzyme levels are high, disease disappears.

What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are living catalysts found in every part of the body and involved in every biochemical reaction. Enzymes digest food, making it ready to pass through intestinal walls into the bloodstream and throughout the body. Enzymes are instrumental for toxin elimination as well as mineral absorption and vitamin function. Without enzymes, minerals and vitamins lay useless in the body or pass through unused. Enzymes are important in every aspect of the immune system. White blood cells are merely vehicles transporting enzymes that actually do all the work of healing the body and preventing disease. Every body function is dependent upon enzymes, including breathing, seeing, hearing, and thinking.

What Causes Low Enzyme Levels?

The real culprit is the consumption of substances that contain no living enzymes. Enzymes are killed by heat – none survive above 140 F. Cooking, pasteurization, and microwave heating destroy enzymes in your food, supplements, or liquids. This causes vital parts of the body (heart, bones, organs, brain, blood, etc.) to run short of enzymes and become inefficient, diseased, prematurely old, and finally nonfunctional.

Research Confirmation

Thanks to the presence of enzymes in every bodily function, proving the health benefits of enzymes is probably science’s easiest task. Countless studies have been published since the early 1900’s. Governments of Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Russia, and yes, the United States have documented numerous experiments proving the efficacy of enzymes. For example – varied studies found diseases in more than 20,000 animals fed a typical low-enzyme human diet, often with vitamin & mineral supplements, yet the same species were completely disease-free (i.e., no minor ailments such as colds and no major ailments such as cancer) consuming enzyme rich foods. Human studies are even more convincing. Cultures in various corners of the globe have eliminated arthritis, asthma, cancer, heart ailments, diabetes, obesity, influenza, etc., simply by ingesting high enzyme sustenance.

The miraculous results of enzyme nutrition have been documented by the American Medical Association, American Heart Association, Zoological Society of Philadelphia, Tokyo Imperial University, Cornell University, John Hopkins University, UCLA’s School of Medicine, Canadian Medical Association, and the Russian Institute of Biochemistry, to name a few. These institutions collectively offer substantial proof that enzymes are the major cause and cure of all diseases. In other words, health is simply the production of enzymes and sickness is simply the destruction of enzymes. Details of these studies are described in the book, “Why Doctors Don’t Guarantee Their Work”

Is It Possible To Live A Life Without Sickness?

Not only is it possible, it is also very simple. Imitate the eating habits of disease-free societies. You can easily increase your body’s enzyme reserves with exercise, good energized water, enzyme-rich food, and enzyme-based supplements. You may ask: “If it is that simple, why isn’t this information common knowledge?” Apparently both mainstream and alternative health industries find the idea of “simplicity” most threatening. It eliminates “competitive edge”.

If the general population became aware of enzymes, the business of sickness would cease to exist. Health profiteers could no longer confuse the public by promoting an endless array of supplements, amazing medical breakthroughs, and the “pill for every ill” philosophy. There would be little need for doctors or explicit knowledge of physiology to acquire wellness. Pharmaceutical companies would be devastated with huge loss of markets as consumers learn there is nothing in a bottle that can compare with enzymes’ power of preventing and even curing disease.

The Dangers of Plant Enzyme Deficiency

The consequences of eating a predominantly cooked-foods diet: inflammations, pancreatic hypertrophy (enlargement), toxic colon, and frequent allergies. Because of inflammation, conditions such as bronchitis, sinusitis, cystitis, rhinitis, and arthritis may occur, and may be accompanied by fever, redness, swelling, and pain. Pancreatic hypertrophy results when a diet lacking in enzymes puts an extra strain on the enzyme “production” of the pancreas. If the pancreas falls behind in its work, the organ will hypertrophy (enlarge) just as a thyroid produces a goiter when it cannot make enough hormones. This happens anytime an organ cannot produce enough secretions and “enlarges” in an attempt to make more secretion.

Low levels of enzymes can also lead to a toxic colon. Undigested food can remain in the intestine and not be excreted. In these instances, the undigested molecules are “converted” into toxins that are transported by the blood to the liver for detoxification. If the liver is ‘overworked’, however, it will be unable to properly “detoxify” the blood.

In his practice Dr. Loomis analyzes the urine and often finds toxins such as ‘phenols’ (an organic molecule with a structure similar to alcohol) present. Presence of these phenols can lead to a wide range of problems, including allergies, acne, sciatica, and breast pathology. A meal of predominantly “cooked foods” can lead to digestive “leukocytosis” (an increased white blood count). A rise in white blood cells is a sign that the immune system is being “mobilized”. It accompanies many pathological conditions, including ‘infections’ and ‘poisoning’, but it can also immediately occur after eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Dr. Lee says, “Digestive leukocytosis occurs a mere thirty minutes after eating cooked food. This does not occur when a person eats raw food because of the presence of “plant enzymes” in this food.” Such a response puts added stress on the immune system. “The concept of the immune system being “stimulated” every time you eat, was first reported in 1897 by Rudolph Virchow, the father of “cellular pathology”. In other words, your immune system is stimulated, as if you had an infection,” confirms Dr. Loomis.

Author: Dr. Edward Howell