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There is no other planet like Earth in our solar system. Over 70% of its surface is covered with ocean water, that’s why we often call it the Blue Planet. No other planet accessible to us has water in a liquid form and that may be one of the most important reasons why life only exists here. Only one percent of all the water on Earth is actually drinkable the rest is either frozen or salty. But even though we cannot drink it, ocean water is vitally important for us earthlings. It is an excellent source of minerals and other trace elements that the human body needs.

The soils in which we grow our food are depleted of these minerals, and getting our nutrients via food is certainly ideal. Pills and capsules are not the best answer for mineral deficiency. It is more effective and more natural to get some meat, eggs, or legumes in your diet when your body lacks protein than drinking an expensive, chemically laden, sweetened protein shake. It makes more sense to get Vitamin C from a dietary source (yes, real food like an orange or pineapple) than a pill. It is for sure better for the body to get nutrients from whole, natural sources. In many cases we discover they already contain the complimentary nutrients needed to absorb what we need from them, rather than needing a second pill to make the first effective.

Isolated minerals and vitamins are not really evil, but in most cases, they just pass your body unused, because without additional elements, that are naturally accompanying the ones we are trying to supplement, our digestive system might not be able to absorb and use them. For example, our gut isn’t able to absorb calcium without Vitamin D. If you are calcium deficient, eating just plain calcium pills is not going to help. The good news is that natural, whole foods contain calcium as well as Vitamin D, because nature knows we need these two to come together. Salmon, sardines, bone broth, seaweed and also greens like collard, spinach, bok choy these all contain significant amount of calcium in a natural form. But we need to realize, as we mentioned earlier, soils that grow our plants are lacking these minerals, and so for that reason the amount of minerals in our food is not as high as it was in our grandparents time and sometimes we have no better option than to add supplements. Or do we? We know all these minerals are swirling around in the ocean, but we cant just drink sea water.

Dr. Ron Cusson, PhD of physics and mathematics and the head of EssenceSea, has come up with powerful solution. Dr. Cusson himself suffered with number of illnesses in his early age and as a hardcore scientist and naturally curious person, he started doing his own research and learned about the importance of trace minerals for human health. He started to self-experiment with supplements and developed a product with promising effects. And he found it, you guessed it, in the ocean. His research confirmed that while many people get too much calcium that tends to build up in our bodies and cause several health issues, most of us are deficient in another essential mineral: magnesium. Dr. Cusson’s products restore balance between minerals in the body, restore optimal pH in our cells, help to remove the excess calcium and also supplements the body with over 60 other trace minerals. He even developed a soil fertilizer to enrich our lands and fields in order to grow nutrient rich food again.

How? What is the science behind this product? Why would I want to use it? Martin and Scott ask the same questions and Dr. Ron Cusson himself delivers excellent scientific explanations in this interview. Learn about the importance of restoring mineral balance in the body, about the EssenceSea company and their unique products, and be amazed by the amount of knowledge Dr. Cusson is happy to share with the world. Next time you dive into the waves of the ocean on your vacation, you might see all that undrinkable, salty water with a different perspective and respect.