Exsula and Water

As magnificent as phytonutrients are, their activation and utilization in the body are utterly dependent upon water. Now it is known that there is a major causation factor other than cholesterol. Water and Lecithin are each other’s primary synergists. Lecithin without plentiful water can only prepare fat for activity. Water without Lecithin can’t touch fat or cholesterol. Only together can they make it all happen! If you want a level of health beyond simple drugstore vitamins and minerals, then phytonutrients are the obvious choice. Yet as magnificent as phytonutrients are, their activation and utilization in your body is utterly dependent upon water. Anybody who is expecting their body to heal and be healthy without drinking plentiful water is expecting something that cannot be.

Health is like a door with more than one lock. Nutrition is only one key. Water is only one key. You have to turn both keys at the same time to get inside. Some people try phytonutrients and get less than sparkling results because they are inflicting a drought on all of the marvelous systems of their body. Even the best-tended crop will not thrive in a drought! How much water is enough? Get Exsula’s broad phytonutrient formula into your body and gradually increase your water intake, paying close attention to kidney ability to accommodate the increased flow. Patience may be required to allow for normalization of damaged tissues deprived of adequate water for decades.

When you have plenty of energy and every part of your body feels great and is working right you will know that at long last you are drinking enough water.You will be amazed at how much more water it is going to take for sparkling health than you thought. Stop using mere satisfaction of thirst as your gauge for adequate water intake. General health is a much more valid gauge. As you increase the amount of water you drink, remember how much more important water quality becomes.Anyone who is feeling less than their best will start feeling deeply better only when they continuously have a glass of pure water within arm’s reach. The only way anyone who is already feeling good will keep feeling good – way into old age – is by keeping a glass of pure water within arm’s reach.

Colas, coffee, tea and juices don’t count except in reverse. For each of them that is consumed, health will demand at least their equivalent in water. The very finest glacial ice waters are less expensive than these other beverages and your cells will literally start dancing for joy when plentiful good water shows up at the front door, hand in hand with Exsula’s phytonutrient treasures. After oxygen, water is your body’s most urgent resource. Everyone breathes every few seconds, but many people go for hours without water or have only a few tiny sips a day. A few ounces of water every half hour is essential for getting the benefits from those precious phytonutrients and manifesting the sparkling good health we all desire.

Author: Life Enthusiast