Exsula Delivers Exceptional Nutrients

  • Convenience accommodating regular usage for consistent results
  • Production-direct, high value and top performance without fillers
  • Unbeatable freshness
  • Synergistic balance for best nutrient utilization
  • Life-grown ingredients for optimal bioactivity and assimilation
  • Assured-potency ingredients for reliable performance

Exsula’s effective benefits are achieved by supplying your body with natural antioxidant and metabolic enzyme resources to naturally spark more energy. The enzymatic pigments, like carotenes, along with the wide variety of nutrients and enzymes, work together to provide material resources for healthy energy production. Exsula satisfies resource needs and lets your body determine its own optimal energy.

Soil Quality and Food Nutrients

Effective nutrition begins with good soil to grow the food. Any gardener can tell you the difference between black, rich, living soil and dead, chemically molested dirt. In nature, soil is alive with beneficial bacteria and earthworms that constantly recycle plant debris, turning it into perfect fertilizer for the next generation of plants. There is a finite quantity of essential minerals in the soil. There are minerals in the harvested crop, and unless minerals are replaced in the soil, each crop will have fewer and fewer minerals. Plants require minerals in order to be healthy and produce vitamins and enzymes. Modern science has created hybrid crops that look good even though they can be low in precious nutrients, like protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes.

Further affliction of our diets occurs through harsh processing that destroys nutrients and dilutes them with unhealthy fats, sugars and chemicals. Fresh produce loses potency while in transit. Food manufacturers have found a bonanza in holstering the nutrient content of foods by enriching them with cheap chemical isolates and ground-up minerals. These “foods” can then display impressive levels of nutrients. However, these chemicals and ground-up rock nutrients are different from those found in plants.

Not all of these man-made, added nutrients are easily assimilated. Much of their value is not absorbed as they pass through your digestive tract. Unless nutrients are in a form actually available to your body, they are only a false security. Some of us are questioning if these synthetic nutrient forms are even suited for humans. What with all of the enriched foods anti-vitamin supplements, you would not expect 9 out of 10 people to be taken prematurely by cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diet, nutrition-related preventable ailments. Something is very wrong. What we are being told and sold does not match the statistically documented outcomes.

Living Soil

In living, organic soil, earthworms, bacteria and plant enzymes transform minerals from relatively huge particles of ground-up rock into their simplest colloidal form, the same as found within plants and living human cells. Plants combine these ready-to-use colloidal minerals with water, air and sunlight to create vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, fibers, amino acids and enzymes. Some plants like Siberian Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba create very complex antioxidants, adaptogens and flavonoids found nowhere else.

These exotic foods provide unique resources and help other nutrients work better. Other plants can create enzymatic pigments like carotene (orange), chlorophyll (green) and phycocyanin (blue). In your body, these pigments provide resources for pro-vitamins, bile, hemoglobin, immune factors and even visual purple, a pigment required by your eyes, especially for night vision. So now you have a dinner table spread with beautiful, nutrient-rich produce grown on live, mineral-rich soil.

Did you know that adding a bit of lecithin to your diet can help you assimilate even more of the fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidant enzymes? These include vitamins A, D, E & K, carotene, superoxide dismutase, catalase and other antioxidant enzymes. Lecithin is a surface tension reducer and emulsifier. It dissolves nutrient molecules into easily absorbed solutions of essential fatty acids combined with water. Once in your blood, lymph and organs, enzymes can reduce these solutions to their basic elemental resources and then restructure new molecular forms as needed.

Adequate or Inadequate Daily Nutrition

Food nutrients, unlike chemical isolates and ground-up rock, are welcomed by your body and stay in the lymphatic system and bloodstream for a more meaningful period of time. Thus, they are more consistently available to your cells throughout the day. The availability of isolates and undissolved minerals drops off more rapidly as they are flushed from your body. This results in many hours during each day where nutrient availability may be less than optimal and perhaps, not even adequate.

The result of a mediocre diet for some people is that they hover on the edge of malnutrition. They never have quite as much energy as they would like. They seem to experience premature aging symptoms. Some just don’t have the drive and vigor they once did. Others begin to catch every cold or flu bug that comes along or become vulnerable to more serious afflictions like diabetes, cancer or heart disease. A diet rich in a wide range of high quality, plant-grown nutrients is essential.

Quantity Does Not Equal Results

Some people attempt to compensate for the poor quality of isolate nutrient utilization by consuming mega doses. They do this in hope of overwhelming their bodies – flooding them with so much quantity that even though the nutrients are in a form foreign to life, their cells are forced to accept enough to produce a desired result. This same line of thinking could lead you to believe that if you put enough kindergarten kids at the chalkboard, they could duplicate the math of Albert Einstein. The fact is that poor ability in great quantity does not equal results.

In the ease of a few nutrients like vitamin C, some amino acids and certain minerals, this may actually appear to work. However, there is sometimes a price to pay. The isolate form of these nutrients carries a measurable level of toxicity. So-called organic germanium is one of the more recent to come under fire. Supplemental “organic” germanium is harvested from the inside of industrial coal chimneys in Japan. Unless it is very highly purified as in the GE-132 form, it can become toxic if excessive amounts are taken.

Germanium is also available in all plant foods. Some plants have meaningful amounts, which provide good germanium benefits. Because plant-grown germanium has never been exposed to coal chimney toxins and is in a life-recognized form, it offers a superior alternative with none of the concerns. While actual damage or death from mega dosing on isolates is extremely rare, more commonly, isolates do put an increased burden on the body’s system of elimination. This can make a person feel lugged down. And, their appearance will not match their fountain-of-youth expectations.

Balance + Form = Results

With balanced, plant-grown nutrients, toxicity problems are unheard of. Huge quantities are not required and any leftovers not needed are in a life-recognized form your body is designed to deal with. They are eliminated in due course and are no problem at all for your organs of elimination. With live nutrients of a good diet, the fountain-of-youth results often border on miraculous. Especially when you consider the relatively small potencies required. Thus some people chalk up these results to a placebo effect.

They measure by their own artificial standards and conclude there just isn’t enough potency to be effective. However, if it is a placebo effect, why do food nutrients also get superior results in animals where there can exist no placebo expectation? Rather, there may he a “place-ego” effect when you expect synthetic chemistry to perform better than the Creator’s marvelous handiwork.

That being said, it is also very important to actually get enough of a food grown nutrient so it can perform as expected. Some Superfood blends are rather good values in spite of their shortcomings. However, only Exsula products contain a concentrated blend of dozens of life created nutrients at levels hundreds of times more potent than most foods. Without this added punch, the typical blend can be sold for a much lower price, but it will only meet some of your needs.

Good Nutrition, Yet Starving Cells

So you agree that food nutrients are best. You are eating a good natural diet. Even though you now have the best of nutrients coursing through your veins, these treasures have yet to reach their ultimate destination – your cells. Surrounding the living contents of each cell is a complex mechanism known simply as the membrane. A healthy, youthful membrane will stay strong and flexible to help protect the cell from infections. It will help the cell dispose of its waste (primarily byproducts of energy production). Ironically, the more alive you are and the more energy your cell creates, the more debris it will have to dispose.

Your cells’ membranes must also be healthy to allow nutrients into the cell. Unfortunately, cell membranes are very vulnerable to harmful free-radical molecules produced by stress, the aging process, pollution and radiation (electromagnetic, solar or nuclear). Free radicals can damage cellular membranes from the inside and outside. A damaged membrane becomes less efficient in admitting nutrients. Compounding the problem is excessive sugar, protein, iron, salt and not enough potassium in the diet. This, along with mineral loaded tap water and not enough water or exercise, make it even more difficult for the membrane.

A downward spiral is begun as the aging process accelerates. Eventually, the cell dies from a combination of nutrient starvation and from suffocation in its own waste accumulation. An efficient and effective nutrient formulation will include a full selection of antioxidants and antioxidant enzymes to help maintain healthy membranes. These antioxidants sacrifice themselves to the free radicals, defusing them so the attack on your cells becomes slower than the rate of repair. This may explain why some people actually appear to he getting younger once good nutrition and antioxidant enzymes are provided.

Antioxidant enzymes are scarce. You would have to consume 50 capsules of ground-up ginkgo leaves to get a meaningful amount of its functional antioxidants. This is where the new generation of herbal extracts comes in. Now, just a pinch of assured potency extract contains all of the antioxidant punch of those previous 50 capsules. A well budgeted, antioxidant food concentrate will contain meaningful amounts of many different plant antioxidants. Each works in its own way to disarm specific free radicals.

A variety works far better than mega amounts of any single antioxidant herb or food by itself. Never before have we been so well equipped to protect the cell membrane and facilitate nutrient assimilation at the cellular level. We can pack the power of 50 bottles of food nutrients into one bottle. Never confuse an assured potency concentrate product with those products whose labels display the same ingredients, but are in the crude form and at an unknown, usually low level of bioactivity.

Gas In The Tank, Key Switched On…
But Somebody Stole My Spark Plugs

Once inside your cell, the fate of the nutrients is still not fully decided. Organization and utilization of the nutrients still requires energy. Without sufficient energy, no function, repair or replication can take place. Your energy production and life force is dependent upon igniters such as Coenzyme Q-10. This substance of life was produced in generous amounts by your healthy liver when you were young. Remember your exuberant energy as a kid!? As you go on in life, your liver is exposed to toxins and loses its capacity.

You produce less of your own CoQ-10. Plant-cell-sourced concentrated CoQ-10 is available. Without supplemental CoQ-10, cellular energy production declines. Then, premature cellular membrane damage by free radicals will reduce the level of all nutrients reaching the inside of your cells. Life glow will fade. All functions will diminish, until a weak point succumbs to a major problem. Coenzyme Q-10, therefore, becomes an important component of the properly crafted food concentrate supplement.

Such a superior food sees to every aspect of nutrition from quality of growing conditions, to careful handling and protection of enzymes. Total nutrient content and form are painstakingly considered and balanced. Assimilations from emulsification to blood retention and cell membrane health are planned and their function is optimized. And particularly, the life-energy of the cell is focused upon and generated at optimal levels.

Exsula: the medal-winner when it comes to Superfoods

It is for people who regard their health as a treasure to be valued and enjoyed.

You are what you eat. Superior foods will give superior results.

Author: Jevari Oberon