Exsula Superfoods FAQs

Question: Isn’t Exsula expensive?

Answer: The uninformed answer is yes. The informed answer is no – Exsula Gold is the best health-complimentary value of any food or supplement. When you go down the list of ingredients, it reads like a “who’s who” of the Superfoods, antioxidants, adaptogens and nutrients. Each significant Superfood is represented in generous, yet safe and balanced proportions. In addition to the economy of putting dozens of supplements in one product at a fraction of their typical retail cost, Exsula also offers the convenience of taking dozens of supplements as a single easy to use powder. This creates benefits you can see and feel. Now, back to the cost for a moment.

The price of a product is not a cost when the value it provides is greater than its price. For example, let’s say for a moment that there was this incredible gold mining company selling stocks. Every year for the past 20 years, it has yielded well over 100% return to its investors. In fact, its dividend has routinely run in the high several-hundred-percent range. Its gold reserves have been tested to run miles deep and are incredibly rich. All of the analysts and scientists who know of this secret company are investing heavily into it because they understand how it will yield those stupendous dividends for decades to come.

If one day, a friend lets you in on this best-kept-secret stock, do you moan and groan over the cost of a share? Or, do you seize the opportunity to make such a wise and profitable investment? You want in, of course. In fact, you will probably reprioritize your entire budget so you can make the most substantial investment possible. Here is the point. This very day another several thousand Americans will discover that they have cancer or heart disease. Coming out of the other end of the health care system during this same 24 hour day, are over 4,000 dead, thousands of others maimed or in agony and thousands of families are financially and emotionally devastated.

The costs are unfathomable. For nearly every person who goes into this system, it extracts many tens-of-thousands of dollars. Imagine the headlines if the airlines began to crash at a rate that was killing 4,000 people per day and then began sending each of their families a bill for $85,000 so their deaths could he properly documented. Many doctors and scientists looking at the devastation from the preventative perspective are shaking their heads in amazement. They know how effectively much of the carnage will be prevented when people begin to invest in improving the nutritional quality of their diet. One where the foods are higher in antioxidants like carotene and vitamins C and E.

The body you have is the only one you will ever have the opportunity to invest in. It is a marvelous self-adjusting, self-repairing, living machine. But it does in fact require resources. Once the correct building materials are available for your body, your positive mind has what it needs to direct cleaning, healing and restoration according to the master blueprint within each cell. As an investment stock, your body is awesome! It is capable of yielding incredible dividends well into the high hundreds of percent return. For decades to come. Every day that you put off investing in your own life’s stock, the risks increase. Longevity experts advise that the earlier and greater your investment in antioxidant nutrition, the greater your rewards will be. And, if you are going to invest, doesn’t it make sense to invest with the best – Exsula!

Question: I can get a higher potency natural vitamin product for much less from the supermarket. Why is yours so expensive?

Answer: First of all, the focus of Exsula is enzymes, enzymatic pigments, trace minerals, essential fatty acids and herbal antioxidants. The product you are comparing it to has none of these expensive rare nutrients. Exsula provides an increased emphasis on vitamins and minerals, with a significant level of life-grown vitamins and minerals in a teaspoon of powder that saves you having to buy multiple bottles of encapsulated products. If you put a nutrition label on a box of paper clips, it would indicate that each cup provides a very impressive amount of natural iron. The problem is, the iron is in a form your body can not readily assimilate.

While the life-grown nutrients don’t ring up impressive points by normal chemical analysis methods, they steal the show when measured by the new biological performance analysis techniques. These testing methods measure the effect of a nutrient upon actual living tissue. They measure assimilation and nutrient retention that typical analysis fails to take into account. This is the true bioactive value. When selecting a nutrition formula, you will want to evaluate true performance-how the “shoe” actually fits you personally and not just the “size” on the “box”. Weigh the cost of a product compared to its thoroughness, quality, convenience and performance.

Then invest in your health based upon value, not just price. Remember, your body deserves the best. Be good to it now and it will be good to you later. Freshness is one consideration where Exsula can’t be beat. Another consideration of paramount importance where Exsula really shines is synergistic balance. This is achieved only by careful planning so that one part of your program not only doesn’t interfere with the effectiveness of another, but actually compliments and works together with it. With synergistic balance you can achieve an effective potency much greater than anticipated, and at the lowest possible cost.

Few people understand nutrient-enzyme synergism well enough to take advantage of it. Fillers are often as much as 90% of the content of individual supplements. Fillers can interfere with synergism. Every ingredient in Exsula directly serves the purpose of synergism and effectiveness. We use no fillers. Furthermore, many herbal products contain little, if any, of their expected constituents applauded by researchers. This is why Exsula guarantees use of only the very finest herbs and assured potency extracts. Only this way can we consistently achieve specified concentrations necessary for the particular balance desired in each version of the formula.

Exsula provides numerous ingredients valued by health enthusiasts. An attempt to duplicate Exsula with a program of individual supplements would be cumbersome and expensive at best. $5 here and $20 there adds up very quickly. What to buy? How much to take? How to swallow dozens of capsules or tablets every day? Can you reasonably expect yourself to down 2 of these, 3 of those and 6 of something else, plus, plus, plus… regularly during each day’s busy schedule? With Exsula, if you want to increase your energy or antioxidant protection, all you have to do is take a little more. The balance remains constant.

Question: Since the introduction of Exsula Gold, have you discovered anything you will change or improve?

Answer: Yes. We were so amazed by the papaya enzymes and digestive enzymes that we have already increased their potency by 50% over the initial recipe. In addition, we have experienced notable benefits from L. Salivaris (an Acidophilus-like microorganism helping to eliminate candida yeast). We have also received a large number of exceptional reports about L. Salivaris – from people who consume it as a separate supplement (costing by itself $30 to $90 per month). Even though it is quite expensive, the reports are impressive enough to prompt us to increase its content in Gold to 1.2 million organisms per daily serving – a very meaningful amount.

We wouldn’t be making this magnitude of investment if we didn’t believe that virtually everyone will benefit substantially from its use. L. Salivaris is unique because it is already in your saliva’s aerobic environment and yet also thrives in your intestine along with the other beneficial anaerobic microorganisms like acidophilus. People consuming added L. Salivaris are reporting: “Healthy gums, fewer sore throats, candida yeast problems – gone, more energy, fewer infections, fewer and briefer colds, no more cold sores, better digestion, etc.”

Obviously, L. Salivaris is simply a natural team member of a healthy, normal immune defense. Many people, for whatever reason, don’t provide the best environment for optimal L. Salivaris population. These people really must experience what takes place when L. Salivaris is restored to optimal levels. The customers I have spoken to in regard to the price increase that added L. Salivaris necessitates are emphatically unanimous that the modest price increase is still a bargain when they consider the convenience and savings over buying separate digestive enzymes and L. Salivaris supplements.

Question: Lecithin is the first ingredient listed on the Exsula Gold label. Why is it mostly lecithin?

Answer: In fact, Exsula Gold is less than 18% lecithin (17.65% to be precise). There are 2 grams in each 11.333-gram daily serving. If we were to combine our green algae and cereal grass juices at the beginning of our blending process, as a separate group, they would occupy the greatest percentage of the ingredients and could easily be listed as a green group first – or first and second. Instead, experience has shown us it is best to utilize their various properties (and protect others of their properties) by blending portions of them in at different stages during formulating of each hatch.

This proprietary process leverages a variety of benefits ranging from improved shelf life of the associated carotenes and enzymes, to better accommodating assimilation. Furthermore, we invest in only the very highest quality lecithin of extraordinary purity. To assure freshness, we have it shipped directly from the supplier that actually makes it, instead of getting it for lower shipping costs from the nearby warehouse where it may have been in storage for an undesirable period of time.

This superior lecithin is obviously not in our product as mere filler. It is a fascinating supplementary food resource that enhances assimilation of enzymes. Lecithin is also produced by your liver and is found in every living cell. It is an integral part of every cell’s membrane to keep it flexible, youthful and resistant to viruses. Your liver organizes and dispenses much of its lecithin for dissolving solidified cholesterol and therefore maintaining proper circulation and blood pressure.

The largest and most important concentrations of lecithin in your body are found in your:

  • brain (for memory and creativity)
  • liver (for dissolving cholesterol and for conversion of enzymes)
  • digestive system (for assimilation of fat soluble nutrients like carotene and vitamins A & F)
  • sexual systems (for transmission of pleasure, for lubrication and for protection of semen)
  • nerves (as a signal transmitter and as a component of the myelin sheath insulating each nerve)
  • skin (for complexion, oil-balance and beauty).

Relatively small amounts are found within the immune system, yet lecithin is indispensable there in its role as ion transporter for immune cell targeting of invaders. When your diet is low in lecithin’s building blocks of certain essential fatty acids or the B-vitamins choline and inositol – or if for any other reason your lecithin demands are higher than your liver’s ability to produce it, one area or another of need may become shortchanged. i.e. when someone is over exerting physically and their lecithin is being used to clear lactic acid out of their muscles, they may not be at their sharpest mentally.

It might be difficult to be under mental stress all day, using up lecithin to make the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and still feel motivated to exercise. When someone overexerts physically and/or mentally, they are probably not going to have sufficient reserves for a satisfying love-life too. A little more lecithin in your diet simply increases the chances of letting you accomplish everything you wish to, and need to do, during a day.

Lecithin is one of your body’s most important metabolic balancers. It is the emulsifier (solvent) that permits your body to unlock fat and convert it to energy. Many people who are overweight may simply require just a bit more lecithin. I find it strange that more health foods don’t contain significant amounts of this beautiful nutrient. I feel best with 2 to 10 grams/day. The 2 grams of Lecithin in a daily serving of Exsula Gold is a meaningful, yet very comfortable amount. Your body, with its wide-ranging desires and needs will welcome the added boost.

Question: Why is Exsula the best Superfood I can buy?

Answer: Exsula’s extraordinary synergistic nutritional value is inherent to its variety of plant concentrates. Exsula contains no fillers, caffeine or sugar, nor any artificial sweeteners, colors, flavorings or chemical preservatives. Every ingredient has been selected as the freshest, most chemical-free and highest bioactivity concentrate available. Scientists carefully monitor every stage of plant development from seed stock used in planting, to growing conditions, in order to assure optimal bioactivity and nutrition at harvest. Harvested plant material is quickly and carefully dehydrated at the lowest practical temperatures. This preserves bioelectric nutrients (enzymes) in the same state of hibernation as dormant seeds.

When you rehydrate your Exsula, the enzymes again become active as in the fresh juice. Herbal extracts in Exsula Superfoods are produced by a highly sophisticated European-developed method which uses low-temperature percolation to concentrate desirable macromolecules and their synergists while minimizing the useless and counteracting components found in certain herbs. Unlike crudely dried herbs, European standardizing results in herbal ingredients of a uniformly high quality with a precise activity potential. This standardizing and dehydration lets us pack the vitamin/mineral enzyme herbal antioxidant value from many pounds of plant material into every serving of Exsula.

Question: Why are there 4 Exsula Formulas, and where should I start?

Answer: Excela-50 is a very simple formula for people who want Exsula without any bee products. Virtually everyone skips over Basic and begins with Premium.

Stage 1 Excela-50 is a great place to start because it offers good levels of our high-phosphatide lecithin along with 50 mg of Q10 daily in a relatively simple formula. It lays a solid foundation you can feel. It works so well that many people refuse to even try our other products. Sometimes, for some people, simple is best.

Stage 2 – Exsula Advancium is a no-expense-spared super-Superfood made possible by technological advances discovered 2 years after the creation of Exsula Superfoods Advancium delivers some very sophisticated and high-powered herbal antioxidants. Advancium is the most powerful antioxidant Exsula. It is most often described as a deep and all encompassing nutritional experience. Many people continue with this full-power antioxidant version of Exsula even after they add Iridesca for its vitamins and minerals.

Stage 3 – Exsula Iridesca was created at the request of Exsula enthusiasts to provide life-grown vitamins and minerals in an Exsula Advancium base. The antioxidants were reduced to make way for the vitamins and minerals, and so the whole thing could be packed into only 3 teaspoons daily. Exsula powders are a much better price value than the capsules you might take elsewhere.

Question: Does Exsula use stimulants to increase energy?

Answer: We have chosen to avoid use of stimulants including caffeine and certain herbs common to other “energy” products. Stimulants merely trick the body into an uncontrolled usage of scarce resources. This may result in an artificial and fleeting energy boost. However, after the initial burst of energy is past, you have even less energy and have depleted critical nutrient reserves.

Question: What specific organs or functions of my body are benefited by the herbs in Exsula Superfoods?

Answer: Some people are accustomed to the concept of a specific herb benefiting a specific need. The antioxidant herbal extracts in Exsula are there based upon a different philosophy. The Exsula concept is to provide the cells with natural foods rich in antioxidant nutrients and enzymes. When you find a way to accommodate universal cellular needs and support the cells, then you have a positive influence over the entire body. Good nutrition benefits every measure of performance.

Question: If Exsula is truly natural, won’t it be slightly different every time?

Answer: Exsula is sold by weight, not by volume. Every effort is made to maintain as consistent a natural product as possible. Volume may vary due to slight differences in natural raw materials between one crop and another, or due to vibrations during shipping. Color may be lighter at times when the light colored ingredients are very dry, allowing a desirable finer grind without enzyme-destroying heat buildup in the size reduction equipment. These slight changes in volume or color do not damage Exsula’s nutrient value. We use only the finest ingredients available.

These high quality ingredients can cost many times as much as the same ingredient produced at lower standards. We never compromise on ingredient quality. Occasionally, certain ingredients from an exceptional crop may exceed our expectations. We use these outstanding ingredients without dilution as they are available. We continuously strive to obtain the best raw materials that research is making available. To protect Exsula’s natural qualities, we have avoided the use of additional volume stabilizing, or color stabilizing ingredients, fillers or processing.

Question: What is inside the bottle?

Answer: 1. A measuring spoon is enclosed.

2. When you open your Exsula you may find a small white packet. It is there to absorb oxygen and prevent product oxidation without adding any preservatives directly to the product. You may dispose of it anytime after you open the bottle. This packet reaches maximum oxygen absorption capacity within minutes after packaging.

3. Exsula bottles may contain a separate moisture absorbing packet. This prevents moisture from activating Exsula’s unique protein nutrient complex. You may dispose of it upon opening the bottle or keep it there for added protection every time the bottle is opened and closed.

Question: How can I keep from running out of Exsula, as it can take longer than I expect to receive my shipment?

Answer: You save when you order multiple bottles of Exsula at a time. When you put your Exsula in the freezer, you essentially freeze it in space and time. You may keep it there for years with no problem. When you take it out, the clock begins ticking again. At room temperature it is at it’s very best when used within 6 months. However, unopened bottles are perfectly good at room temperature for 2 or 3 years with only moderate loss of potency. As soon as you get down to 3 bottles left in your freezer, go ahead and order another 6 more. This way you will never run out and will always have a spare bottle or two to share with friends.

Exsula is made fresh from dozens of ingredients whose delivery must be coordinated fresh from dozens of sources. Some ingredients are literally custom grown to order. If even one ingredient is delayed, the entire days production is delayed. This is an intricate and leading edge product where freshness is critical. We are gradually solving schedule delays in the product flow. It just goes with the territory of being first with a revolutionary product.

Those who insist on fast delivery may never allow themselves to experience the benefits this sophisticated product can provide. The complexity of production schedule, combined with an extraordinarily high production cost (about 5 to 10 times that of simpler products) is why nobody else is making anything even approaching Exsula Superfoods. We believe you deserve the best. That is why we make Exsula, so your body and mind can perform everything they do together better. Isn’t it time to make a solid investment in the best growth-stock ever – your own great health!

Question: My shipment arrived on a hot summer day, in a dark colored delivery truck and then sat on my front steps for 2 days in the sun. Did the heat kill the enzymes?

Answer: Low moisture content is the key to enzyme survivability. Just like a dry dormant seed can take farm field temperatures well above 120 F (49 C), so an unopened bottle of Exsula can well survive the few days of heat during delivery. It is not ideal, but it can take it.

Question: Where is the very best place to keep my Exsula?

Answer: Exsula has an extremely low 3% moisture content, and like a dormant seed, is virtually unchanged by freezing. Most Exsula enthusiasts keep theirs handy in the freezer door of their refrigerator. They open the bottle just long enough to take what they want, replace the cap tightly, and immediately return it to the freezer before condensation can accumulate inside the bottle. Always finish one bottle before opening another.

Question: I’d like to sprinkle Exsula into my soup, but I’m afraid I’ll destroy the enzymes.

Answer: Exsula will lose some of its enzymes and vitamins if mixed into foods where it is rehydrated at a temperature over 110 F (43 C). Warm the food or liquid first, then add your Exsula just prior to consumption, minimizing damage to enzymes.

Exsula will perform best when slowly sipped in a liquid form at room temperature or cooler.

Question: Can I mix Exsula the day before, so it is ready first thing in the morning?

Answer: The enzymes and other nutrients in Exsula are at their prime for the first half hour after rehydration. Think of it as a fresh salad.

Question: Can I freeze the mixed Exsula, thaw it and drink it later?

Answer: Freezing liquid Exsula will cause enzyme disrupting ice crystals to form and lessen its effectiveness. It is best to blend fresh individual servings to be served and consumed right away.

Question: I know supplements don’t do much good if they are taken between meals. What about Exsula?

Answer: Exsula has great assimilation whenever it is taken because it is a food. The nutrients are in a food-grown form combined with enzymes, coenzymes, lipids, lecithin, fiber, amino acids, etc. These food components enhance assimilation because the body recognizes and accepts food more readily than isolated chemical nutrients. Because it is so nutrient dense, Exsula is an ideal in-between-meal snack. It makes a great meal replacement for dieters and those desiring to eat light.

Exsula assists in the emulsification of fats, oils and water. This is an important part of digestion that many people struggle with because they eat foods that are difficult to emulsify. In this regard, Exsula works synergistically with your body’s own digestive enzymes by helping in the emulsification portion of digestion. When taken with a meal, the soluble fibers of apple fiber, and others in Exsula, are credited with binding cholesterol so it can pass through your system without being absorbed.

However, stomach acidity is not favorable to certain metabolic and antioxidant enzymes nor beneficial microorganisms like acidophilus. Recent findings indicate that enzyme-live foods perform best when taken 20 to 40 minutes after a meal when stomach acidity is lowest and transit time is fastest. Persons taking Exsula prior to breakfast (or alone as a light breakfast itself) also report excellent results as their bodies are in a hungry, absorb mode. It is important that you find a schedule that works best for you, and most importantly, accommodates your taking Exsula on a consistent basis.

Question: What if I miss a day or two?

Answer: No problem. Your body may even feel a bit let down. But that simply means it wants more Exsula. You may even crave it, but it is not addicting. Nothing dramatic will happen if you stop taking it. Some health enthusiasts even subscribe to the concept of a one-day-a-week mini-fast to allow for balance and cleansing.

Question: How do I take Exsula?

Answer: Exsula powder may be taken in a variety of liquids ranging from water to apple juice, carrot juice, vegetable juice, grape juice or nutrition shakes. Fresh, cold orange juice and apple cider are the most popular juices with Exsula. Pineapple juice is also a favorite as it is a little sweeter than most juices and best compliments Exsula’s rich taste. Some people add a spoonful of frozen pineapple juice concentrate to sweeten their fresh orange juice and Exsula blend. Orange-pineapple juice from frozen concentrate is another favorite with Exsula lovers. Dry Exsula powder may be sprinkled over any food, pasta or salad-or simply dissolved in your mouth a pinch at a time for a garden-fresh nutty taste.

Question: Why use a micro-blender for mixing Exsula?

Answer: If you don’t have a micro-blender, you really must try it. They work great and do a super job of thoroughly blending Exsula. Thorough blending is bound to result in the best nutrient and enzyme absorption. Another good way to mix Exsula is to put it in a shaker jar with a lid. Of course stirring with a spoon works fine too. Exsula is best when thoroughly mixed and sipped, rather than gulped. This slow sipping facilitates large-enzyme-molecule-assimilation through the permeable membranes in the tongue, mouth, throat and esophagus.

Question: Do I need to take any other supplements when I am taking Exsula?

Answer: Not unless you have a very specific extraordinary need or are advised to do so by a health care professional. Many nutrition authorities advise that it is a good idea for everyone to include a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement if you can possibly afford it. This is where Exsula comes in. Exsula Superfoods contain life-grown multivitamins and mineral complexes. It can be quite amazing what your body can do with these additional nutrients.

Many enthusiasts are combining several of our products as half or full servings each day. This way they can experience the most powerful herbal antioxidant formulas along with the best of life-grown vitamins and minerals and added antioxidants. Some health enthusiasts who are intent on nutrient-loading, simply take double or triple servings of Iridesca each day.

Question: I have allergies to wheat, soy and bee products. Will I have problems with the ingredients in Exsula?

Answer: It is possible. However, these ingredients in Exsula are in a unique form and with many other dynamic ingredients. Many people with these allergies are surprised how well Exsula agrees with them. Others tell me they started with small servings and did react slightly at first, but as they persisted, the allergic responses faded.

Question: Do I need a separate colon cleanser?

Answer: Not likely. The gentle soluble and insoluble fibers in a day’s Exsula Premium or Advancium are equal to one apple. In addition, the B vitamin choline found in some foods, is in a particularly potent form in Exsula. The body converts food-choline directly into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine right in your intestinal tract. Acetylcholine intensifies nerve signals to intestinal muscles allowing them to contract strongly as they should in a normal, healthy young person.

Return of this natural muscle activity may actually he mistaken as an upset stomach by persons whose inactive intestines have become dependent upon laxatives. If this normal peristaltic muscle wave sensation is uncomfortable at first, simply take less Exsula until your body gradually becomes accustomed to the new level of activity.

Question: How much Exsula should I take at first?

Answer: It is wise to begin slowly when adding any new nutrient rich food to your diet. Many people start right out at the measuring spoon amounts listed on the label. This much Exsula at first can be a bit rich for people who are fragile or are deeply conditioned to sugar-laden foods, just as physical exercise can he a shock for people who are out of shape. In fact, even those who have been taking good care of themselves may still need to go through a hit of a cleansing effect when they add any new enzyme-rich fruit or vegetable juice, such as Exsula, to their diets.

A good antioxidant, nutrient-rich diet including Exsula will help clear out decades of debris accumulated in cells throughout the body. Cleansing can be a bit unpleasant for some persons who are very allergy sensitive or laden with toxins such as pesticides, preservatives, hydrocarbons (smoking, frying and industrial), lead (car exhaust and tap water), mercury (dental fillings), or aluminum (deodorants and aluminum cans).

As this material is released from the cells so it can be eliminated by the body, slight flu-like sensations may occur. In the event this happens, use smaller amounts of Exsula and increase use very gradually to keep unpleasant reactions to a minimum. It is important to drink plenty of energized water when starting on Exsula to assist your body with cleansing. It is a good idea to drink as much as you are comfortable with. Two quarts per day is a good target to start.

Taking exsula without sufficient energized water is like trying to do your laundry in a teacup.

Pure water is a most important nutrient. It is essential for activating and supporting antioxidants.

Question: How much Exsula is ideal for me to take?

Answer: Active people often enjoy taking additional Exsula. They would rather take more Exsula and eat less of other foods. Some report being able to painlessly kick their $120.00 per month gourmet ice cream-and-pop rituals. Others are reporting reductions in coffee cravings that more than pay for their Exsula. Athletes and others desiring to optimize overall performance, take up to one bottle each week. There is probably little to gain by taking more than that. Persons with airborne allergies may also benefit by taking these additional nutrients. For the average person, one bottle per month is plenty.

Make a commitment to your health: Take control.
Your body deserves the best. Always remember your Exsula.

Author: Life Enthusiast