Exsula Superfoods Renaissance Formulas

It is easy to become an enthusiast of this incredible energized water. Water is your prime nutrient and cell-cleansing antioxidant. It is essential for health. This profoundly nourishing and cleansing mineral water is anti-aging and pro-longevity – helping to activate dormant life-energy at the sub-cellular level.

Other water enhancers employ only one type of energetics or water structure enhancement like Tachyon Energy, Magnetic Field Treatment, Quantum Physics Light Restructuring, Catalytic Structure-Reordering, Spiritually Blessed, or Positive Intent Imprinting. Renaissance employs each of these wonderful attributes in an exciting new synergistic combination. P.M. Booster employs each of these wonderful attributes in an exciting new synergistic combination.

Beyond these, we also utilize Ethereal Oils, Anointing Oils, Wilderness Flower Essences and Profound Gem Elixirs. We also powered-up the waterborne cell-ready life-electric mineral capacity to overflowing with an abundance of 9 different Naturally Occurring Iridium-Rich sources, plus the rare and nutritionally precious element Indium, as well as Gold, Rubidium, Strontium and a full complement of trace elements as found in 7 of the world’s richest naturally occurring volcanic mineral springs and sea waters.

Exsula Renaissance Formulas

Optimized Water and Liquid Mineral Supplements

by Dr. Jevari Oberon

The Renaissance Vision

Our vision is to provide energetically structured water, so perfectly crafted that you would feel a difference from the very first sip. You can put it on a cramp, a wound, a bruise, or a burn and get instant relief. You can see healing begin right before your eyes – healing inside and out – eventually for even the oldest injuries or scars, and the deepest most stubborn and unreachable conditions.

Renaissance is the manifest strategy of advanced energetics, advanced trace minerals, advanced cellular hydration and advanced tissue irrigation – some 36 years in observation, questing and development by structured water enthusiast and Superfood blend originator, Dr. Jevari Oberon.

Within a daily supply of Renaissance is a vast potential for health balance. There are mineral and trace mineral ions in their best form for your water delivery system, with which your cells will begin to transform from the very first contact.

Within Renaissance we have employed the vast energetic potential of scores of nature’s most soothing, most energetically nourishing and powerful energies of select plants and minerals – homeopathic mineral elixirs and homeopathic wilderness flower and herbal infusions. Beyond these we employ aromatic essential oils – ethereal oils, anointing oils, light, sound, motion, human energetics, tachyons, magnetic and electrical fields.

Renaissance comes as a concentrate that you can add to your drinking water, your cooler, your bottled water, or your filtered tap water. You will want Renaissance in all the water you drink, and even added to all of the juices, smoothies and Superfoods blends you drink.

There are 5 specialized Renaissance formulas, each one crafted for a very specific purpose. All 5 Renaissance formulas share several traits:

  • they are all blessed with the unique Renaissance energetic core
  • they each have a powerful representation of minerals and trace elements
  • and they each have unique features which facilitate their specialized purpose.

Toxins Out and Minerals In

Renaissance AM Prime and Renaissance PM Booster are a synergistic pair designed to activate your Tidal-Equilibrium-Principle for deep cellular cleansing and deep mineral repletion.

We work with water mineralization by using the Osmotic Pressure Principle to your advantage. “Mineral-Empty” (or soft, or distilled, or low ppm, low parts per million Total Dissolved Solids) water like Renaissance PM Booster (made with distilled or reverse osmosis water) will pull toxins (along with not needed minerals) out of your cells. It has to happen.

Mineral-Rich water like Renaissance AM Prime, (as well as Renaissance Gold Energies, Renaissance Lightning Silver and Renaissance Io Water) are loaded with beneficial minerals that are drawn by the power of the Equilibrium Principle deep into all cells and tissues whose osmotic pressure is lower. It has to happen.

By providing AM Prime and favoring high ppm minerals in the morning, and then providing the very low ppm water of PM Booster in the afternoon, we provide a Tidal-Equilibrium-Principle that washes entrenched, decades-old stagnant toxins out of your cells and tissues, and then deep-feeds those cells with an abundance of beneficial minerals and trace elements. Many of these vital nutrients so critical to your health have been dramatically reduced in our farm soils due to erosion and generations of fertilizer-pushed harvests and have also become increasingly scarce in our foods since the introduction of industrial food production practices.

Having the right minerals at the right levels and ratios available to your cells, when and where they are needed is foundational for your health, performance and longevity.

Your Water Inside

Water is the currency of your life. Quality and quantity of your body’s water largely determines the quality and quantity of your life at the cellular level. All diseases have a “poor-water”, “wrong-pH-water” or “lack-of-water” component. You need water for direct cellular hydration and for outside-the-cells irrigation (or cleansing) of your tissues, your lymphatic fluids, your kidneys and your bowel.

Typical drinking water does not support these functions well. Typical drinking water is not very “alive” or “fun to drink”, so most people are not compelled to consume the required 64 ounces (2 quarts) per day minimum needed for cellular hydration and basic tissue irrigation.

Experience the Renaissance Alive-Water Difference

Renaissance AM Prime and Renaissance PM Booster wash in and out of your cells and tissues, like an ocean tide, day after day like no other water can. This cellular tidal process clears out old toxic molecules, and takes with it the stagnant energetics of sickness and death clinging to those toxins. All 5 Renaissance formulas provide specific life-supporting energetic fields to re-resonate your cellular water with new harmonies of healthier, more youthful frequencies.

All water – and especially the water in your cells and tissues – has three types of presence, or energetic aspects that can be defined as somewhere between “dead” and “fully-alive,” and between “toxic” and “fully-beneficial,” and between “barely-detectable-power” and “power-optimized.” All 5 Renaissance formulas supplement the exquisitely-alive, abundantly-beneficial and power-optimized realms – each formula as most appropriate to its unique purpose.

Generous Size

Each bottle of Renaissance is a generous full liter (1,000ml/33.8 oz). We are not frivolously shipping water for the sake of appearances. We are not able to concentrate the life force into a smaller volume while retaining each formula’s mineral, trace mineral and energetic power potentials.

Renaissance Value

Each one of the 5 Renaissance formulas is a task specialist. To win the Super Bowl, you need the offensive and the defensive teams, the coaches and the maintenance crew. Renaissance is expressed as 5 very different and necessary formulas, each of them specifically crafted to their intended purpose.

The 5 Renaissance Formulas

Renaissance AM Prime – Minerals In

Designed for use in the morning.
Maximum complete foundational mineral nourishing tide in, lightly boosted silver & iodine for ongoing use, 100% superior level energetics.

Mix with medium mineral water (under 250 ppm total dissolved solids), although distilled or reverse osmosis filtered are fine.

Super-concentrated ~ 1 liter makes 16.7 gallons at full strength ~ 67 day supply.

Renaissance PM Booster – Toxins Out

Designed for use in the afternoon and evening – cleansing tide out.
The ideal cleansing partner, this formula features a 300% increase in energetics over Renaissance AM Prime, to synergistically activate deep cellular activation, awakening and cleansing. Minerals in this formula are at only 7% of Renaissance AM Prime, so there is room in this “low-mineral toxin-hungry water” to encourage toxins to attach to this “empty water” and be flushed from all of your cells and tissues.

Best to use with distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water (under 60 ppm total dissolved solids).

Super-concentrated ~ 1 liter makes 25 gallons at full strength ~ 67 day supply.

Renaissance Gold Energies – Keen Mind and Presence

Designed for use when you want to super-power your senses and sharpen your mental and nerve performance. Gold Energies is for those who want to experience their best in creativity, artistic abilities and gifts, focus, eyesight and night vision, enhanced dreams and vision state, solid consciousness and calm presence, mental clarity and vivid memory, strategic thinking, sexual abilities and sensations, and optimized athletic performance.

This spectacular “all-out” formula features 50% of the minerals of Renaissance AM Prime, and may be used in its place. This formula features an electrifying 700% increase in energetics over Renaissance AM Prime. It also contains abundant and powerful amounts of colloidal and ionic forms of the precious trace minerals germanium, gold, indium, monatomic iridium, palladium, platinum and rhodium, plus rubidium and others in trace amounts.

Super-concentrated ~ 1 liter makes 12.7 gallons at full strength ~ 67 day supply.

Renaissance Lightning Silver – Ongoing Yeast and Parasite Patrol

Focused on delivering super-effective lightning-infused nano silver technology for safe ongoing use (an incredible 7.77 billion charged particles per serving). There is a significant 1.8mg (1,800mcg ~ 1,200% daily value) of iodine in this formula, calibrated for safe ongoing optimum use and benefit.

This is a power formula to achieve an ongoing crushing victory over undesirable bacteria, mold, yeast, fungus, worms and parasites no matter where in the body they are found. Featuring 33% of the minerals of Renaissance AM Prime this formula may be used in its place while giving a powerful 300% increase in energetics over Renaissance AM Prime, in order to optimize the powers of silver and iodine, and the cleansing required after they do their jobs.

Super-concentrated ~ 1 liter makes 12.7 gallons at full strength ~ 33 day supply.

Renaissance Io Water – Go Ahead Bad Guys, Make My Day

So concentrated that it’s intended for only 5 to 10 day (2 weeks max.) temporary use. Featuring our super-effective lightning-infused nano silver technology (an incredible 7.77 billion charged particles per serving) – plus an ultra powerful 60mg (60,000mcg ~ 39,900% daily value) of biologically available iodine, we provide this ultimate-power-formula to deliver this combination in a safe, powerful and synergistic form.

This is a super-synergy power formula, for use where all else has failed, to eliminate intestinal, blood and whole-body (systemic) bacteria, microbes, mold, yeast, fungus, worms and parasites. This powerful formula features 33% of the basic minerals of Renaissance AM Prime, and may be used temporarily in its place. This formula also features a powerful 300% increase in energetics over Renaissance AM Prime.

Super-concentrated ~ 1 liter makes 12.7 gallons at full strength ~ 33 day supply.

Use in spray misters, soak cloths and baths. Prepared Io Water may be freely used to moisten the skin and to soothe minor wounds and sunburns. Spray a fine mist from a distance of 1 to 2 feet to enhance effect. 1 to 4 ounces of undiluted Io Water can be added to a soothing bath.

Author: Jevari Oberon