Face Reflexology

Yet Another Great Relaxation Exercise You Can Use On Loved Ones!

There are 15 points on the face that are energetically connected to organs or systems within your body. By stimulating these points you can stimulate circulation and balance. The massage itself is very relaxing.

Relaxation is Important

  • Stop and take time out from the stresses and obligations of life!
  • Relaxation can make you more efficient and emotionally balanced.
  • Helping someone relax is helping them stay healthy.


  • Locate the issue you want to address on the ‘map’ above.
  • Using one finger or thumb apply firm pressure on a face reflex point.
  • Without lifting the thumb or finger, slowly rotate the finger/ thumb so pressure is being applied in a circular motion.
  • Do this on the same spot for fifteen to thirty seconds clockwise, and then fifteen to thirty seconds counter-clockwise.
  • Using both hands very gently tap (using tips of fingers) underneath the eyes (moving form nose to ears).
  • Still using both hands, gently rub the jawline from top of ears to chin.
  • Use index fingers to rub chin for fifteen seconds.
  • Using tips of fingers of both hands move up from chin, past the edges of the mouth and gently but firmly rub the cheeks in a circular motion for about thirty seconds.
  • Still using tips of fingers or your thumb move upwards, over the nose onto forehead where eyebrows meet, rub along both eyebrows moving in an outward direction
  • Once fingers at outside end of eyebrows spread fingers evenly pull upwards over forehead all the way to hairline. Gently rub the hairline, scalp and all over the head as much as you like.
Author: Life Enthusiast