Flu Season

Do you think getting the flu each Winter is normal? Do you suffer with symptoms every year and take it as a common thing? Do you actually expect to catch the flu and somehow are okay with that, because its just what happens every year? Well, you don’t have to! The flu, which is short for influenza, is a perfectly preventable disease and you don’t have to experience it every time you use public transit or ride in an airplane. You don’t have to panic when a sick workmate or child sneezes your way. You just need to learn the right steps to flu prevention its easy as that.

The flu is an infectious disease caused by the influenza virus. It attacks the respiratory system and is spread from person to person just by a small amount of saliva in the air released during sneezing or coughing, but also drinking from the same glass or by kissing. If you already have a virus, covering your mouth with a hand when sneezing is not a good idea, because germs tend to stick to your bare hands. The best thing to do is use paper tissues that you immediately throw away after a sneeze or cough. Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face, as the virus enters the body through the eyes, nose, and mouth. The most common way kids catch the flu is by sharing toys with an already infected child, sharing a sippy cup/water bottle, or eating a snack from the same packaging/dish with their bare hands.

The flu virus does not really like heat, so it is important to keep yourself warm and cozy. Make sure you drink enough fluids and stay away from caffeinated drinks and alcohol as they compromise your body’s ability to fight off illness. Water, fruit juices, or herbal teas are fine, ginger in your hot tea can help you warm up and honey usually soothes a sore throat. Any kind of (non-dairy) soup or broth is also an excellent choice. Stay inside the house, snuggle on the sofa, listen to your body, and do not pretend to be a hero; the flu might be a common illness, but it is not something you should neglect. Let your body heal completely. If you are a workaholic or restless individual who isn’t able to imagine just LAYING STILL, take this as a great opportunity to read some books you wanted to go through, watch a good movie or a TV show marathon at home, or listen to your favorite podcasts. Download the episode of Life Enthusiast podcast, or listen to Martin and Scott talk about the flu and immunity and this might just be your last influenza experience, because from now on, you will be able to prevent getting sick by following their simple advice.

We all know the term flu season. There is this very popular quote floating around social media, that says: Flu is NOT a season. It is an inability to adapt due to decreased sun exposure and water intake, combined with increased sugar intake and stress. Create resistance, create health! So this is pretty much what we all should do if we don’t want to give the flu any chance. By eating the right food and immune supplements, you will be able to avoid the infection every season. You might be familiar with flu shots, a vaccine for influenza that must be applied annually and contains a lot of unnecessary and even dangerous chemicals that might actually do you more harm than good. Flu shots contain mercury, the second most toxic element we know of, and because most flu shots are multi-dose, you get a small amount of this heavy metal in your system each time. Avoiding the flu does not require injecting mercury into your bloodstream, it requires a strong immune system, so supporting your immunity with the right food and lifestyle choices is the best way to win over the flu when it tries to attack.

Drinking enough fluids, avoiding simple sugars, eating the right amount of protein for your metabolism, adding antimicrobial foods like garlic, onion, and ginger to your diet, getting a lot of important vitamins via fruits and vegetables high in vitamins C, vitamin A, and phytonutrients in leafy greens, peppers, squashes, or broccoli. If you are not able to get enough natural sunlight to have an adequate levels of vitamin D, it is good to take it as a supplement. Getting enough sleep helps restore the body and keep your immune system balanced. It’s a very good idea to boost your body with all the important nutrients, especially during the flu season, and taking appropriate supplement is very easy to add into our busy lives, and effective.

Immunagen is great option for those who need a natural, concentrated immunity boost on hand in a liquid form with a dropper for easy dose measurement. This highly effective organic herbal tincture builds a strong immune system by protecting irritated mucus membranes and helps the body by removing waste material, cleansing the bloodstream and lymphatic system. It progressively makes your immunity stronger and stronger if used on a long-term basis. Learn more about these superfoods and more immune supporting supplements, where to get them, and how to use them for the best effect. With these tools in your kit there should be no more flu for you next season!

Author: Nina Vachkova