Glyconutrient Product Comparisons

Not only is Health Breakthroughs’ MPS Gold the most effective Glyconutrient and Aloe Vera product based on the high concentration of Galactomannan content, it is also the least expensive when it comes to cost and benefits. However, two factors are primary: 1) the most important Glyconutrient sugars are Mannose and Galactose extracted from Aloe Vera gel as Glactomannans that are representative of living gel from the plant and 2) the degree of clarity when it comes to the labeling and presentation of any given Glyconutrient product.

When it comes to cost effectiveness, the pertinent factors involve product cost and daily dosage. The maximum dosage for MPS Gold is only two teaspoons a day and the minimum dose for health maintenance is one quarter to half a teaspoon a day. Based on information presented on many different Glyconutrient product websites, the dosage for Glyconutrient products other than MPS Gold varies from six to twenty teaspoons a day. MPS GOLD 3X is a companion product taken with MPS Gold to boost the immune system response.

Product Comparisons

The following product listings have not been arranged in any specific order to provide evaluations of how effective they are. It is up to both doctors and the general public to gather meaningful information about products and then make their own purchase decisions.

MPS Gold is the only Glyconutrient product that contains a high concentration of broad molecular weight range Galactomannans from organic Aloe Vera gel, delivering 500 mg of Galactomannans per level measuring teaspoon. MPS Gold has been available since 1995 (longer than any other Glyconutrient or Aloe Vera based product), with doctors worldwide recommending this product to their patients. According to the inventor of MPS Gold, Health Breakthroughs International, there is no such thing as “eight essential sugars” that is promoted by many of the companies that sell diluted products with a lower concentration of Galactomannans. Only MPS Gold insures the highest level of health response based on the Glyconutrient sugars it contains. The maximum dose for most people to achieve a strong therapeutic effect is two teaspoons a day and half a teaspoon for health maintenance.

Ambrotose from Mannatech, Inc. contains Aloe Vera Galactomannans with apparently no published molecular weight assays to validate whether or not it is complete in terms of health properties. In addition, Ambrotose contains several types of sugar molecules from different plant sources, which causes significant dilution of Galactomannans from Aloe Vera and therefore decreases the health benefits based on the essential role Galactomannans play in immune system health and over all cell to cell communication. Mannatech distributors are recommending much higher doses than two teaspoons a day for a strong therapeutic effect. The range of dosage depends on what specific Ambrotose product is being used, but the dosage is always significantly higher than two teaspoons a day when trying to create a therapeutic effect. If higher dosage levels are required for Ambrotose, it may also apply to some of the other Glyconutrient products that have copied the Ambrotose formula to varying degrees.

Nutratose from MicroNutra Health does not list on their website the ingredients from which its plant sugars are derived, which makes it impossible to know if there is any Galactomannans from Aloe Vera in this product. Even if there are Aloe Vera Galactomannans in Nutratose, a molecular weight assay would be required to validate the most important Glyconutrient sugar for health. Taking a product without knowing the ingredients is not advisable. A product comparison website that is owned and or controlled by MicroNutra Health and or associated companies is listed and linked from their primary website. People are given the false impression that information presented on the product comparison website are totally independent of this company.

Glycomannan from Glycobiotics International, Inc. contains more than eight ingredients, which highly dilutes Galactomannans from Aloe Vera. Galactomannans from Aloe Vera are absolutely essential to take in high doses support the immune system and overall cell to cell communication, which is lacking in Glycomannan. Based on the essential role that Galactomannans play for health, it is questionable as to whether or not Glycomannan can offer enough for health restoration and maintenance. A product comparison website that is owned and or controlled by Glycobiotics International, Inc. is listed and linked from their primary website. People are given the false impression that information presented on the product comparison website are totally independent of this company.

Glyco Balance from Micro Health Solutions lists the source of Galactomannans coming from whole leaf Aloe Vera. Fenugreek powder is included in Glyco Balance as an additional source for Mannose and Galactose. It would be great to see more information from this company on the efficacy of Mannose and Galactose from a plant source other than Aloe Vera gel. Whole leaf Aloe Vera powder extracts contain high levels of mineral salts and other ingredients. The difference between Aloe Vera gel extracts and whole leaf Aloe Vera extracts comes down to a lower concentration of Aloe Vera Galactomannans in the latter. From the information presented on the company website, it is unknown as to the status of Aloe Vera Galactomannans in Glyco Balance in terms of whether or not they are broad range molecular weights or the concentration of the Aloe Vera component in relationship to the other ingredients.

The Downward Trend with Newer Glyconutrient Products just coming out in 2007 is creating confusion for both doctors and the general public. More and more products claiming to contain Glyconutrients are becoming available in the marketplace. However, from looking closely at many of these products it is clear that they are not legitimate and contain plant extracts that will supply no meaningful support to the immune system and overall cell to cell communication. The ultimate key is to determine whether or not these products contain Galactomannans from Aloe Vera gel and if molecular weight assays are available to verify their health benefits. Also, the greater the concentration of Galactomannans from Aloe Vera gel, the greater the health benefits will be over time.

A Few Words From Health Breakthroughs International

In terms of other products and their quality, here’s what we have to say:

“Based on all available information provided by companies that sell other Glyconutrient products, some are better than others. MPS Gold is the best Glyconutrient product you can take bar none, which is based on well established scientific facts. Only MPS Gold as a Glyconutrient loose powder contains a high enough concentration of Mannose and Galactose extracted from Aloe Vera gel as broad range Molecular weight Galactomannans to make a significant difference in terms of: 1) supporting the immune system, 2) overall cell to cell communication and 3) increase in stem cell growth (still somewhat theoretical).

Ambrotose and Glycomannan are known to contain a broad range molecular weight Galactomannan powder, but the amount is much lower than found in MPS Gold. This means that the health benefits are lowered proportionally based on the loss of the all important Glyconutrient sugars of Mannose and Galactose that are structured together as Galactomannans. This means that these two products are good but not nearly as good as MPS Gold.

Glyco Balance contains whole leaf Aloe Vera powder, which is problematic in terms of the concentration and stability of Aloe Vera Galactomannans. It is a simple and unavoidable fact that the concentration of Galactomannans found in whole leaf Aloe Vera gel is less than found in Aloe Vera gel extracts. This is because Galactomannans are predominantly found in Aloe Vera gel and not the whole leaf, which also contains fiber, mineral salts and enzymes. As a doctor I also prefer knowing the concentration of all the ingredients in any natural supplement and this information is not available on the Glyco Balance website. On a positive note, I do appreciate that the botanical sources for Glyco Balance are listed on the company website. However – as I just indicated – it might be better to provide more detailed information about the ingredients, including relative concentrations by weight.

With Nutratose, from reading the website I cannot determine which plant sources are used for its Glyconutrient sugars. It doesn’t appear to contain any Aloe Vera Galactomannans at all, or if it does I cannot find any information online to verify plant sources. Therefore, this product receives my lowest score when it comes to health benefits. Many of the newer and cheaper products that just came out in 2007 claim to contain Glyconutrients but are basically worthless. It is unfortunate that so many companies want to jump on the band wagon of Glyconutrients but are selling products that are no better than table sugar. The buyer should not purchase a Glyconutrient product based solely on the price per bottle. The final analysis on cost is determined by how product you need to take. With some of the newer and cheaper products, you could take an entire bottle a day and there would be no health benefits at all.”

Author: Life Enthusiast