Healing Is Self Love

Loving oneself… You hear about it all the time and start to feel a smidge uncomfortable. You may claim that “of course I love myself” or you may fight the insurgence and magnitude of the self-loathing chatter that consumes your thoughts and determines your actions every waking moment. How honest are you with yourself? Is it possible that you sabotage your efforts and success?

This was originally going to be an article about “spring cleaning”; giving your body semiannual cleanses. I was going to review all the steps involved in moving through the various systems of the body but realized that doing so is still missing the biggest obstacle I see daily in my practice… the will to do so; the commitment to self.

As I was thumbing through some very dated material to stimulate my thought processes, I happened upon a statement made by Dr. Leo Roy, “The first and most important contributor to your disease is YOU – how you cared for and treated yourself – or how you neglected yourself and indulged in excesses and negligence. What did you do to yourself to foster illness?” Yes, sometimes the truth hurts.

Illness, disease or simply feeling unwell is easy to blame on external forces that have done this “to” us. The problem is too frequently what we have been doing to ourselves and what we continue to do to ourselves, consciously or unconsciously. Some believe there are propensities toward certain diseases because of our genetic predisposition, however, a commitment to a healthy lifestyle mitigates these imprints, looks them in the face and challenges their positioning. I recommend Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief, for a new perspective on this limited thinking

Healing from the Inside Out

Healing is not some vague, mysterious science beyond your understanding. It is an art and a system of restoring total body wellness; body, mind and spirit. It is about returning to peace of mind and joy of living! It is about purifying both your internal and external environment. The question I ask again is, “Do you think you are worth it?”

I used to be a school teacher and have raised many children. Children, teenagers and even adults misbehave because they are crying for attention or for boundaries to be put in place. Bad behavior is a cry for help! The body is no different. Every ache and pain is a message to you. “Are you listening?”

Choose a skilled practitioner as your coach and be the best student you can possibly be. Aim to achieve excellent results fully realizing that you are going to have times of noncompliance. Forgive yourself, dust yourself off and get back on the wagon. It’s okay… you are human after all!

Our bodies were designed to be naturally self-healing and self-protective.
It is ever cognizant of repairing and protecting.
It is a synergistic embodiment of cells that have individual rolls
to play to support the whole.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff