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The Health System Statistics

A bit of information about our health care system: I want to make sure you understand how much control you have over your health, and the quality of life you will be experiencing in your advanced age. Let me share with you some statistics from the CDC.

The 2003 data shows that Heart Disease and Cancer are by far the most common causes of death in America. These two causes are responsible for 65% of all recorded deaths. I checked the most recent stats, and it is not very changed much. More cancer, less heart disease. What is that telling us?

And here is another statistic: leading ways you could do something about it.

If you need some interpretation, here it is: don't smoke, eat well, and exercise.

Lets focus on prevention of disease first and foremost. With our (Life Enthusiast) help and some commitment on your part you can dig out of the trouble in which you may find yourself. We cover many of the important issues that directly contribute to your health or the loss of it. Nutrition is certainly by far the most important, and often much under-appreciated. Call us, talk to the Health Coach. Learn what you can do.

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